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Al Karasa

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Profile created January 31, 2008
Updated June 27, 2011)
An eclectic writer since his teens, Al Karasa writes about subjects in which he has extensive personal experience: historical research, heraldry, motorsports, sailing and the sea. His fiction also revolves around these subjects. His work in periodicals, as well as his books, demonstrates this versatility. from Al's website
  • Firehead's Malice (2003)
    Maritime Fiction in the spirit of C. S. Forester and Patrick O'Brian, Forehead's Malice is a rousing sea adventure that sweeps across the West Indies during the Seven Years? War, where navies clash and pirates roam. A tale of passionate greed and ruthless betrayal in the age of sailing warships - the most powerful and awe-inspiring weapons of their time.

    • Was Lady Crimhedden, noblewoman, respected Royal Navy widow, involved with pirates?

    • And was her lover really a spy for the French?

    • What happened to the brig with dispatches to warn the fleet?

    • Could they have fallen into pirates hands?

    Even so, the most notorious pirates regress to deserved insignificance - overshadowed by the greater greed of nations in deadly contest to wrest West Indies' resources to their own gains in what was, in fact, the very first world war.

  • Sheridan's Rain (1994)
    Fast paced novel of speed, skill snd callous determination in the Golden Age of Sports car racing.

    Le Mans, Targa Florio, Mille Miglia - they are all here - the greatest road races of all time, as are the colorful people who made them happen.

    Heroic automobile racing, the likes of which will never be again, that this book brings us in a most intimate and knowledgeable insider's view.

  • The Last Golden Smile (2011)
    Heart gripping narrative nonfiction based in World War II, the most harrowing time of the 20th century; true story of escape and survival at impossible odds, first hand account of the civilian war experience more compelling than any military memoir.

  • Sidney's Pub and Other Salty Yarns (2007)
    A hilarious, unruly stew of sailing yarns sure to appeal to sailors and non-sailors alike, and all those who take their ventures more seriously than themselves. From scalping mowers to sinking dinghies and axe attacks at sea, trouble follows the adventures in this collection of true stories told with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

  • Drive Smart! (2001)
    Accidents, as in "chance happenings" (according to Webster), are hardly chance at all. Accidents don't just happen. They are caused; caused by indifference and by incompetence. A meteor hitting your car is an accident, everything else is driver error. If you don't believe that, this book will convince you.

    Racing drivers use their eyes, hands and feet in ways which can benefit us on the highway. This book shows how these skills can be used to improve everyday driving. It addresses the thought processes involved and suggests ways to improve quick thinking, rapid decision making and anticipation to help avoid accidents. State driver licensing tests do nothing to show the applicant's ability to minimize judgment errors. This book shows exactly what they are and how to correct them.

    Whether you are expert or novice at driving, you will learn equally from this book. It will make you a better driver.

War Games Research
The following briefs present well researched historical battle scenarios for miniatures war games. Any good set of rules can be used with these scenarios. They have been extensively play-tested using at least 3 different rule sets. Orders of battle are compiled from historical references cited and should be applicable to the various rule books with little or no change.

For additional information and to order, click here.
  • Historical Scenarios for Mediaeval Wargames in Miniature (2011)
    Describes events leading up to each battle, its historical course and its consequences, in addition to complete table-top setup and orders of battle. Included are:

    • Cardigan 1136,

    • Lincoln 1141,

    • Kalka River 1223,

    • Lake Peipus 1242,

    • Durbe 1260,

    • Marchfield 1278,

    • Bannockburn 1314,

    • Crecy 1346,

    • Grunwald 1410, and

    • Agincourt 1415.

  • Belrood Campaign: A MAP-to-TABLETOP SYSTEM
    Hypothetical campaign rules & set-up for medieval wargaming. Easy to learn strategic map movement leading to tactical level tabletop battles. Covers logistics, sieges, castle economy, reinforcements, and morale class advancement by troop experience.

  • Citadel 1943: East Front Scenarios from Kursk to the Dniepr
    Includes a training scenario, organization charts, color maps & OOB, and most major armored actions during the battles for Kursk and their aftermath, July through September 1943.

  • Kursk 1943: Beresovka Sector -- 48th Panzer Corps area of operations
    This is a miniatures wargame campaign framework based on eye witness/participant accounts by Maj. Gen. F.W. Von Mellenthin.

    Organization and Orders of Battle for both sides are given
    in ready to use form.

    What-if situations are explored for study. Includes color maps of table top battlefield and historical progress of the campaign.

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