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Alex Grey
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Profile created January 26, 2008
  • The Visionary Artist: Visualizations for Creative Exploration (2005)
    Audio Cassette  CD
    Like x-rays of eternity, the paintings of Alex Grey portray a multidimensional reality where matter and spirit collide and interpenetrate. How is this controversial artist able to see beyond our ordinary world and into the infinite mystery of existence? On The Visionary Artist, Alex Grey personally teaches you the mind-expanding practices he uses himself to tap the "secret power of vision" that inspires his remarkable work.

    A longtime student of
    meditation, shamanism, and transpersonal psychology, Grey shares a four-step process to lead you up and down the ladder of consciousness, where you will retrieve the transcendental visions your soul is constantly painting. Artists in virtually any discipline will appreciate Grey’s approach for using art as a revelatory and healing force. Here for the first time, in Alex Grey’s own words, are the visualizations and creative techniques you need to explore the hidden realities of The Visionary Artist

  • Art Psalms (2008 release)

  • Visions (2003)
    Artist Alex Grey is creating some of the most beautifully refined paintings in the world today and his work is exhibited worldwide, including the New Museum and Stux Gallery in New York, the Grand Palais in Paris, the São Paulo Biennial, and ARK exhibition space in Tokyo. His art is also featured in venues as diverse as album covers for the Beastie Boys, Nirvana, and Tool, Newsweek magazine, and the Discovery Channel. This is a limited collectors edition which contains:

    • One hardcover copy of Sacred Mirrors

    • One hardcover copy of Transfigurations

    • Portfolio of six new paintings suitable for framing

    • The protective case acts as an altar

    • Contains over 250 color paintings

  • Transfigurations (2001)
    The most extensive collection of Grey's visionary artwork and lifes journey in one volume

    Every once in a great while an artist emerges who does more than simply reflect the social trends of the time. Such an artist is able to transcend established thinking and help us redefine ourselves and our world. Today, a growing number of art critics, philosophers, and spiritual seekers believe that they have found that vision in the art of Alex Grey.

    Transfigurations, the follow-up to Grey's
    Sacred Mirrors: (1991)--one of the most successful art books of the 1990s--includes all of Greys major works completed in the following decade, including the masterful seven-paneled altarpiece Nature of Mind, called the grand climax of Grey's art by Donald Kuspit. His portrayals of human beings blend anatomical exactitude with visionary depictions of universal life energy. Alex Grey's striking artwork leads us on the souls journey from material world encasement to recovery of the divinely illuminated core.

  • Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey (1990) by Alex Grey with Carlo McCormic  and Ken Wilber
    This unique series of paintings takes the viewer on a graphic, visionary journey through the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual anatomy of the self. From anatomically correct rendering of the body systems, Grey moves to the spiritual/energetic systems with such images as "Universal Mind Lattice," envisioning the sacred and esoteric symbolism of the body and the forces that define its living field of energy.

    Includes essays on the significance of Grey's work by Ken Wilber, the eminent Transpersonal psychologist, and by the noted New York art critic, Carlo McCormick.

  • The Mission of Art (1998)
    The Mission of Art is an inspirational text for artists and anyone who has glimpsed the spiritual power of art. Alex Grey traces the evolution of human consciousness through art history, seeking the threads of art's abiding mission. He reflects on the development of his own work, including provocative performances and the profoundly affecting psychedelic experiences which lead to his unique visionary art. He explores the role of an artist's intention and conscience, and how we of the postmodern age can draw on the creative process as a spiritual path. A thought-provoking examination of how culture makes the soul visible, The Mission of Art challenges us to aim high with our creativity and bring beauty and fresh vision to our depleted and cynical world. The text is accompanied by over fifty black and white reproductions of the author's own drawings and paintings.

  • Sacred Mirrors Cards (2006)
    A set of 23 meditation cards with art and poetry by Alex Grey.

    • Contains the complete series of Sacred Mirrors paintings plus two additional transformative images

    • Includes guided meditations, reflections, and poetry by Alex Grey

    • By the author of Transfigurations (25,000 sold) and Sacred Mirrors (90,000 sold)

    The Sacred Mirrors are a journey through our physical, socio-political, and spiritual anatomy. Sacred Mirrors Cards contains twenty-three meditation cards featuring reproductions of all twenty-one of Alex Grey’s Sacred Mirrors paintings plus two additional transformative images: Oversoul and The Angel. Grey’s visionary poetry on the back of each card leads the meditator through contemplation of the image on the front of the card, culminating in a one-word theme for reflection. The twenty-three cards in this boxed set lead the viewer through the process of theosis--that is, coming closer to God--through contemplation of iconic archetypes and seeing oneself, each other, and the world as a reflection of the divine. The original 46” x 84” Sacred Mirrors paintings featured in the Sacred Mirrors Cards are on display at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City.

  • CoSM the Movie - Alex Grey and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (2006)
    CoSM: The Movie
    is an invitation to personal reflection, growth, and harmony, leading spiritual adventurers on an enriching and sense-heightening journey into the visionary art cosmos of world-renowned painter, sculptor, and author Alex Grey. Grey is our guide on a cinematic pilgrimage through the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors gallery in New York City, where the artworks combine science and spiritual wisdom. Reflecting the human experience from birth to death and beyond, the vividly rendered depictions of human anatomy and transcendental imagery suggests the unity of all things.

    CoSM: The Movie
      reverently illuminates possibilities of enlightenment and the evolution of conscience and consciousness. Fusing the power of music with stunning cinematorgraphy, director Nick Krasnic and narrator Alex Grey channel the raw power of Grey’s art into a potent film odyssey that captures the essence of this unique sacred space, and offers rare, personal insight from one of the most significant artists of our time.

  • Artmind - The Healing Power of Sacred Art with Alex Grey (2004)
    DVD  VHS
    During the course of this exquisite mind expanding DVD, renowned teacher and visionary artist Alex Grey discusses his artistic vision, life experiences, metaphysical journeys, sacred teachings, and painters that have influenced his work . While exploring the sacred art of spiritual traditions from around the world, he offers insight into the power of sacred art to assist us in revitalizing our health and sense of well-being so that we may open the doors of our perception into the luminous nature of reality, and discover our divine potential.
    Included are scores of his paintings and sculptures going back over twenty years of creation.

    Is it possible that art has the power to heal? Could it be that the sacred paintings, sculptures and monuments from ancient civilizations around the work were created to evoke more than just beauty alone? Do they also have the power to heal and enlighten us, expand our visionary capacity and bring us face to face with divine reality? Join Alex Grey as he takes us on an amazing transformative journey into his unique artistic and spiritual vision.

    This DVD also includes the Alex Grey Gallery Special Feature!

  • Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics (2002), Alex Grey and Allan Hunt Badiner, eds.
    Buddhism and psychedelic experimentation share a common concern: the liberation of the mind. Zig Zag Zen launches the first serious inquiry into the moral, ethical, doctrinal, and transcendental considerations created by the intersection of Buddhism and psychedelics. With a foreword by renowned Buddhist scholar Stephen Batchelor and a preface by historian of religion Huston Smith, along with numerous essays and interviews, Zig Zag Zen is a provocative and thoughtful exploration of altered states of consciousness and the potential for transformation. Accompanying each essay is a work of visionary art selected by artist Alex Grey, such as a vividly graphic work by Robert Venosa, a contemporary thangka painting by Robert Beer, and an exercise in emptiness in the form of an enso by a 17th-century Zen abbot. Packed with enlightening entries and art that lie outside the scope of mainstream anthologies, Zig Zag Zen offers eye-opening insights into alternate methods of inner exploration.

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