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Alison Pelegrin
(Poet, Writer)

Alison.Pelegrin @ selu . edu
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Profile created March 25, 2008
  • The Zydeco Tablets (2002)
    Alison Pelegrin's The Zydeco Tablets is a lively, memorable series of character portraits rooted in her native Louisiana. Writing frequently in blank verse and other fixed forms, Pelegrin handles form so smoothly that it is almost invisible--though the music of these poems always lingers in the ear, both during their reading and long afterwards.

  • Big Muddy River of Stars (2007)
    In Big Muddy River of Stars, her second full-length collection of poems, Alison Pelegrin continues her celebration of the quirks and characters of south Louisiana, tempered now by the devastations of hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. These sassy poems come on like a carnival parade, with boisterous shout-outs to sleepy rivers and Big Shot soda, crawfish and trailer trash and those "git-r-dones" who rebuild homes ravaged by hurricane and high water. Presiding over the book is the spirit of Chinese poet Li Po, Pelegrin's prodigal mentor and drinking buddy. Sharing his "exultation" and "taste of recklessness," she wants to write "the Li Po way-- / wine and the wide world." And she does. With lines that laugh and rage and slur in the piquant tongue of her native Louisiana, Pelegrin knows how to play the blues in a bold and irreverent key.

  • Squeezers (2005)

  • Voodoo Lips (Poems and Plays (2002)

  • Dancing with One-Armed Man (1999)

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