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Works by
Alistair MacLean
(aka Ian Stuart)
[1922 - 1987]

Profile created April 17, 2007
Writing as Alistair MacLean
  • HMS Ulysses, in the USA H. M. S. Ulysses (1955)
    The story of men who rose to heroism, and then to something greater, "H.M.S. Ulysses" takes its place alongside "The Caine Mutiny" and "The Cruel Sea" as one of the classic novels of the navy, its men and its ships, at war. It is vintage MacLean -- and unforgettable.
    "High-powered dramatics." San Francisco Chronicle

  • Guns of Navarone (1957)
    An entire navy had tried to silence the guns of Navarone and failed. Full-scale attacks had been driven back. Now they were sending in just five men, each one a specialist in dealing death.
    Movie: The Guns of Navarone (1961), J. Lee Thompson, director with David Niven and Gregory Peck  DVD  VHS

  • South By Java Head (1957)

  • The Last Frontier, in the USA The Secret Ways (1959)

  • Night Without End (1959)

  • Fear Is the Key (1961)
    Movie: Fear Is the Key, Michael Tuchner, director with Barry Newman and Suzy Kendall  (1972)

  • The Golden Rendezvous (1962)

  • Ice Station Zebra (1963)
    The Dolphin, pride of America's nuclear fleet, is the only submarine capable of attempting the rescue of a British meteorological team trapped on the polar ice cap. The officers of the Dolphin know well the hazards of such an assignment. What they do not know is that the rescue attempt is really a cover-up for one of the most desperate espionage missions of the Cold War -- and that the Dolphin is heading straight for sub-zero disaster, facing hidding sabotage, murder . . . and a deadly, invisible enemy . . .
    Movie:  Ice Station Zebra (1968), John Sturges, director with Ernest Borgnine and Rock Hudson  DVD  VHS

  • When Eight Bells Toll (1966)

  • Where Eagles Dare (1967)
    Eight Allied agents -- seven men and a woman -- parachute onto a mountainside behind enemy lines in wartime Germany. Their mission: to rescue an American general before the Nazis can force him to reveal secret D-Day plans.

  • Force 10 from Navarone (1968)
    Movie: Force 10 from Navarone (1978), Guy Hamilton, director with Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw   DVD  VHS

  • Puppet on a Chain (1969)

  • Caravan to Vaccarčs (1970)
    Movie: Caravan to Vaccares (1974), Geoffrey Reeve, director with Charlotte Rampling and David Birney 

  • Bear Island (1971)
    Movie: Bear Island (1979), Don Sharp, director with Donald Sutherland and Vanessa Redgrave 

  • Way to Dusty Death (1973)

  • Breakheart Pass (1974)

  • Circus (1975)

  • The Golden Gate (1976)

  • Seawitch (1977)

  • Goodbye California (1978)

  • Athabasca (1980)

  • River of Death (1981)
    Movie: River of Death (1989), Steve Carver, director with Michael Dudikoff and Robert Vaughn 
    DVD   VHS

  • Partisans (1982)

  • Floodgate (1983)

  • San Andreas (1984)

  • Santorini (1986)

Alistair MaClean's UNACO Series
  1. Hostage Tower (1980) by John Denis
    Movie: The Hostage Tower (1980), Claudio Guzmán, director with Maud Adams and Peter Fonda 

  2. Air Force One Is Down (1981) by John Denis

  3. Death Train (1989) by Alastair MacNeill
    Movie: Death Train (1993), David Jackson, director with Patrick Stewart and Pierce Brosnan 

  4. Night Watch (1989) by Alastair MacNeill

  5. Red Alert (1990) by Alastair MacNeill

  6. Time of the Assassins (1991) by Alastair MacNeill

  7. Dead Halt (1992) by Alastair MacNeill

  8. Golden Girl (1992) by Simon Gandolfi
    Note: Simon Gandolfi was chosen to complete two
    unfinished novels by that master of the adventure
    thriller Alastair Maclean.

  9. Code Breaker (1993) by Alastair MacNeill

  10. Golden Web (1993) by Simon Gandolfi

  11. Golden Vengeance (1994) by Simon Gandolfi
    The youngest daughter of a Hong Kong billionaire has been kidnapped-no witnessesto the crime can be permitted to live!The father will lose face if it becomes public.Can Trent rescue her against all the odds?

  12. Rendezvous (1995) by Alastair MacNeill

  13. Storm Force From Navarone (1996) by Sam Llewellyn
    Alistair MacLeans gritty heroes from Navarone are not dead, and definitely not forgotten. Mallory, Miller and Andrea, the surviving commandos of Force 10 from Navarone, are sent on operation Storm Force a perilous mission through the Pyrenees to disable the greatest threat to the success of the D-Day landings, the Werwolf U-boats. They have less than six days to locate the subs and destroy them, operating outside of normal channels, without any backup . . . a true mission impossible, and a worthy modern successor to the original novels.

  14. Prime Target (1997) by Hugh Miller

  15. Borrowed Time (1998) by Hugh Miller

  16. Thunderbolt From Navarone (1998) by Sam Llewellyn

  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962) with Gil Walker, Illustrator

  • Alistair Maclean Introduces Scotland (1972) with Alastair M. Dunnett, ed.

  • Captain Cook (1972)

  • Lawrence of Arabia (2006)
    Colorful characters, a larger-than-life hero, stirring battles, death-defying desert treks, and an adventure rich in mystery and romance, are all depicted by a great writer. That and more is what readers will find in this spellbinding biography of Lawrence of Arabia that is impossible to put down. Bestselling author and screenwriter Alistair MacLean follows Lawrence as he breaks with tradition to live with Arabs and, using modern-day guerrilla tactics, helps them defeat the Turks and gain an independent state. In addition to the enthralling details of the campaign, MacLean provides valuable insight into the origins of the Middle East we know today.  Ages 9-12.

Writing as Ian Stuart
  • The Dark Crusader, in the USA The Black Shrike (1961)

  • The Satan Bug (1962)
    To the outside world, the Mordon Labs existed solely for experiments in preventive medicine...but in reality they were secret laboratories for the development of germ warfare--a strain of toxin so deadly that the release of one teaspoon could annihilate mankind. Late one night, the Mordon security officer was found murdered outside the lab. And the Satan Bug was missing...
    Movie: The Satan Bug (1965)

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