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Works by
Aliza Green
(Chef, Writer)

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Profile created August 7, 2006
  • The Bean Bible: A Legumaniac's Guide to Lentils, Peas, and Every Edible Bean on the Planet! (2000)

  • Field Guide to Produce : How to Identify, Select, and Prepare Virtually Every Fruit and Vegetable at the Market (2004)
    Produce: It's not just apples and oranges anymore. Today's supermarket shelves are stocked with strange, exotic, and delightful items such as quince, jicama, kumquats, amaranth, yuzus, and wing beans. But you don't need a degree in botany to make sense of it all -- just carry along Field Guide to Produce! This practical guide to the world's most popular fruits and vegetables features more than 200 full-color photographs -- plus detailed descriptions, selection tips, and guidelines on peeling, blanching, cooking, and eating. Award-winning chef Aliza Green describes everything you're likely to find at your local grocery store and farmer's market -- from common cabbages and coconuts to more adventurous fare like chayote and cherimoya. Grocery shopping -- and dinner -- will never be the same again!

  • Beans : More than 200 Delicious, Wholesome Recipes from Around the World (2004)
    Now you can master the art and joy of bean cookery with this definitive guide to identifying, selecting, prepping, and cooking a wide range of fresh and dried beans. Aliza Green has created a virtual renaissance in bean cuisine, where cooks can discover the variety of dishes that can be made with the different flavors, textures and color that beans have to offer. This completely revised, updated edition of Beans, which features full-color photographs and new recipes, is a great source not only for extraordinary recipes but also for cooking tips, culinary history and legume lore. Scrupulously researched, Beans contains descriptions and useful information about more than 100 bean varieties. A comprehensive primer on the basics of preparing and cooking beans explains all you need to know to ensure your bean dishes will come out just right every time.

  • Field Guide to Meat: How To Identify, Select, and Prepare Virtually Every Meat, Poultry, and Game Cut (2005)
    What's the difference between pork sirloin and pork tenderloin? Are Spanish chorizo and Mexican chorizo the same thing? Do quail and pheasant really taste just like chicken?

    Whether you're a casual griller or a haute foodie, you need the latest volume in our popular Field Guide series - Field Guide to Meat. With engaging text from award-winning chef Aliza Green, this illustrated guide shows how to identify and prepare more than 100 different kinds of meat, from beef and pork to lamb, poultry, wild game, sausages, and more. Featuring detailed descriptions, selection tips, and full-color photographs for easy identification, Field Guide to Meat is every carnivore's one-stop reference book.

  • Field Guide to Herbs & Spices: How to Identify, Select, and Use Virtually Every Seasoning at the Market (2006)
    Herbs and spices make everything taste better—but can you tell your thyme from your sage? Do you know the difference between dill and rosemary? Where can you find hyssop or rose geranium?

    Field Guide to Herbs & Spices is here to help. With color photographs of more than 200 different international seasonings, you'll soon be flavoring your dishes like a pro. Award-winning chef Aliza Green shows the basic history of these spices (saffron used to be worth more than gold!), its season (if applicable), names in other languages, a recipe featuring the seasoning, and much more. This handy field guide will make all of your meals complete!

  • Starting With Ingredients: The Quintessential Recipes for the Way We Really Cook (2006)
    The revolutionary approach of Starting with Ingredients will transform the way we shop, prepare, cook, and even think about food.

    Each chapter focuses on a single ingredient. The accompanying recipes in Chef Aliza Green’s culinary tour de force demonstrate the broad range of possibilities for each ingredient, utilizing a variety of cooking methods, flavors, and ethnic inspirations.

    This innovative work is the product of Green’s ceaseless culinary curiosity and in-depth knowledge of ingredients. With these tools, she has created hundreds of clear and imaginative recipes that will enable experienced and fledgling home chefs to recognize how foods should look and behave, their fragrance and feel, their seasonal changes, how they are transformed by different cooking methods, and their flavor affinities. Extensive sidebars satisfy the most curious epicure.

See also:
  • Georges Perrier Le Bec-Fin Recipes (1997) by Georges Perrier with Aliza Green
    Philadelphia's Le Bec-Fin restaurant consistently garners top ratings in national rankings. Now, in answer to patron demand, the famous chef at last reveals his secrets for making such favorite dishes as Braid of Salmon and Sole with Spinach Pasta, Fanned Loin of Lamb with Curry and Zucchini Chutney, and Roast Guinea Hen with Confit of Lemon. 100 recipes. 40 full-color and 75 b&w photos. -- Ingram

  • ˇCeviche!: Seafood, Salads, and Cocktails With a Latino Twist
    (2001) by Guillermo Pernot with Aliza Green
    Guillermo Pernot's ˇCeviche! boldly expands the traditional recipe for ceviche in 48 variations to encompass a world of flavors. Pernot's signature recipes from his Philadelphia restaurant, ˇPasión!, are a fusion of Latin American and Asian cuisines. Divided between ceviches made with fresh seafood and fish and those made with cooked, the book also includes vegetarian ceviches, salads, salsas, and vinaigrettes. Some of the recipes, such as Bay Scallop Ceviche with Blackened Tomatillo-Truffle Sauce, are surprisingly easy to make (it uses truffle oil, not whole truffles). Others are more complicated, such as Lobster and Vanilla Bean Ceviche, but the results are so impressive they're well worth your time. There's even an Argentinean Beef Roll Ceviche, beautifully marinated with star anise, white peppercorns, Thai fish sauce, lime juice, and sesame oil. A chapter at the end shares a dozen cocktails popular at ˇPasión!, including a Brazilian Caipirinha, an Italian Rum Negroni, and a Cuban Mango Daiquiri. This cookbook is easily a party in the making. (Leora Y. Bloom / Amazon.com)

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