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Allen Watson

Profile created October 19, 2007
  • A Workbook Companion:  Commentaries on the Workbook for Students from A Course In Miracles (1998, 2005) by Allen Watson and Robert Perry

    • Volume I: 1-180

    • Volume II: 181-365
      An indispensable companion to A Course In Miracles, illuminating your journey through the 365 daily lessons of the Workbook. Allen Watson and Robert Perry provide first-rate help and guidance in their Workbook Companion series. These books offer abundant provisions for the journey, from insightful teachings and personal anecdotes to detailed lesson instructions and cameo essays on related topics such as meditation in the Course. Allen and Robert's companionship and wise counsel make the lessons spring to life, bringing miracles into your daily experience.

  • One Course, Two Visions: A Comparison of the Teachings of the Circle of Atonement and Ken Wapnick on A Course In Miracles (2004) by Allen Watson, Greg Mackie, and Robert Perry
    A Course In Miracles has emerged within our lifetime as an authoritative spiritual text. Yet what does it really say? In the Course's brief history, two comprehensive visions have been offered, each by respected teachers and organizations, each based on many years of personal dedication and scholarly investigation. One vision comes from Kenneth Wapnick and the Foundation for A Course in Miracles (FACIM).The other comes from Robert Perry and his colleagues at the Circle of Atonement.
    ifferentlOne might assume that these visions would differ only in the details; yet in fact they diverge dramatically, leading to different ways of approaching, understanding, and living the Course. These differences have naturally led to confusion for Course students. The purpose of this book is to clear up that confusion. It addresses how the two visions relate to each other, delineating both their similarities and their differences. It then goes on to explore the key differences, and how they impact the Course student's life.

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Judgment But Were Too Busy Doing It to Notice (2002) by Allen Watson and Robert Perry
    The subject of judgment is often confusing for students of spirituality. It seems necessary in this world, yet we are told that letting go of it will bring freedom and happiness. Perry and Watson present a survey of teachings about judgment in A Course In Miracles, such as, what it is, giving it up, is it always inappropriate, the right use of judgment, and how we can make decisions without judging.

  • The Journey Home (2002)
    A Course In Miracles teaches that the whole spiritual journey is a journey home, home to God whom we have never really left. Allen Watson describes this spiritual journey, identifying the stages we pass through as we move from fear to love. He presents a map of sorts that we can look at as we set out, giving us an idea of our spiritual destination and what we must go through to get there.

  • Bringing the Course to Life: How to Unlock the Meaning of A Course in Miracles for Yourself (1999) by Allen Watson and Robert Perry
    For thousands of spiritual seekers, the words of A Course In Miracles carry a depth of truth and meaning they have encountered nowhere else. Although these words are beautiful and profound, they have also been a stumbling block, seemingly hard to understand.

    This book is designed to teach the student, through instruction, example, and exercises, how to read the Course. The authors' goal is to transform the reading of
    A Course In Miracles into a living, personal encounter with truth.

    Here's a sampling of what you will learn:

    • How to get the meaning of a sentence

    • How to understand perplexing passages

    • How to follow the Course's logic

    • How to experience and visualize the passage

    • How to apply what you are reading to your life situations

  • Let Me Remember You God in A Course in Miracles (1999) by Allen Watson and Robert Perry
    The topic of God is central to human life; in the contemporary spiritual teaching, A Course In MiraclesGod is everything: our source, our home, and our one goal. He is a loving God, very present in our lives.

    This book is designed to help readers gain, or perhaps regain, a sense of God's relevance and active presence in their lives. It will be of value to new and experienced Course students, as well as to others seeking to have a closer relationship with God or to heal their existing relationship with God.

    Topics include:

    • Correcting and letting go of fearful, traditional images of God

    • The nature of God as love

    • Different aspects of our relationship with God

    • How to relate to God now

    • Prayer, meditation, and revelation

    • God walking with us

  • The Answer Is a Miracle (1998) by Allen Watson and Robert Perry
    A Course In Miracles promises to teach its students miracles. It wants to train them in the experience of miracles, so that they become completely natural for them. Who would not want to learn that?! Yet, there is some confusion around exactly what miracles are and how they happen.

    Perry and Watson clear up this confusion by answering the following questions:

    • Where do miracles come from?

    • What exactly are they?

    • Do we perform miracles or do they just happen?

    • How do they relate to our lives?

    • How can we experience them, and what does it feel like?

    • How is the Course a course in miracles?

    The authors' goal is to lead you to a place where you see the frequent experience of miracles as entirely possible, as a true goal to which you aspire, and as the end toward which A Course In Miracles is guiding you.

  • Seeing the Bible Differently: How A Course in Miracles Views the Bible (1997)
    Addresses the question, "How does
    A Course In Miracles relate to the Bible. Drawing on the Course's own attitude toward the Bible, this book recognizes both similarities and differences, and emphasizes the continuity of God's message in the two books, seeing the Course as a clearer presentation of truth, superseding the Bible while standing clearly in its lineage.

    Watson helps the reader evaluate the teachings of the Bible, enrich their understanding of the Course with knowledge of the Bible, and integrate the truths they find in the Bible into their understanding of the Course.

  • I Need Do Nothing: Finding the Quiet Center (1996)
    Out of print.  See Electronic Books, below.

  • The Certainty of Salvation (1995) by Allen Watson and Robert Perry
    An antidote to feelings of discouragement, impatience, despair, and doubt about reaching the spiritual goal of A Course In Miracles. Includes many of the Course's most encouraging and uplifting thoughts. Reading it will enrich your understanding of the Course, strengthen your faith in its message, and reassure you that attaining its goal of salvation is inevitable.

  • What Is Death? (1995)
    Out of print.  See Electronic Books, below.

    Although everyone, at some time or another, faces death, it is not something we like to talk about. Yet it is unavoidable and of utmost importance to us all.
    A Course In Miracles teaches that our belief in death is at the core of all our painful experiences in this world. In "What Is Death," Allen Watson examines the Course's philosophical insights about the nature of death and applies the Course's theory to practical situations, such as facing death in daily life, in the death of a loved one, or in our own death; and helping a friend in grief.

    He also addresses several common questions concerning death:

    • What happens when we die?

    • What happens after we die?

    • Do we reincarnate?

    • Is suicide ever a valid choice?

    • How can I help someone who is terminally ill?

    • Can we communicate with the dead?.

    Watson ends on a note of hope, presenting a picture of what death can be to a healed mind.

  • Through Fear to Love (1994)
    The modern spiritual classic, A Course In Miracles, teaches that we can live in complete freedom from guilt and fear through the recognition of our inherent innocence and loving nature.
    In Through Fear to Love, Allen Watson shows us how we can discover the innocence and the loving nature within ourselves, bring our pain to a place of healing, and learn to look upon ourselves, and all the world, with love instead of fear.

    These are some of the questions addressed in this booklet:

    • Why is it so crucial to look honestly at the unloving thoughts in our minds?

    • How can we find relief from the pain of guilt?

    • Why are we drawn to relationships that hurt us?

    • How can our sense of isolation end?

    • How can we ever learn to love ourselves completely?

  • A Healed Mind Does not Plan: Extended Commentary on Workbook Lesson #135 (1993)
    Out of print.  See Electronic Books, below.

Electronic Books
These following books are currently out of print. However, they are available from Circle Publishing as downloadable e-books. These are PDF files you can read on any computer.  You can find them listed here:
  • Bringing the Course to Life (1999)

  • I Need Do Nothing: Finding the Quiet Center (1996)

  • What Is Death? (1995)

  • A Healed Mind Does not Plan: Extended Commentary on Workbook Lesson #135 (1993)

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