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Works by Amit Goswami

Profile created October 20, 2004

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Health -- Inspirational -- Metaphysics -- New Age -- Nonfiction -- Physics -- Religion & Spirituality -- Science -- Quantum Physics

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  • The Concepts of Physics (1979)
  • The Cosmic Dancers: Exploring the Physics of Science Fiction (1983) with Maggie Goswami
  • Quantum Mechanics (1991)
    In an effort to excite college seniors and first-year graduate students about the essence of quantum mechanics, Goswami always begins a topic with what students know before moving into more complex areas. He teaches students how to ask the right questions, satisfying their interest in the meaning and interpretation of quantum mechanics, and treats the nitty-gritty details carefully. The unifying approach of the book presents quantum mechanics not only as a schema for successful calculations and predictions but also as a basis for a new and exciting worldview. The most unusual aspect of the book is an ongoing presentation of the radicalness of quantum mechanics as compared to classical physics. Outstanding features: 1) gives a thorough grounding in the fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics; 2) provides a wealth of worked-out examples; 3) offers a balanced presentation of quantum system, which helps students make a bridge to whichever aspect of modern physics they want to pursue; 4) goes into enough depth without exceeding the mathematical level of the beginning student; and 5) liberates physics students from the bonds of classical prejudices.
  • The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World (1993) with Maggie Goswami and Richard E. Reed
  • Quantum Creativity: Waking Up to Our Creative Potential (1999) with Maggie Goswami
    The author of this volume integrates existing theories of creativity with quantum physics-based experimental data. He supports his theory with practices toward fulfilling one's creative potential.
  • Science and Spirituality, A Quantum Integration (2000)
    Demonstrates not only the long-suspected metaphysical unity of science and spirituality but also their cosmological and methodological unity. Crucial to the new integration are ideas of quantam physics and quantam leaps, which embody a new science based on the primary of consciousness as propounded in the Upanishads. Goswamis show in this paradigm-shifting book that not only can the paradoxes of quantam physics be resolved on the basis of a spiritual universe but also well-known paradoxes of life, mind and health. All the monumental traditions of India, Vedanta, Yoga, and Tantra, become alive in their connectedness with this newest science within consciousness.
  • The Physicist's View of Nature, Part 1 - From Newton to Einstein (2000)
    This book is designed as a textbook for students who need to fulfil their science requirements. Part I explores classical physics from its beginnings with Descartes, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton, to the relativity theories of Einstein. Special emphasis is given to the development of the objective, materialist, and deterministic worldview of classical physics. The influence of Newtonian physics on other fields of science and on society is emphasized. Finally, some of the problems with the worldview of classical physics are discussed and a preview of quantum physics is given.
  • The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment (2000)
    This text examines scientific intelligence reconciled with spiritual knowledge. Using references from Einstein to Forest Gump, the author shows how consciousness affects matter, and how science can explain spiritual practice. Mystics through the ages have encountered this same phenomenon.
  • Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation and Immortality (2001)
    Integrates descriptions from the "Tibetan Book of the Dead" with his knowledge of quantum physics and concludes that reincarnational memory - past lives and our access to them - is an absolute, scientifically provable truth.
  • Quantum Physics of Quantum Healing (2002) with Deepak Chopra
    How is it that two patients can receive exactly the same medical treatment, yet one succumbs to disease while the other recovers completely? What causes some people to experience spontaneous remissions—unexplained recoveries in the absence of treatment? And is there some way we can produce these seemingly miraculous results at will?
  • The Quantum Physics of Soul and Spirit (2002) with Deepak Chopra
    Two of science’s preeminent scholars unite for this fascinating look at quantum physics and its impact on spirituality. Physicist, scholar, and author Amit Goswami, Ph.D., joins Deepak Chopra, M.D., to discuss the age-old questions that have bewildered humanity for centuries.
  • The Physicists' View of Nature, Part 2: The Quantum Revolution (2002)
  • The Quantum Doctor: A Physicist's Guide to Health and Healing (2004)
    Looking specifically at the primary role of consciousness in health, Goswami shows how medicine works against disease. Goswami, a professor at the University of Oregon is the author of seven previous books including the classic The Self-Aware Universe and Physics Of The Soul. By explaining how and why alternative therapies such as homoeopathy, ayurveda and Chinese medicine work to heal disease, Goswami takes an important step in alternative medicine's battle for legitimacy.


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