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Andy Fraser

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Profile created July 18, 2006
  • In Your Eyes (1975)
    Two 70s albums on one [import] CD from ex-Free/Sharks/Bad Company Member. 'Andy Fraser Band' and 'In Your Eyes', both originally issued in 1975 on CBS. 19 tracks including 'Don't Hide Your Love Away' & 'Train Of Love'. 2000 release.

  • Andy Fraser Band/...In Your Eyes (2004)
    Original recording remastered

  • Naked ... and finally free (2005)
    Having disappeared from the public radar twenty years ago, Andy Fraser is back - but not with a vengeance. Not that he's mellowed - Fraser's always been very lyrical, which shows in any of the FREE tunes he took a part in writing, a new ballad "Someone Watching Over Me" on par with any of those - Andy's just different, and that's a natural progress. And it's not just his perception of life has changed, maybe it's America that does this to people; Terry Reid, another blues legend, took a similar musical path. A path which buzzes with polyrhythmic excitement where the famous bass rumbles only in telling "Too Far To Turn Back Now", while a lead-in single "Healing Hands" gently kicks a jungle feel under the skin.

    Sting must beware, as there's a real contender coming whose lyrics, filled with shocking candour as in "Yours Faithfully" that tackles Fraser's illness, could hit much harder if not for the light-hearted reggae groove. This groove, so delicious in "All I Want Is You" (no, not the one by Andy's former sparring partner, Paul Rodgers), hardens, roots-style, when "Jungle" brings forth the issue of intolerance.

    Yet there's a fun in there, the joy oozing out of the brass-splashed rap of "Family", and "Standing At Your Window", one of Andy's several co-writes with Frankie Miller, is surely chart-bound. He's unleashed, Mr. Big, he's happy and he shares this feeling. Thumbs up!

See also:
  • Message to Love - The Isle of Wight Festival (1996)
    A look back at the third, and final, Isle of Wight festival. It is a complete rockumentary showing everthing from the performances of several rock legends to the backstage squabbling that nearly destroyed the festival, but was a precursor of the greed and cynicism that would infect the music scene of the 1970's.

Includes performances by Alvin Lee as Himself (Ten Years After), Andy Fraser as Himself (Free), Billy Cox as Himself (Jimi Hendrix's Bassist), Carl Palmer as Himself (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Chick Churchill as Himself (Ten Years After), Donovan as Himself, Emerson Lake and Palmer as Themselves, Free as Themselves, Graeme Edge as Himself (The Moody Blues), Greg Lake as Himself (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Jethro Tull as Themselves

Jim Morrison as Himself (The Doors), Jimi Hendrix as Himself, Joan Baez as Herself, John Densmore as Himself (The Doors), John Entwistle as Himself (The Who), John Lodge as Himself (The Moody Blues), John Sebastian as Himself, John Wilson as Himself (Drummer, Taste), Joni Mitchell as Herself, Justin Hayward as Himself (The Moody Blues), Keith Emerson as Himself (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Keith Moon as Himself (The Who), Kris Kristofferson as Himself, Leo Lyons as Himself (Ten Years After), Leonard Cohen as Himself, Martin Barre as Himself (Lead guitarist, Jethro Tull), Mike Pinder as Himself (The Moody Blues), Miles Davis as Himself, Mitch Mitchell as Himself (Jimi Hendrix's Drummer), Paul Kossoff as Himself (Free), Paul Rodgers as Himself (Free), Pete Townshend as Himself (The Who), Ray Manzarek as Himself (The Doors), Ray Thomas as Himself (The Moody Blues), Ric Lee as Himself (Ten Years After), Richard McCracken as Himself (Drummer, Taste), Robby Krieger as Himself (The Doors), Roger Daltrey as Himself (The Who), Rory Gallagher as Himself (Lead guitarist, Taste), Simon Kirke as Himself (Free), Taste as Themselves, Ten Years After as Themselves, The Doors as Themselves, The Moody Blues as Themselves, The Who as Themselves, and Tiny Tim as Himself

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