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Anita Shreve
[1946 - ]

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Profile created 2004
  • 4 Titles By Shreve (2006)
    The Pilot's Wife, Light on Snow, The Weight of Water, and Sea Glass
  • Eden Close (1989)
    A compelling tale of edgy, small-town emotions, lingering obsession, and romantic salvation.

    Andrew, after many years, returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral. Planning to remain only a few days, he is drawn into the tragic legacy of his childhood friend and beautiful girl next door, Eden Close. An adopted child, Eden had learned to avoid the mother who did not want her and to please the father who did. She also aimed to please Andrew and his friends, first by being one of the boys and later by seducing them. Then one hot night, Andrew was awakened by gunshots and piercing screams from the next farm: Mr. Close had been killed and Eden blinded.

    Now, seventeen years later, Andrew begins to uncover the grisly story - to unravel the layers of thwarted love between the husband, wife, and tormented girl. And as the truth about Eden's past comes to light, so too does Andrew's strange and binding attachment to her reveal itself.

  • Where or When: A Novel (1993) with Virginia Barber
    What would you do if out of the blue, you received a letter from your first love? Siān Richards sees no reason why she can't write back to Charles Callahan. After all, it's been thirty years and they are both married with families. But when they decide to meet again, an innocent correspondence becomes a dangerous intimacy. Swept up in the past and consumed by an obsessive love, Charles and Siān risk everything to be together.

  • Strange Fits of Passion: A Novel (1994)
    A turbulent, tragic story of domestic abuse from the bestselling author of The Pilot's Wife.

    Everyone believes that Maureen and Harrold English, two successful New York City journalists, have a happy, stable marriage. It's the early '70s and no one discusses or even suspects domestic abuse. But after Maureen suffers another brutal beating, she flees with her infant daughter to a coastal town in Maine. The weeks pass slowly, and just as Maureen settles into her new life and new identity, Harrold reappears, bringing the story to a violent, unforgettable climax. A labyrinth of a tale with an ingenious structure, Strange Fits of Passion is also a powerful portrait of truth and deception.

  • Resistance (1995)

  • The Weight of Water (1997)
    The Weight of Water is now a motion picture from Lions Gate Films starring Sean Penn and Elizabeth Hurley, and directed by Kathryn Bigelow (Strange Days, Point Break, Near Dark, and Blue Steel). From the author of such highly acclaimed bestsellers as The Pilot's Wife, Fortune's Rocks, The Last Time They Met, and Sea Glass comes a mesmerizing journey through the farthest extremes of emotion-the story of a woman who revisits a century-old crime and confronts the suspicions buried deep in her own marriage.
    Movie (2000) Kathryn Bigelow, director with Ciarįn Hinds and Richard Donat  DVD VHS

  • The Pilot's Wife: A Novel (1999) -- 1999 Oprah Book Club selection
    Being married to a pilot means you have to be a bit of a fatalist, but nothing has prepared Kathryn Lyons for the news of her husband's fatal crash. Even before the plane is located off the Irish coast, a callous media turns her personal life inside out. As Kathryn struggles with rage and grief, a bizarre mystery swims into focus:Who was this man she loved, and what lay behind the life she took for granted. She is determined to find the truth, even though she knows it isn't going to be pretty. Anita Shreve is the author of THE WEIGHT OF WATER and other acclaimed novels. She lives in western Massachusetts.

  • Fortune's Rocks: A Novel (1999)
    In a summer community on the coast of New Hampshire at the turn of the last century, a girl is drawn into a passionate affair with a man nearly three times her age. Fortunes Rocks is the story of Olympia Biddefordprivileged, well educated, and mature beyond her yearsand her affair with John Haskell, who not only is a physician, essayist, and champion of mill workers but also is married with three children. Drawn inexorably together on the night of the summer solstice, the pair set in motion a series of events with far-reaching consequences for all involved. A meditation on the erotic life of women, an exploration of deeply ingrained class prejudices, and most of all a portrayal of the thoughts and actions of an unforgettable young woman, Fortunes Rocks is the most powerful novel yet from Anita Shreve.

  • Olympia (2000)

  • The Last Time They Met: A Novel (2001)
    From the last time Linda and Thomas meet, at a charmless hotel in a distant city, to the moment, thirty-five years earlier, when a chance encounter on a rocky beach binds them fatefully together, this hypnotically compelling novel unfolds a tale of intense passion, drama, and suspense.

  • Sea Glass: A Novel (2002)
    The year is 1929 and Honora Beecher and her husband, Sexton, are just settling into a new marriage and a cottage on the coast of New Hampshire. While Honora fixes up the derelict house and searches for bits of sea glass on the beach, Sexton risks everything they own to buy the house they both love. Along with millions of other Americans, he is blindsided by the stock market crash and finds himself penniless. The only work he can find is in a nearby mill, where a labor conflict is erupting into violence. Shaken by forces they scarcely understand, Honora and Sexton try to build a marriage and a home while overwhelmed by passions of every kind.

    Writing with the power and immediacy that have made her novels bestsellers, Shreve unfolds interlocking lives, each with its own share of love, loss, and challenge. This is another gripping and unforgettable story of the human heart from one of the most accomplished novelists of our time.

  • All He Ever Wanted (2003)
    A man escaping from a hotel fire sees a woman standing beneath a tree. He approaches her and sets in motion a series of events that will change his life forever. Years later, traveling from New England to Florida by train, he reflects back on his obsession with this unknown and ultimately unknowable woman--his courtship of her, his marriage to her, and the unforgivable act that ripped their family apart. Spanning three decades from 1899 to 1933, ALL HE EVER WANTED gives us a tale of marriage, betrayal, and the search for redemption. It has the unmatched attention to details of character, place, and emotion that have made Anita Shreve one of America's best-loved and bestselling novelists.

  • Light on Snow (2004)
    The events of a December afternoon, during which a father and his daughter find an abandoned infant in the snow, will forever alter the 11-year-old girls understanding of the world and the adults who inhabit it: a father who has taken great pains to remove himself from society in order to put an unthinkable tragedy behind him; a young woman who must live with the consequences of the terrible choices she has made; and a detective whose cleverness is exceeded only by his sense of justice.

    Written from the point of view of 30-year-old Nicky as she recalls the vivid images of that fateful December, her tale is one of love and courage, of tragedy and redemption, and of the ways in which the human heart always seeks to heal itself.

  • A Wedding in December (2005)
    Writing with the fluent narrative artistry and the acute grasp of human motivation that distinguish all of her bestselling novels, Anita Shreve tells the compelling story of seven former schoolmates who gather at an inn in the Berkshires to celebrate a wedding. Their reunion becomes the occasion of astonishing revelations, recrimination, and forgiveness as the friends collectively recall a long-ago night that forever marked each of their lives.

  • Body Surfing (2007)
    At the age of 29, Sydney has already been once divorced and once widowed. Trying to regain her footing once again, she has answered an ad to tutor the teenage daughter of a well-to-do couple as they spend a sultry summer in their oceanfront New Hampshire cottage. But when the Edwards' two grown sons, Ben and Jeff, arrive at the beach house, Sydney finds herself caught up in a destructive web of old tensions and bitter divisions. As the brothers vie for her affections, the fragile existence Sydney has rebuilt for herself is threatened. With the subtle wit, lyrical language, and brilliant insight into the human heart that has led her to be called "an author at one with her mtier" (Miami Herald), Shreve weaves a novel about marriage, family, and the supreme courage that it takes to love.

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