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Works by
Anne Azel

Encounters Series
Encounter is a series of stories that are linked together by a common ancestor. A loop in the space/time continuum allows couples in many
countries to help their ancestors find their own troubled path to
happiness. Come travel through the world of true love!
Journeys Series
The Journeys Series takes you on adventures around the world to experience beauty, culture, faith, and love in the complex world of the 21st century. Travellers, come travel and share adventures aboard Flagship Earth!
Murder Mystery Series
The Murder Mystery series is a spin off of Seasons: Spring Rains. It is about the life and work of the forensic anthropologist, Doctor Alberta Pateas. Travellers, welcome to the bare bones of murder!
  • Murder Mystery Series (2001)
    "The "Murder Mystery Series" is about the life and work of the forensic anthropologist, Dr. Aliki Alberta Pateas. Come discover the bare bones of murder. Planes don't fall from the sky but this one did in "Dead Fall." Dr. Pateas comes home after a long time to find herself caught up in an unsolved mystery and meets two very special females who will change her life. There is nothing funny about the serial killer that has been terrorizing the Toronto area in "Dead Funny." Dr. Pateas is under pressure to identify the Fire Clown before he strikes again. Can she do so before those she loves the most are in danger?"
Seasons Series
Seasons has no great adventures or super heroes. It is rather about the quiet humour, courage, and strength that it takes to be a woman in today's world. Come travel through the female soul!
  • Seasons: Book 1 (2000)
    As a highly successful film star and director, Robbie Williams is used to leading a wild and comfortable life. Headstrong, ambitious, intelligent and self-centered, she is used to everything always going her way. But when she falls in love with her brother's widow Janet, things are about to change. Life with Janet means settling down and domesticity, and Robbie finds herself jointly responsible for the parenting of a pair of dynamic and sometimes willful children. Family life brings new challenges - serious illness, abuse and kidnapping are just a few of the problems the Williams family must deal with. But through it all, two strong women find their way to a loving family and a supportive community.

  • Seasons: Book 2 -- Spring Rains & Summer Heat (2000)

  • Gold Mountain (2006) --  Nominated 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction
    Gold Mountain has a unique and distinctive Canadian flavour which embraces the cultural diversity found in Canada today. It is the story of two women, not only on opposite ends of our cultural scale but also on opposite ends of our Justice scale. It is the story of Kelly, the daughter of the concubine of a Chinese immigrant to Canada, and her struggle to find her place in both the Caucasian and Chinese world, both of which prefer their women heterosexual. It is the story of Jane, a woman who appears to have found her place in the world, but in fact her place is waiting to be discovered. Discovering for Jane and a place for Kelly comes as a result of the night that Kelly's half-brother, her father's only son, an indulged young man, is murdered. The author is skilled at writing both Kelly and Jane's voices and the impact is considerable. Easily, the reader is led from one POV to the other solely by how the voices are written.

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