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Works by
Arjuna Ardagh

  • Deeper and Deeper (Date?)

  • The Beloved (Date?)

  • Living Essence Tapes Series (1998)
    Guided meditations and exercises to accompany Relaxing into Clear Seeing

  • There is No Other (1998)
    A wonderful way to dissolve the feeling of separation in relationship to another.

  • Who Am I? (1998)
    This tape guides you through the Self Inquiry exercise prescribed in chapter 1 of Arjuna's book Relaxing into Clear Seeing.

  • Beyond Flinching (1999)
    In this dialogue, Arjuna reminds us that there is no map or model for living in the "utter ordinariness of being human". The heart longs for full incarnation of love. We wonder what it would be like to live completely - with courage - yet we tend to flinch from taking the risk. But once we welcome the bitter-sweetness of life - facing our fears with self-compassion and love - they become expansive freedom and aliveness.

  • Delicious Beingness (1999)
    In this dialogue, Arjuna asks, "what would it be like to live in a world with no I-thought?". This "deliciousness of being" never goes away. It is what is real! And, over a time of resting as that, you become a "body of Presence".

  • Freedom from Enlightenment (1999)
    Rather than clinging to the appearance of choice and no-choice, we can be learning to move beyond all beliefs. When no belief is held, there can be no enlightenment or un-enlightenment. The heart simply longs to know itself.

  • Give Up Ambition (1999)
    Just rest in the Heart, and love begins to marinate everything". Describing an imaginary piece of fruit, Arjuna asks, "What would we need to do to get rid of this?". In the same way all concepts of ego, attainment and ambition are simply illusions that need no effort to get rid of. In just resting as that which is, all is realized.

  • In Love with Love (1999)
    "Presence is always here with or without thoughts". This comment by Arjuna is central to the discussion that in each moment we make a choice: will we follow changing phenomena or will we fall deeper in love with love? With guest Kali (from Sweden) performing original songs, Arjuna also talks about the "great experiment" of living sensuality and spirituality in live.

  • It IS Simple (1999)

  • Love Bursting Forth (1999)
    The central premise of this dialogue is that all suffering is caused by thoughts and concepts. Arjuna comments that ultimate neurosis is the idea of enlightenment. He suggests that we should "take down the umbrella of thinking and being and let the divine Mother shower us with Grace.

  • Worship the Worshipper (1999)
    This tape asks the question, "Can a me or I really be found inside?". Arjuna suggests that in our belief in this I, we habitually overlook the truth that love is constantly "kissing our lips". He invites us to allow love to embrace all that arises. We become "married to Truth".

  • Absolute Happiness (2000)

  • Co-Creative Spirituality (2000)

  • Marry the Truth for Life (2000)

  • A New Spirituality (2001)
    Arjuna talks at The International Conference on Altered States.

  • Enough to Casual Attitudes (2001)

  • Magnets, Mirrors and Outrageous Love (2001)
    The personality as a collection based in personal lack, inherited lack, habits of lack - Awakening from the limitation of that lack - Meeting as a reservoir of love without needing anything - Finding outlets for that love.

  • Practical Tips for Living Fullness (2001)

  • The Futility of Self-Improvement (2001)

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