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Arnold M. Patent

arnold at arnoldpatent dot com
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Profile created April 1, 2010
  • Winning With Love: Applying Principles of Mutual Support to Everyday Life by Arnold M. Patent (1995)
    In this audio cassette, Patent explains that "living" does not mean competing with everyone else but that, in reality, the entire universe is a mutual support system. In gentle and reassuring terms, he explains how listeners can define their purpose on Earth, discover greater joy and abundance, find deeper levels of loving and forgiveness, and alleviate adversarial and non-loving situations.

  • The Treasure Hunt (2001) with Selma Patent, Illustrator
    The Treasure Hunt is a children's version of the Universal Principles contained in You Can Have It All.

    The book is a journey of discovery of these Principles -- Treasures -- that increase appreciation for the vast untapped power that resides in everyone's open heart.

    The Treasure Hunt inspires the reader to uncover that power and express it fully and freely heightening self-awareness and building self-esteem.

  • You Can Have It All (1984, 1987, 1996, 2007)
    The game of life most of us are playing is not the only game even though we have convinced ourselves it is. In this game each of the players is separate, independent and usually competing in a hostile and unforgiving world. We often feel like victims. This book describes another way of playing the game-one based on Universal Principles -- that is natural to us and awaiting our remembrance. The format of the book is a re-enactment of a typical weekend workshop during which the Principles are described and practiced. We are not separate entities. We are all part of a singular experience: One that is loving, abundant, joyful and mutually supportive. The Universal Principles and their presentation are simple and straightforward. Give yourself the opportunity to experience this new game of life by reading You Can Have It All.Money (2005)
    What if the money game we are playing is designed to result in failure. Could it be that what we consider failure is really success? We have been playing the first part of an extraordinary game that we created to hide what we are looking for. Money is the guide to support us in playing the next part that uncovers what the first part was designed to hide -- a life of total joy and unlimited abundance.

  • The Journey (2002)
    "All that I see is me." So relates Arnold M. Patent in his latest book, The Journey, an intimate sharing of his navigation of the human experience from an ever-increasing spiritual awareness.

    atent provides a loving travelogue of the path he has taken to enrich and expand his own understanding of his relationship with his Soul Self and, in so doing, charts a course for the reader to consider.

    The Journey is a must read for those seeking to break through old human patterns to an acceptance of their true reality.

  • Bridges to Reality (1998)
    A bridge is a structure that supports movement from one place to another. The bridge usually spans areas that are unpredictable and arduous to traverse. Thus, the bridge becomes a true friend to the traveler.

    Arnold Patent is a bridge builder. In this book the spiritual traveler can find support and guidance over the rocky terrain of doubt and fear to the higher ground of love and acceptance.

    Not only does Bridges to Reality provide a lighted pathway to a clearer and more majestic view, it embraces the reader with warmth and encouragement to enjoy the journey.

  • Money and Beyond (1997)
    The author of the best-selling You Can Have It All goes beyond financial success to apply the principles of spiritual fulfillment to help readers discover the true abundance and joy in all facets of their lives.

  • Death Taxes and Other Illusions (1989)

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