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Works by
Arnold Mindell, Ph.D.
(Aka as Arny Mindell)
[1940 - ]

  • Dreambody: The Body's Role in Revealing the Self (1982)
    Introducing the concept of meaningful connections between nighttime dreams, myths, and body experiences, this work traces attitudes toward the body in Eastern and Western thought and illustrates the connections between body experiences and universal patterns evident in philosophical systems, fairy tales, and myths. This newly revised second edition contains a new foreward, which locates the original dreambody concept within later developments in process work, including work with relationships, addictions, coma, movement, and worldwork, and theoretical links to modern physics.

  • Working with the Dreaming Body (1985)
    Drawing on a large number of case studies, practical applications of the Dreambody theory are described, instructing how to unfold symptoms and other somatic phenomena to reveal the dreamlike and mythical experiences that we usually discount in everyday life. These symptoms may not be merely sickness in need of treatment, but guides to meaning and fulfillment.

  • River's Way (1986)

  • The Dreambody in Relationships (1988)
    Integrating family therapy with dream and body work, the relationship between classical analysis and information theory is explored. Dreambody work is applied to groups of individuals, hologram theory, the collective unconscious, and the discoveries of modern physics and biology, to show how each individual's awareness affects the whole.

  • City Shadows: Psychological Interventions in Psychiatry (1990)

  • Working on Yourself Alone: Inner Dreambody Work (1990)
    This introduction to process-oriented meditation is a fresh approach to the new body of philosophy and technique that unites the foundations of Western psychotherapy and Eastern meditative traditions in a single holistic system.

  • Year One: Global Process Work -- Community Creation from Global Problems, Tensions and Myths (1990)

  • Riding the Horse Backwards: Process Work in Theory and Practice (1992) by Arnold Mindell and Amy Mindell
    This transcript of a process-oriented psychology seminar provides a theoretical overview, and then continues on with demonstrations of how to work with individuals and groups. The interactions between Drs. Mindell and the seminar participants show that in order to get to the process, it may be necessary to employ trickster-like ways, based on the fabled, wise trickster of a Native American tribe, who did everything differently. His horse went forwards, for instance, but he rode it facing backwards, thereby taking a new approach.

  • The Leader As Martial Artist: An Introduction to Deep Democracy (1992)

  • The Shaman's Body: A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships, and the Community (1993)
    From the author of Dreambody – a pioneering method of using crisis as a dynamic opportunity for accessing our inner world, confronting our fears, and catalyzing self–discovery.

  • Coma: The Dreambody Near Death  (1995)

  • Sitting in the Fire (1995)
    Using examples ranging from disputes in small organizations to large-scale conflicts in countries around the world, this volume offers practical methods for working with conflict, leadership crises, stagnation, abuse, terrorism, violence, and other social action issues. It brings an understanding of the psychology of conflict and the knowledge that many disputes can be traced back to inequalities of rank and power between parties, providing tools that will enable people to use conflict to build community.

  • Dreaming While Awake: Techniques for 24-Hour Lucid Dreaming (2000)
    What if you could dream 24 hours a day, even while awake? According to innovative psychotherapist Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., we already do. The seeds of dreaming arise in every moment of the day, in body symptons, problems, relationships, subtle feelings, interactions, random thoughts, and fantasies. We're getting countless little cues from the unconscious every minute. All are signs from the world of dreaming. And, according to Mindell, we can be in ths state of lucid dreaming all day long.

    In "Dreaming While Awake," Mindell shows how to become aware of these "flirts" from the dreamworld and how to interpet their message. The goal, he says, is to be wide awake and lucid 24 hours a day in the midst of this unending dreamfield of information. Practicing 24-hour lucid dreaming:

    - Helps you solve personal, and emotional problems - Serves as a preventive medicine for relationships and health, helping you catch the earliest warning signs before they turn into problems - Helps resolve conflicts in relationships, families, large groups, corporations, even politics

    Dreaming is the mystical source of reality, says Mindell. "My goal is to make the Dreaming roots of reality so accessible, so visceral, that your conscious mind will give you back your right to dream."

  • Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics and Psychology (2000)
    By exploring principles found in psychology, math, physics, and shamanism, it becomes possible to link a cosmic perspective with ordinary life. This comprehensive work ventures into that challenging junction, journeying through the universe on paths of reason and magic, math and myth, bringing together humanity's traditional wisdom and shamanism with contemporary science.

  • The Leader as Martial Artist: Techniques and Strategies for Revealing Conflict and Creating Community (2000)
    Deep democracy, the inherent importance of all parts of ourselves and all viewpoints in the world around us, is introduced as the concept that fascilitates conflicts in relationships, communities, and the world. Skills and attitudes needed in situations of chaos, attack, transformation and conflict are provided, and examples from all over the world illustrate the theory.

  • The Deep Democracy of Open Forums: Practical Steps to Conflict Prevention and Resolution for the Family, Workplace, and World (2002)

  • The Dreammaker's Apprentice: Using Heightened States of Consciousness to Interpret Dreams (2002)

  • The Quantum Mind and Healing: How to Listen and Respond to Your Body's Symptoms (2004)
    A force underlies all actions and circumstance in the universe. You have the ability to tap into it, interact with it, and use it to heal yourself.

    This is science talking. Specifically, this is Dr. Arnold Mindell's new model of medicine based on the mind-blowing findings of quantum-physics pioneers who are reconfiguring the landscape of our belief structure almost daily.

    Dr. Mindell is an internationally recognized psychotherapist, the founder of Process Oriented Psychology. A graduate of MIT and the Jungian Institute of Zurich, Dr. Mindell is an in-demand speaker at conferences worldwide and the author of sixteen previous books.

    "The Quantum Mind and Healing" is Mindell's most important and best work yet. Mindell explains that you can access your body's own intelligence and self-healing abilities. Embracing both conventional and alternative medicine, he shows that to truly heal you need both medicine and your own natural wisdom.

    "The Quantum Mind and Healing" goes well beyond theory, giving you simple techniques, guided exercises, and precise explanations of vital concepts that will enable you to uncover, understand, and eliminate the root causes of even your chronic symptoms and illnesses. "The Quantum Mind and Healing" can also help you overcome long-term emotional and behavioral patterns that may be keeping you from living your greatest potential.

  • Earth-Based Psychology: Path Awareness from the Teachings of Don Juan, Richard Feynman, and Lao Tse (2007)
    Drawing liberally from physics, psychology, aboriginal beliefs, and shamanism, this spiritual guide defines, explores, and applies both earth-based psychology and the related idea of path awareness—the innate ability to sense where to turn at a given moment. By drawing together disparate elements of contemporary science and ancient wisdom, it is shown here that new methods emerge of determining the best direction through inner turmoil, relationship trouble, team and community issues, and world issues. Jung's work is taken further and linked with diverse disciplines and wisdom traditions, making scientific ideas accessible to nontechnical readers. Theory and experiential exercises are presented in a simple, imaginative manner, with diagrams and illustrations to strengthen lessons for readers.

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