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Arthur Yorinks

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Profile created August 8, 2006
  • Sid and Sol (1977)
    Short Sid sets off to save the world from the giant Sol.

  • The Magic Meatballs (1979)
    Marvin meets a man who gives him special, magical chopped meat. Now he must find out if the magical meat will help solve his problems.

  • Louis the Fish (1980) with Richard Egielski, Illustrator
    Louis is a butcher. He has a nice shop on Flatbush, with steady customers. He's "always friendly, always helpful, a wonderful guy." But Louis is not happy. He hates meat!

    All his life he's been surrounded by meat. His grandfather was a butcher. His father was a butcher. His whole childhood, even his birthdays, revolved aournd meat. As a boy he tried anythign to escape--even a job after school cleaning fishtanks.

    But that doesn't last long. Louis soon has to take over his parents' butcher shop. He grows ill. Business begins to fail. All seems lost. Until on night, in fitful sleep, after uneasy dreams, Louis is changed in a profound and startling way and begins a happy new life.

  • It Happened in Pinsk (1983)

  • Hey, Al (1986) with Richard Egielski, Illustrator
    A city janitor and his treasured canine companion are transported by a large colorful bird to an island in the sky, where their comfortable paradise existence threatens to turn them into birds as well.

  • Bravo, Minski (1988) with Richard Egielski, Illustrator
    Minski travels across Europe inventing wonderful things, till at last he accomplishes his proudest achievement.

  • Company's Coming (1987) with David Small, Illustrator
    Chaos erupts when Moe and Shirley invite some visitors from outer space to stay for dinner with the relatives.

  • Rosalie (1988)

  • Oh, Brother (1989) with Richard Egielski, Illustrator
    "Milton and Morris, twins from England, survive shipwreck, squalor and sibling rivalry to become members of the court of Her Royal Majesty ... Charmingly funny and original." --The New York Times

  • Ugh (1990)
    Unappreciated and overworked by his selfish family, Ugh, a prehistoric caveboy, escapes his dreary life when he invents a bicycle.

  • Christmas in July (1991) with Richard Egielski, Illustrator
    Santa Claus loses his pants and gets arrested, so Christmas is postponed until July.

  • Whitefish Will Rides Again! (1994) with Mort Drucker, Illustrator

  • The Miami Giant (1995) with Maurice Sendak, Illustrator

  • Frank and Joey Eat Lunch (1996) with Ky Chung and Maurice Sendak, Illustrators

  • Frank and Joey Go to Work (1996) with Ky Chung and Maurice Sendak, Illustrators

  • Tomatoes from Mars (1997) with Mort Drucker, Illustrator
    When these vicious Martian fruits invade Earth and threaten to cover it in sauce, the whole world looks to one man, one genius--Dr. Schtickle--to save it from becoming the second red planet.

  • Harry and Lulu (1999)
    Lulu, who has always wanted a dog, instead gets a very unusual stuffed animal that takes her on a trip to France.

  • The Alphabet Atlas (1999), Adrienne Yorinks (Illustrator) and Jeanyee Wong (Letter Art)
    The vibrant quilt illustrations of an award-winning artist, the illuminations of a master calligrapher, and engaging text from an esteemed children's book author combine to make an unforgettable and original alphabet book designed to introduce young readers to different countries of the world.

  • The Flying Latke (1999) with William Steig, Illustrator
    A family argument on the first night of Chanukah results in a food fight and a flying latke that is mistaken for a flying saucer.

  • The Floating Cow and Other Stories (2000)
    A series of fantastic adventures involving Lulabell the cow and other animals which live on a farm.

  • The Invisible Man (2000)

  • Company's Going (2001)
    After inviting two spacemen to stay for dinner, Shirley and Moe are asked to return with them to their planet Nextoo to cater their sister's rather large wedding.

  • Everybody Sleeps (2002)

  • Quack! (2003)
    Quack, a young duck, builds a rocket and goes to the moon, only to find that he misses home.

  • Happy Bees! (2005) with Carey Armstrong-Ellis, Illustrator
    These bees are happy! They cause mischief at picnics, in the backyard, and just about everywhere else. Who can resist them when they have such a good time doing it? And here, of course, comes a silly old bear determined to get at their hive for honey. What is he thinking!? Yorinks and Armstrong-Ellis, highly praised for her popular Twelve Days of Kindergarten, have created a silly, poetic, and oh-so-fun look at everyone's favorite garden menace. Also included is a bonus CD of ten silly sing-along songs about these buzzy, fuzzy yellow fellows.

  • Mommy? (2006) with Arthur Yorinks, Matthew Reinhart, and Maurice Sendak
    They're all here! Everybody's favorite monsters are just going about their business when a plucky little boy wanders into their cuckoo house. And what does he want? He wants Mommy!

    No matter how scary these monsters are, there's no besting a little boy who's looking for his mommy. In one hilarious pop-up extravaganza after another, this kid shows them a thing or two.

  • Mummy? (2006) with Maurice Sendak, Illustrator

Maurice Sendak's Seven Little Monsters (Story by Arthur Yorinks, Raymond Jafelice, Illustrator)
  • Monsters in Space (2003)
    The Seven Little Monsters are about to blast off on a major adventure. A rainy Saturday afternoon makes way for an exciting trip to Pluto! With the help of every member of the family and some pretty wild imaginations, the seven little monsters get an out of-this-world ride

  • We Love You, Mama! (2003)
    It's Mama's birthday and the seven little monsters want to do something special. Each monster gets to work planning their own present, but one of the monsters doesn't know what to do to make his present special enough. Will the seven little monsters be able to think of something that the whole group can do?

  •  Bedtime Story (2004)
    The Seven Little Monsters love a good story, but they do not like to go to bed! A bedtime story from Mama helps the monsters go to sleep

  • What Time Is It? (2004)
    Five wants to learn to tell time just like his brothers and sisters. The monsters set out to help. Soon time is flying by as they have fun teaching an important lesson.

  •  Hide and Seek (2004)

  • Take a Hike (2005)
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