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Works by

  • Windcatcher (1991)
    Tony learns to sail a small boat. He also sails into the path of illegal treasure hunters.

  • Man from the Sky (1992) with David Wiesner (Illustrator)
    Jamie is dyslexic, but that doesn't prevent him from tracking down a thief who has jumped--with his loot--from an airplane.

  • Smugglers' Island (1994)
    During the Great Depression, some liquor smugglers try to take over a small island. It is the boy Shadrach, who is the only one to resist.

Animal Tales
  • The Good Dog (2001)
    McKinley, an Alaskan malamute, who lives with Jack, is also the leader of the dogs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His leadership is challenged not just by another dog.

Amanda the Raccoon Series
  • Amanda Joins the Circus (1999) with David Wisniewski (Illustrator)
    Amanda, always up to mischief, decides to join the circus, turning it into one amazing -- and hilarious -- show.

  • Keep Your Eye on Amanda (1999) with David Wisniewski (Illustrator)
    Amanda Raccoon, full of mischief, decides to become a professional thief.

Tales from Dimwood Forest
  • Poppy (1995) with Brian Floca (Illustrator)
    Poppy, a mouse, is determined to lead her family to a better life. Mr. Ocax, the bully and a great horned owl, is equally determined to keep them just where they are.

  • Poppy and Rye (1998) with Brian Floca (Illustrator)
    The continuing adventures of Poppy and Ereth.

  • Ereth's Birthday (1999) with Brian Floca (Illustrator)
    It's Ereth's birthday, but no one seems to have noticed. Very grumpy, the old porcupine runs off, only to find himself talked into taking care of three young foxes. They have no respect for the prickly fellow, which causes Ereth to swear a lot, and have no end of troubles.

  • Ragweed (1999) with Brian Floca (Illustrator)
    Young Ragweed, determined to see the world, hops a train to the city. There he meets world full of new language, skateboards, love, rock music, an earring and cats.

  • Tales from Dimwood Forest Set (2001) with Brian Floca (Illustrator)
    Ragweed, Poppy, Poppy and Rye, and Ereth's Birthday

Early Readers
  • Finding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams (1997) with James Watling, Illustrator
    A fictionalized account of Roger Williams, the devout 16th century American minister who believed in the separation of church and state.

  • Abigail Takes the Wheel (1999) with Don Bolognese (Illustrator)
    In the 1880's, when the first mate becomes ill, young Abigail and Tom steer the family tugboat through busy New York Harbor.

  • Prairie School (2001) with Bill Farnsworth (Illustrator)

  • Bright Shadow (1983)
    Without knowing it Morwena is given the last five wishes in the land. She can only learn about them by using them.

  • City of Light, City of Dark: A Comic-Book Novel (1993) with Brian Floca (Illustrator)
    A novel length comic-book fantasy set in a modern city. Carlos and Estella struggle with the villain Underton to keep the city from freezing solid. Who will find the magic token first?

  • Perloo the Bold (1998) with Marcie Reed and Marcy Reed (Illustrators)
    Perloo is a Montmer, part Jack Rabbit, part prairie dog, part human. The last thing he wants to do is tangle with the Felbarts, half coyote, half human. But when he is made leader of the Montmers, he has no choice. Or does he?

  • The Book Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic (2005)
    Set in early medieval England and rich with mystery and atmosphere, this is a thought-provoking fable about life and death, greed and betrayal, magic and secrets.

  • Devil's Race (1984)
    Tom may be an unusually nice teenager, but his ancient ancestor--and name sake--is not just the personification of evil, he wishes to come back to life and take over Tom's being. Booklist:"...mounting suspense will keep [kids] turning...pages."

  • Something Upstairs (1988)
    When Kenny moves into an old house, he discovers the ghost of a murdered young slave from time past. Can Kenny brake the cycle of murder by going back into the past? Booklist:"...readers will be hooked till the last tension-filled page..."

  • Captain Grey (1977) with Charles Mikolaycak (Illustrator)
    The murderous Captain Grey tries to wreck havoc and revenge along the New Jersey coast. Only the boy Kevin stands in his way. Set in 1780's.

  • Night Journeys (1979)
    Sequel to Encounter at Easton.  Peter, an orphan, wishes nothing so much as a horse. When he hunts down some runaway indentured servants for the reward money, he gains something even more valuable. Set in colonial America.

  • The History of Helpless Harry: To Which Is Added a Variety of Amusing and Entertaining Adventures (1980) with Paul O. Zelinsky (Illustrator)
    Good vs. Evil--but which is which?--as Harry, considered helpless, takes on the villain, in a twisting, turning comedy.

  • The Fighting Ground (1984) with Ellen Thompson (Illustrator) -- Winner O'Dell Award for Best Historical Fiction
    During the Revolution, Jonathan wishes nothing more than to fight for his country. So he does, and in the process learns what war is really about.

  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (1990)
    It's 1835. When Charlotte Doyle, thirteen, is sent alone to America, she encounters a brutal captain, a mutinous crew, and herself as she finds out just who she really is.

  • Emily Upham's Revenge: A Massachusetts Adventure (1992) with Paul O. Zelinsky (Illustrator)
    Pious Emily and smart-alex Seth try to outwit the thieves in this face-paced, melo-dramatic farce. Set in the 1870's New England.

  • "Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?" (1992)
    Set in the 1940's when radio drama for kids flourished, Frankie lives by what he hears and tries to get others to live out his fantasies with him. The results are very funny and unpredictable.

  • Encounter at Easton (1994)
    Sequel to Night Journeys: When the indentured servants flee up the Delaware River, they are pursued by a bounty hunter.

  • Punch With Judy (1994) with Emily Lisker (Illustrator)
    A traveling vaudeville show--in the 1870's--decides that the only way they can be successful is by being funny. But when they try to be funny they are not, which is funny.

  • The Barn (1994)
    Ben tries to save his father by building--along with his brother and sister--a barn for his stricken father. Set in 1855 Oregon.

  • Don't You Know There's a War On? (2001)
    Sixteen-year-old Howie Crispers narrates a poignant, funny coming-of-age tale set in Brooklyn during WWII.

  • The Secret School (2001)

Beyond the Western Sea Series
  1. The Escape From Home (1996)
    The Escape from Home
    Maura and Patrick flee famine-stricken Ireland. Laurence is fleeing an abusive aristocratic home. Together they emigrate to America where they confront new hardships--and triumphs. Set in the 1850's, this large-scale victorian novel is full of non-stop action with a gallery of memorable characters.

  2. Lord Kirkle's Money (1996)
    What happens to the thousand pounds stolen on a London street in Book One? What of Laurence Kirkle, a stowaway on the immigrant ship Robert Peel? Will Maura and Patrick O'Connell find their father in America?

  • No More Magic (1975)
    A classic mystery in which Ed and his new friend Muffin, try to determine what is real and what is fantasy

  • Who Stole the Wizard of Oz? (1981) with Derek James (Illustrator)
    Someone is stealing kids' books from the library.

  • The Man Who Was Poe (1989)
    When Edmund loses his mother and sister he enlists the help of Poe himself to solve the mystery. But is Poe looking for a solution to the mystery or a tale of murder to write about?

  • Midnight Magic (1999)
    It's 1491 and Mangus the Magician, who does not believe in magic or ghosts, is summoned to a castle to get rid of a ghost.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, his servant, Fabrizio, does believe in ghosts. Is there one?

Picture Books
  • Things That Sometimes Happen: Very Short Stories for Little Listeners (2002)
    Author: Avi, Marjorie Priceman
    These nine very short stories for very young readers -- culled from Newbery Honor author Avi's first book and illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist Marjorie Priceman -- ingeniously capture the funny, surprising spirit of a child's imagination.  Ages 4-8

Short Stories
  • Tom, Babette, & Simon (1995) with Alexi Natchev (Illustrator)
    Three fairy tales about magic and transformation.

  • What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything? and Other Stories (1997) with Tracy Mitchell (Illustrator)
    Seven short stories that focus on the turning points in the lives of seven young people.

  • Strange Happenings: Five Tales of Transformation (2006)
    Children become cats and birds, a once-invisible young woman pieces herself back together, and the identity of a mysterious baseball mascot is uncovered--all within this eclectic collection from master storyteller Avi. By turns chilling, ethereal, and surreal, these thought-provoking tales are sure to engage anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to become someone--or something--else. Ages 9-12

Young Adult
  • A Place Called Ugly (1981)
    Owen has known only one real home--an ugly country bungalow. Now it is to be torn down. He intends to resist until the last--no matter the consequences.

  • Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name: A Novel (1982) with Jeanette Adams (Illustrator)
    Conrad lives with his grandparents, not his divorced parents. When he goes to find out why his parents have forgotten him, he discovers who they are and the kind if life he must confront.

  • Wolf Rider: A Tale of Terror (1986)
    Andy gets a murderous phone-call. But no one believes he's telling the truth. Determined to prove that the call was real, he seeks the caller, and--courting disaster--finds him.

  • Nothing But The Truth (1991)

    Patriotism or practical joke?

    Harrison, NH -- Ninth-grade student Philip Malloy was suspended from school for singing along to The Star-Spangled Banner in his homeroom, causing what his teacher, Margaret Narwin, called "a disturbance." But was he standing up for his patriotic ideals, only to be squelched by the school system? Was Ms. Narwin simply trying to be a good teacher? Or could it all be just a misunderstanding gone bad -- very bad? What is the truth here? Can it ever be known?

    Heroism, hoax, or mistake, what happened at Harrison High changes everything for everyone in ways no one -- least of all Philip -- could have ever predicted.

  • Blue Heron (1992)
    When 13 year old Maggie visits her divorced father, she encounters not just the truth about his new life, but the power of a blue heron and herself.

  • The Christmas Rat (2000)
    It's a long Christmas vacation, and Eric is very bored. It's too cold to go out, and his friends are not around. That's when the rat exterminator shows up because there's a rat to be caught by Christmas eve. But who is the exterminator after, the rat, or Eric?


See also:

  • Presenting Avi (1997) by Cathryn M. Mercier and Susan P. Bloom
    A critical introduction to the life and work of the prolific writer of young adult and children's books.

  • Piruli, The Little Wolf (1998) by Isabel Cordova with Avi (Illustrator)

  • Avi (1996) by Lois Markham
    A biography of the prize-winning author of novels for young people.

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