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Barry Groves, Ph.D.

groves at second-opinions.co dot uk
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Profile created January 8, 2009
  • Trick And Treat - how 'healthy eating' is making us ill  (2008)
    TRICK AND TREAT. It's a play on words based on the US children's Hallowe'en practice of extortion with menaces game called trick or treat. But where trick or treat gives you a choice, the way the 'health industry' works does not. TRICK AND TREAT details the way the health industry's strategy TRICKs us into making ourselves unwell, so that they can then TREAT us for the illnesses their advice has caused.

    This is why health costs are rising so rapidly, and why we seem to get little in the way of better services for the money — the health industry is one of the world's most corrupt industries. The health industry is ruled by the multinational pharmaceutical companies and big food companies. It is they who control what health professionals are taught, making doctors, nutritionists and dieticians into unwitting mouthpieces and drug pushers. But TRICK AND TREAT shows that there is a way out: while the 'health industry' tries to make everyone into 'patients', we don't have to comply, and we don't have to get ill. Live the right lifestyle and they cannot force us to take their drugs and unnatural 'foods' if we don't want to.

    You may have noticed that, over the past few years, what we have been taught about 'healthy eating' has changed — subtly but significantly. This is because it is becoming all too obvious to consumers that what we have been told about 'healthy eating' is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    In this controversial, evidence-based account of how and why the health-care establishment has got the concept of ‘healthy eating’ so wrong, Barry Groves shows us how to take charge of our own health and lives, in contravention of what the health-care industry would have us believe and do.

  • Natural Health & Weight Loss (2007)
    Despite the current emphasis on 'healthy eating' obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, especially in children, and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are reaching epidemic levels. Barry Groves tells us that this is because 'healthy eating' is anything but that; it is far too high in carbohydrates from fruit and grain and far too low in fats. Unlike carbohydrates, or proteins, fats do not compromise our insulin levels. They keep our metabolism functioning at a healthily high level and they stop us getting hungry too quickly. And they do not raise our cholesterol levels. Based on years of research, and personal experience, this book tells us how to change our diets and what the benefits of doing so will be. Practical and clearly explained, you cannot read this book without realizing it is time to change!

  • Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death (2002)
    Fluoridation of water has been used for the prevention of tooth decay for over fifty years. During this time little research has been done to ascertain whether it works. The chemicals used are classified as toxic industrial waste, yet no study has ever been conducted into their safety for human consumption. At the same time, research has uncovered serious side effects including deaths, cancer, skeletal fluorosis, osteoporosis, dementia, lowered IQ, kidney damage and even increased dental decay. Strongly opposed throughout the world, water fluoridation is far less widely accepted than its proponents would have us believe. Only two percent of the people of Western Europe have their water fluoridated - almost all of them within Britain and Ireland. Despite all this, the dental organizations lobby governments to compel everyone to ingest fluoride, whether they want it or not and without regard to possible harm. The vast majority of dentists maintain that fluoride is not debatable. However Barry Groves has assembled evidence to refute every single argument made by the dental establishment in favour of fluoridation. His book is particularly timely as the issue of fluoridation enters the political area once again in both Britain and Ireland. The debate will be vigorous and this book will be at its centre.

  • Eat Fat Get Thin: Eat as much as you want and still lose weight! (2000)

  • The Calorie Fallacy (1994)

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