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  • The Ghost Hunters (2002)
    Roland Black is sheriff of New Haven, Colorado, a tranquil railroad town in 1892. Happy with his existence in a town remnant of the Old West he had thrived in, his peace is suddenly shattered when the house of his fiancé, Rebecca White, becomes haunted. Furniture dances in the air, books fly from the shelves, strange blue lights flicker, and a scratchy voice shouts "Mine!" After the haunting injures Rebecca and she falls into a deep sleep, from which no one can awaken her, Roland’s only chance to save Rebecca is to unravel the secrets behind the haunting.

    To aid him, two Ghost Hunters are sent to Colorado, one a Navajo medicine man, the other a mysterious white man with a past he’d like to forget. Both have fought ghosts for years, but within the borders of New Haven their skills and strengths will be tested in new ways. Roland’s course is fraught with peril as a dangerous band of outlaws called the Dark Riders hound his every move. He must juggle conflicting priorities as he strives to rescue his beloved Rebecca as well as protect the town from the Dark Riders. Even armed with masters of Native American lore and a band of trustworthy deputies, Roland must solve the mystery that lies at the heart of it all if he is to bring Rebecca to safety and escape with his life.

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