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Works by
Bebe Moore Campbell

  • Your Blues Ain't Like Mine (1993)
    Chicago-born Amrstrong Todd is fifteen, black, and unused to the ways of the segregated Deep South, when his mother sends him to spend the summer with relatives in rural Mississippi. For speaking a few innocuous words in French to a white woman, Armstrong is killed. And the precariously balanced world and its determined people - white and black - are changed, then and forever, by the horror of poverty, the legacy of justice, and the singular gift of love's power to heal.

  • Brothers and Sisters (1995)
    Brothers and Sisters is set in the white-hot center of racially troubled Los Angeles, still healing from the deep scars of riot, violence, and suspicion. At the story's heart is Ester Jackson, a banker, whose loyalties are tested when she is forced to choose between commitment to a white co-worker and loyalty to the black man her friend accuses of sexual harassment. With a view both compassionate and honest, Campbell probes the hearts and minds of whites and people of color, addressing Rodney King's question: "Can't we all get along?"

  • Singing in the Comeback Choir (1998)
    Witty, warm, wise, and wonderful, this new novel takes us into the lives of two unforgettable women: Maxine, who thinks she has it all, and her grandmother Lindy, a once-brilliant singer who' s about to give Maxine a lesson in faith, commitment--and comebacks...

  • What You Owe Me (2002)
    Los Angeles, 1948. When Hosanna Clark, recently arrived from the farm fields of Texas befriends Holocaust survivor Gilda Rosenstein, she opens the door to a new life for both of them. Using Gilda's knowledge of cosmetics and Hosanna's energy and determination, they go into business together and become dear friends. Sweeping across fifty years of African-American history, What You Owe Me is a tale of bitter betrayal, righteous outrage, unpaid debts and thwarted love. But ultimately, it is a wise and moving story of healing reconciliation.

  • 72 Hour Hold (2005)
    "Seventy Two Hour Hold  is the story of Keri, a woman caught up in a love triangle between her ex-husband and her actor boyfriend.  Her world is shattered when her beloved child develops a mental illness.  Unable to get the help she needs from the mental health system, Keri joins forces with the volatile Bethany, whose daughter is also unstable.  Fed up, the two take to the road in search of the healing for their children promised by a band of radical underground mental health workers.  Their arduous journey tries their souls in every way imaginable but ultimately leads both women to a greater understanding of what it means to love unconditionally."

  • Successful Women, Angry Men (1987)
    his provocative - and practical - guidebook answers the questions that trouble today's two-income couples: Who comes first in a marriage of equals? Whose job determines a family move? Who is responsible for the household duties and care of the children? Based on more than 100 interviews, this important book has sound advice for men and women on coping with - and eliminating - career-threats from relationships and developing a common ground of mutual respect.

  • Backlash Marriage: The Two Career Family Under Siege (1997)

Young Adult
  • Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry  (2003) with E. B. Lewis, Illustrator
    Some mornings, Annie's mother's smiles are as bright as sunshine as she makes pancakes for breakfast and helps Annie get ready for school.

    But other days, her mother doesn't smile at all and gets very angry. Those days Annie has to be a big girl and make her own breakfast, and even put herself to bed at night. But Annie's grandma helps her remember what to do when her mommy isn't well, and her silly friends are there to cheer her up. And no matter what, Annie knows that even when Mommy is angry on the outside, on the inside she never stops loving her.

  • Stompin' at the Savoy (2006) with Richard Yarde, Illustrator
    On the night before her big jazz dance recital, young Mindy has made up her mind not to goshes just too nervous. But when she finds herself transported to the Savoy Ballroom, she quickly changes her tune. Filled from wall to wall with legends of the swing era, the Savoy is a place where the dancers move like acrobats and the seats stay empty all night long. Its an all-night party, and with all that fun going on around her, Mindy has no choice but to move her happy feet!

    In his picture book debut, renowned watercolorist Richard Yarde adds brilliant illustrations to this jazzy story by bestselling author Bebe Moore Campbell. It will keep toes tapping and pages turning!

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