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Ben Renshaw

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Profile created October 19, 2007
  • SuperCoaching (2005) by Ben Renshaw and Graham Alexander
    SuperCoaching brings together over thirty years of coaching expertise from two of the world's best known coaches. Drawing upon the latest findings from the largest ever global study of high performance, it is the definitive guide to the philosophy, methodology and application of coaching.

  • The Secrets: 100 Ways to Have a Great Relationship (2003)
    Here is a book that reveals the real answers to the relationship roller coaster. Read this book and discover: the secret of finding the “right” partner, the secret of communicating successfully, the secret to having what you want, and even the secret of making love last.

  • The Secrets of Happiness: 100 Ways to True Fulfillment (2003)
    What are the secrets of happiness? Money? Achievements? Relationships? Discover the real answers in this book packed with practical wisdom on being -- and staying -- happy.

  • Balancing Work and Life (2002) by Ben Renshaw and Robert Holden
    Balancing Work & Life focuses on the key challenge of our generation. It is a must-read for anyone who is trying to balance work success, family joy and life fulfilment.

    Practical techniques show you how to identify your goals and make choices. Clear text and illustrations cover every aspect of defining success, implementing changes and achieving balance. Simple checklists enable you to take control and stay motivated. Accessible flow charts and diagrams explore different options for taking action and provide useful examples.

  • Successful But Something Is Missing: Daring To Enjoy Life To The Full (2000)
    Ben Renshaw, co-director of The Happiness Project, presents a compelling vision for a life of true success, joy and fulfilment. He dispels the old myths of success and give a new blueprint for real, lasting success including advice on clearing blocks to success, developing emotional confidence, balancing relationships and work, embracing the joy of work and service, and clarifying your purpose in life.




The Secrets of Relationships Ben Renshaw
Are you looking for a fulfilling relationship? If so, The Secrets is required reading whether you a re single or attached. Here is a book that reveals the real answers to the relationship roller coaster. Read this book and discover: The secret of finding the ‘right’ partner The secret of communicating successfully The secret of getting along The secret of having what you want The secret of making love last Witty, honest and essential – The Secrets is your passport to a whole new relationship experience.

Successful, but something missing by Ben Renshaw
Ben Renshaw presents a compelling vision for a life of true success, joy and fulfilment, which goes far beyond the rat race and the fast lane.

With refreshing honesty and a thoroughly practical approach, he throws new light on the following core themes: Bringing out the best in you Clearing blocks to success Developing emotional confidence Balancing work and life Learning how to make a difference Clarifying your purpose in life

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