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Works by
Bennett Madison

  • I Hate Valentine's Day (2004) with James Dignan, Illustrator
    Finally there's no shame in hating Valentine's Day!

    Whether we're single, dating, married, or divorced, the dreaded February 14 arrives each year to ambush our self-esteem. No other twenty-four-hour period convinces otherwise happy folk that they're in fact social pariahs.

    But now comes protection from the ritual onslaught of Whitman's Samplers, saccharine cards, and suffocating expectations. I Hate Valentine's Day is a bitingly funny guide to getting through the Big Day painlessly, including tips on:

    • People and places it's best to avoid

    • Ways to take your mind off being single

    • How to score an emergency date

    • Alternative ways to celebrate the holiday --

    • or obliterate all thinking

    • Crossing the minefield of gift-giving

    • Romance for the unromantic

    • Running into the ex

    • Last-resort measures

    It's only one day. Tomorrow it's just dead flowers, empty calories, and a wicked champagne hangover.

Young Adult
  • Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls (2005)
    Lulu Dark is the anti-Nancy—a chic, tough-talking city girl who never meant to get involved in a mystery. . . .

  • Lulu Dark and the Summer of the Fox (2006)
    The last thing Lulu Dark needs is a mystery getting in the way of her Important Summer Plans (which include snacking, sunbathing, and trash TV). But when Lulu’s mother, B-list celebrity Isabelle Dark, drops into town to shoot a movie, Lulu gets just that.

    Isabelle disappears, and despite her mother’s reputation for flakiness, Lulu has a hunch she’s in real trouble. Especially when she finds a note among Isabelle’s things from a mysterious figure known only as The Fox.

    Lulu must cross paths with a teen screen queen, a dodgy director, and a fleet of muscle-bound maids before she finds her mom and uncovers The Fox’s true identity.

See also:
  • Rush Hour: A Journal of Contemporary Voices (Volume Four) (2006), Michael Cart, ed.
    Includes s short story by Bennett Madison.

    Bold, innovative, and eclectic—that’s Rush Hour, the place for thought provoking work from today’s most distinguished voices, both established and new.

    In Rush Hour: Reckless, you’ll find captivating poetry by Michael L. Printz Honor winner Helen Frost and popular screenwriter Kirsten Smith; stories by Coretta Scott King Honor winner Sharon Flake and Lambda Literary Award winner David Levithan; and artwork by two-time Caldecott Honor winner Mo Willems. There is also a fascinating interview with Yann Martel, author of the international bestselling novel The Life of Pi, as well as original stories by rising stars like Martin Wilson and Greg Galloway.

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