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Works by
Berkeley Breathed
(Cartoonist, Illustrator, Writer)
[1957 - ]

Children's Books
  • A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story (1991)
    Opus the penguin makes a Christmas wish that he might fly.  Ages 4-8

  • The Last Basselope: One Ferocious Story (1992)
    In hopes of making a Great Discovery, Opus the penguin leads his friends into the forest to search for the legendary, ferocious Basselope.  Ages 4-8

  • Goodnight Opus (1993)
    When his grandmother reads his favorite book for the 210th time, Opus the penguin departs from the text and gets carried away on a fantastical nighttime journey. Ages 4-8

  • Red Ranger Came Calling (1994)
    While spending Christmas in 1939 with a well-meaning aunt, a young boy who does not believe in Santa Claus has an unusual experience that changes his thinking. Ages 9-12

  • Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big (2000)
    Fannie Fudwupper's big brother, Edwurd, spends his time cooking up big fibs full of phooey and letting them rip. But one day, Edwurd tells such a whopping lie that the army, the air force, and the dogcatcher are called to reverse the damage!  Ages 4-8

  • Flawed Dogs : The Year End Leftovers at the Piddleton "Last Chance" Dog Pound (2003)
    Bipsie had been bought to replace The dearly departed Sweetface A beauty in blues With some parts chartreuse She clashed with the whole bloody place. Dog fans of all ages will love FLAWED DOGS, the annual publication of the fictional 'Last Chance' Dog Pound, in the small town of Piddleton, Vermont. Pulitzer Prize-winning Berkeley Breathed, whose books for adults and children have sold a whopping eight million copies, is at the top of his form with his riotous depictions of these imperfect dogs and their original, dissatisfied owners. Berkeley Breathed is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist. His comic strip, Bloom County, ran for years in newspapers worldwide.   Ages 9-12

  • Mars Needs Moms! (2007)
    Milo doesn’t get it: What’s the big deal about moms? They’re just slavedriving broccoli bullies. Yet they are worshipped the world over! Perhaps even the galaxy over—because here come Martians and they’re after one thing only: moms. Milo’s mom in particular. Who better to drive them to soccer practice and to pizza parties? That’s quite a long way to come for a mom—could it be that Milo has been overlooking something special?

    From Pulitzer Prize–winning comic strip creator of Bloom County and bestselling author Berkeley Breathed comes a funny, poignant book about how the unique love that binds our families can be overlooked in the rush and tumble of everyday lives . . . especially those of disgruntled little boys.
      Ages 4 to 8

  • Opus Fold and Mail Stationery (2006)

  • Opus Journal (2006)
    Draw inspiration from Opus and his friends while recording your witty and wacky musings in this handy journal.

  • Opus Postcard Box (2006)
    In this collection of 30 postcards, the clever and comical waddler, Opus, and his friends take you to places where you can't help but smile.

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