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Works by Bett Reece Johnson

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Profile created May 14, 2004

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Lesbian -- Literature & Fiction -- Mystery & Thrillers

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Cordelia Morgan Mystery Series (Lesbian research specialist cum assassin.)

  1. The Woman Who Knew Too Much ( 1998)
    "The Woman Who Knew Too Much is a riveting and well-crafted thriller that turned up in the "slush pile" at a small feminist press. The author offers a plot that mixes murder, water rights, environmental hazards, and designer drugs--including a synthetic testosterone with deadly side effects. The lesbian subtext is as unexplained as Jet's growing fascination with the local sheriff in charge of investigating Jas's death. And while Jet is the protagonist and central figure, it's Cordelia Morgan, a.k.a. Caroline Marcus, who stars in this first of a promised series." -- Jane Adams (Amazon.con)

  2. The Woman Who Rode to the Moon (1999)
    "With her life in shambles after her career is destroyed by a friend's betrayal, J. S. Symkin, known as Sym, retreats to El Gato, a remote development in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Sym has come looking for peace, but discovers instead unexplained skeletons and an ancient, sacred site guarded by a mythical cougar and haunted by restless apparitions. Joined by hit artist-turned-sleuth Cordelia Morgan, Sym probes the mysteries of El Gato while exploring the nature of evil and the myriad shapes of justice." -- Amazon.com

  3. The Woman Who Found Grace (2003) -- Finalist 2003 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Mystery
    "Grace "Killer" Frost, a gorgeous and seemingly ageless platinum blonde, has spent the last 30 years in a mental institution for chopping up two of her women friends and shipping them off in a steamer trunk. Now she is released back into society - and unexpectedly into the arms of international artist-turned-sleuth Cordelia Morgan, whose own shadowy past is closing in on her. This is the third novel in the acclaimed Cordelia Morgan mystery series." -- Amazon.com

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