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Brian Antoni

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Profile created April 19, 2007
"Brian Antoni is the author of the novel Paradise Overdose and a contributor to the New York Times best selling novel, Naked Came The Manatee. His new book, South Beach: The Novel was heralded by The New York Times Book Review as a "candy-colored and warm-hearted work of fiction...rich with club scenes and descriptions of off-beat forms of physical congress, this story of one man's moral and sexual flowering might best be described as an arrested bildungs-roman with a predilection for the psycho-sexual." Brian lives between South Beach and the West Village and uses any excuse to visit to NOLA. More info at Brianantoni.com" -- Saints & Sinners
  • South Beach: The Novel (2008)
    Gabriel Tucker is a globe-trotting, trust fund–endowed twenty-nine-year-old who suddenly finds himself penniless and alone in the world, except for an old Miami Beach apartment building named the Venus De Milo Arms, the last thing of value left to him by his now-vanished family. Lacking skills or resources, he heads to Miami Beach to reconstruct his life, finding himself neighbors with an unlikely mix of tenants: an elderly Holocaust survivor, a lip-synching drag queen, a cynical two-bit gossip columnist, and a rebellious young performance artist who will eventually capture his heart. Within days, Gabriel is thrust into the outrageous world of South Beach, Miami of the nineties: temptations, quick fortunes, mountains of drugs, notorious murders, nonstop sex, and beautiful women (and men) for sale (or rent) are the order of the day. He is a ringside witness to the excesses and intrigues of Italian fashion empires, Cuban refugee supermodels, rapacious German developers, old-fashioned crooked politicians, and a cast of characters that would make Caligula blush. It is in South Beach that Gabriel will eventually discover the long-buried mysteries of his family and find a soul he never imagined he had and a love he never dreamed he deserved.

  • Paradise Overdose (1994)
    Tale of what happens when the decadent chic of the Bahamian high life collides with bittersweet romance.

  • Naked Came The Manatee (1995) by Brian Antoni, Carl Hiaasen, Carolina Hospital, Dave Barry, Edna Buchanan, Elmore Leonard, Evelyn Mayerson, James W. Hall, John Dufresne, Les Standiford, Paul Levine, Tananarive Due, and Vicki Hendricks
    Audio Cassette

    In South Florida, everyone wants to get a head. But not just any head. A very famous human head--severed and snugged away in a cryonic container. A head that could spark a revolution and change the course of history.

    Everybody wants a piece of the noggin: rotund gangster Big Joey G., a 102-year-old environmentalist, hard-boiled Miami reporter Britt Montero, lawyer Jake Lassiter,  and a would-be dictator in exile--with ex-president Jimmy Carter and a lovable manatee named Booger thrown in for good measure.

    With bodies piling up it's anybody's guess what will happen from one chapter to the next, as an all-star line-up of Florida's finest writers take turns at taking this outrageously original novel to the limit--and beyond.
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