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Byrd Baylor

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Profile created March 13, 2006
With Garth Williams, Illustrator
  • Amigo (1989)
    Desperately wanting a pet to love, a boy decides to tame a prairie dog who has already decided to tame the boy for his own pet.

With Jerry Ingram, Illustrator
  • They Put on Masks (1974)
    Drawings and text present the many kinds of American Indian masks and their use with dances and songs to speak to the gods.

With Leonard F. Chana, Illustrator
With Marilyn Schweitzer, Illustrator
With Peter Parnell, Illustrator
  • Everybody Needs a Rock (1974)
    Describes the qualities to consider in selecting the perfect rock for play and pleasure.

  • The Desert Is Theirs (1975)
    Simple text and illustrations describe the characteristics of the desert and its plant, animal, and human life.

  • Hawk, I'm Your Brother (1976)
    Determined to learn to fly, Rudy adopts a hawk hoping that their kinship will bring him closer to his goal.

  • The Other Way to Listen (1978)
    When you know "the other way to listen," you can hear wildflower seeds burst open, you can hear the rocks murmuring, and the hills singing, and it seems like the most natural thing in the world. Of course it takes a lot of practice, and you can't be in a hurry... In fact, most people never hear those things at all, but this book tells you about two people who did -- one who was very good at it and one who took a long time learning.

  • The Way to Start a Day (1978)
    Describes how people all over the world celebrate the sunrise.

  • Desert Voices (1981)
    On the hottest / summer afternoons / when desert creatures / look for shade / and stay close to the earth / and keep their voices low / I sit high on a cactus / and fling / my loud ringing trill / out to the sun...

    So sings the Cactus Wren, one of the ten desert creatures that speaks for itself in the evocative and lyrical verses of Desert Voices. In both text and illustration, Desert Voices conveys a message of spirit and courage from the shy and quiet creatures of the beautiful desert land.

  • If You Are a Hunter of Fossils (1984)
    A fossil hunter looking for signs of an ancient sea in the rocks of a western Texas mountain describes how the area must have looked millions of years ago.

  • I'm in Charge of Celebrations (1986)

  • The Table Where Rich People Sit (1994)

With Ronald Himler, Illustrator
  • One Small Blue Bead (1965)
    A boy makes it possible for an old man in their primitive tribe to go in search of other men in far-off places.

  • The Best Town in the World (1983)
    In The Best Town in the World the dogs are smarter, wildflowers grow taller, and the chocolate cake is tastier. Byrd Baylor's delightfully nostalgic story of the Texas hill country finds its perfect complement and extension in Ronald Himler's warm, glowing pictures.

With Symeon Shimin, Illustrator
With Tom Bahti, Illustrator
  • When Clay Sings (1972)
    The daily life and customs of prehistoric southwest Indian tribes are retraced from the designs on the remains of their pottery.

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