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Dan Boyle

sheltiesx3 @ msn . com
Website:  ???

Profile created February 2, 2004

Dan Boyle, a native of Tacoma, Washington, moved to California, where he wrote for a variety of small newspapers before becoming a reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News. He currently works in health care marketing and public relations. Dan played for many years in the four-team gay flag football league at Hollywood High School and was a member of the silver medal-winning teams at the Gay Games in Vancouver and New York City.'. -- from Saints & Sinners

  • Housecleaning (2007)
    Have a Caltech professor and his dying mother uncovered the secrets of the mind . . . and the universe?

    Tom Flaherty's mother is suffering from a strange form of dementia that causes her to journey back in time; especially when she's housecleaning and finds personal items that trigger her memory. But Maude Flaherty's travels--from the Scopes Monkey trial in 1925 to the 1936 Berlin Olympics to Civil Rights March on Washington in 1963--might be the evidence Tom needs as a Caltech physicist to develop a unified theory of space, time, and place--String Theory--and reconnect with a society he's lost touch with since the murder of his partner Ken 10 years ago.ing

  • Huddle: A Novel (2003)
    "I know the play.

    The game starts with a whistle and ends with triumph—or defeat. Forty minutes of man against man—blocking the rusher, beating the defense downfield, finding the open receiver, reading the offense, picking off the pass, working as a team, racing against the clock, racing against themselves. For the nine gay men of the L.A. Quake, the season of sweat is about to end with a chance to win the West Los Angeles Flag Football Championship. For some, it's a last hurrah; for others, a taste of gridiron glory they've only dreamed about. The Quake has struggled to compete on the field in a "straight" league and struggled off the field with relationships, success (and its pitfalls), aging, and their own concepts of masculinity. And now, it's first down-and-forever, with time running out—and no way to stop it.

    "You? We're going to trust the last play of this game to you?"

    Dan Boyle's first novel, Huddle, is the engaging account of a season in the life of the L.A. Quake, a ragtag collection of Hollywood types who drink too much, snort too much, and screw too much as they wage weekend gridiron battles against the likes of the Culver City Centurions, the Crenshaw Cool, the Santa Monica Seahawks, and their bitter rivals from the Gay Flag Football League, the West Hollywood Warriors. There's Bill, past his prime and approaching middle age with a string of professional and personal failures behind him; Ed—looking for love in all the wrong faces; Al—sweet, shy, and innocent, everybody's favorite; Curt—obsessed with anonymous back-alley sex and worried Al, his lover, might be, too; and Jerry—vain and shallow, a perfect fool with a perfect body; Dave, Mitch, Jack, and Marcus. Each navigates the everyday course of being a man. And celebrates the once-a-week joy of being a Quake.

    "I will make this catch. I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

    Huddle is the inspirational story of competition, camaraderie, and commitment, as gay teammates become a team—on the field and off.

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