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Works by
David Baldacci

  • Absolute Power (1996)
    In a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb, a man and a woman start to make love, trapping Luther Whitney, a career break-in artist, behind a secret wall. Then the passion turns deadly, and Luther is running into the night. Because what he has just seen is a brutal murder involving Alan Richmond, the president of the United States, the man with ... Absolute Power.
    Movie (1997), Clint Eastwood, director with Fene Hackman 

  • Total Control (1996)
    Sidney Archer has the world. A husband she loves. A job at which she excels, and a cherished young daughter. Then, as a plane plummets into the Virginia countryside, everything changes. And suddenly there is no one whom Sidney Archer can trust. Jason Archer is a rising young executive at Triton Global, the world's leading technology conglomerate. Determined to give his family the best of everything, Archer has secretly entered into a deadly game. He is about to disappear-leaving behind a wife who must sort out his lies from his truths, an accident team that wants to know why the plane he was ticketed on crashed, and a veteran FBI agent who wants to know it all....Total Control

  • The Winner (1997)
    She is 20, beautiful, dirt-poor, and hoping for a better life for her infant daughter when LuAnn Tyler is offered the gift of a lifetime, a $100 million lottery jackpot. All she has to do is change her identity and leave the U.S. forever. It's an offer she dares to refuse....until violence forces her hand and thrusts her into a harrowing game of high stakes, big money subterfuge. It's a price she won't fully pay....until she does the unthinkable and breaks the promise that made her rich. For if LuAnn Tyler comes home, she will be pitted against the deadliest contestant of all: the chameleon-like financial mastermind who changed her life. And who can take it away at will....The Winner

  • The Simple Truth (1998)
    Twenty-five years ago, Rufus Harms was convicted of a murder he knows he committed. But when his memory is jogged by a letter from the army, he has a shocking realization: he's not guilty. From prison, Rufus secretly files an appeal with the Supreme Court, unaware that the real killers are on to him. But the long-time convict knows he's running out of time when the Supreme Court clerk, who is the first to see Rufus's appeal, and Harms's lawyer are murdered. Sprung from prison by his brother, Rufus must now elude capture long enough to expose a shocking cover-up and save his own life.

  • Saving Faith (1999)
    Danny Buchanan and Faith Lockhart are the greatest influence peddlers in Washington because they can guarantee results. But Buchanans bribery scheme is uncovered by Robert Thornhill, a zealous CIA chief, and he is forced to spy on his clients and network of politicians to further Thornhills grand plan. Separately, Lockhart goes to the FBI to tell all, and thus becomes a target of Thornhills. As the FBI is unknowingly pitted against the CIA mastermind, and Buchanan and Lockhart think each is destroying the other, its left to private investigator Lee Brennan to save Faith.

  • Wish You Well (2000)
    It is 1940 and a tragedy sends two young children, Lou and her little brother Oz, along with their invalid mother, from New York City to the rugged mountains of Southwestern Virginia to live with their great-grandmother Louisa Mae Cardinal. The story is told with both heart-breaking elegance and large doses of touching humor as the lives of Lou and Oz are forever changed. The portraits of the land and its people are described with an extraordinary eye for detail, and the story flows through swells of prejudice, innocence, greed, faith, and the question of whether one can ever really wish another well. The climactic courtroom battle is as unpredictable as it is relentless and will not only decide the fates of Lou, Oz, and their mother, but also all who have been touched by them.

  • Last Man Standing (2001)
    Web London roars into a dark alley one night with his FBI Hostage Rescue Team. Seconds later, the team is ambushed and every man is dead except Web. As the FBI conducts their investigation, the suspicion surrounding Web deepens. Now, he needs help from an unlikely ally in his desperate search for the killer of his friends, and finds himself up against a force determined to finish the job that began in the alley killing the seventh and sole surviving member of Charlie Team, Web London. Based on the real-life FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Last Man Standing heralds David Baldaccis highly anticipated return to the thriller genre.

  • The Christmas Train (2002)
    Disillusioned journalist Tom Langdon must get from Washington to L.A. in time for Christmas. Forced to take the train across the country because of a slight "misunderstanding" at airport security, he begins a journey of self-discovery and rude awakenings, mysterious goings-on and thrilling adventures, screwball escapades and holiday magic. He has no idea that the locomotives pulling him across America will actually take him into the rugged terrain of his own heart, as he rediscovers people's essential goodness and someone very special he believed he had lost. Equal parts hilarious, poignant, suspenseful, and thrilling, David Baldacci's THE CHRISTMAS TRAIN is filled with memorable characters who have packed their bags with as much wisdom as mischiefand shows how we do get second chances to fulfill our deepest hopes and dreams, especially during this season of miracles.

  • Split Second (2003)
    Michelle Maxwell has just wrecked her promising career at the Secret Service. Against her instincts, she let a presidential candidate out of her sight for the briefest moment and the man whose safety was her responsibility vanished into thin air. Sean King knows how the younger agent feels. Eight years earlier, the hard-charging Secret Service agent allowed his attention to be diverted for a split second. And the candidate he was protecting was gunned down before his eyes. Now Michelle and Sean are about to see their destinies converge. Drawn into a maze of lies, secrets, and deadly coincidences, the two discredited agents uncover a shocking truth: that the separate acts of violence that shattered their lives were really a long time in the making-and are a long way from over.

  • Hour Game (2004)
    As a series of brutal murders darkens the Wrightsburg, Virginia countryside, the killer taunts police by leaving watches on the victims set to the hour corresponding with their position on his hit list. What's more, he strives to replicate notorious murders of the past, improving on them through savage attention to detail. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are already investigating a crime involving an aristocratic and dysfunctional Southern family, but when they're deputized to help in the serial killer hunt they realize the two cases may be connected. Adding to the tension is the appearance of a second killer, this one imitating the murders of the first. Soon, the two killers are playing a game of cat and mouse, with King and Maxwell racing to solve the intricate puzzle of their identities-before the body count escalates.

  • The Camel Club (2005)
    Baldacci takes readers inside the nations most elite power club and shows how far its members will go to protect their darkest secrets. The Camel Club. Its where the most influential businessmen and politicians wine, dine, and often change the course of history and where ruthless mercenaries spy unseen, recording every last bit of information to sell to the highest bidder. But when Harry Stone homeless man and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire witnesses a gruesome murder, secrets begin to unravel. Stone steals a piece of evidence from the scene that links the Clubs founders to the murder of a high-profile government official, and they'll do anything to get it back. Secret Service Agent W. Frank Churchill begins investigating Stone as a murder suspect, but soon, with the help of defense attorney Kate Monroe, he unearths a shocking truth: One man is using the Camel Club for his own terrible devices and to achieve his horrific goals, he must kill Stone....and anyone else who gets in his way.

  • The Collectors (2006)
    People are dropping dead in Washington, D.C. First the Speaker of the House falls victim to a hitman in a carefully orchestrated murder in front of dozens of the city's power elite. Next, the director of the Library of Congress's Rare Books Room dies in a book vault, but no one knows how. Caleb Shaw, Camel Club member, nearly falls victim, too. Across the country, a gifted con woman assembles an A-list team to pull off one of the most audacious scams ever, against one of the most dangerous men in the world. When the worlds of Washington and the elite con collide head-on, the Camel Club finds itself teamed with a person they don't really trust but whose skill helps them unravel a secret that threatens to bring America to its knees.

  • Simple Genius (2007)
    Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are back, and struggling in the emotional aftermath of the events that brought them to the brink in Hour Game.

    Dogged by personal demons, Maxwell is agrees to treatment
    in a psychiatric institution, after barely surviving a violent barroom brawl. And King, to right their partnership, accepts an offer to investigate a murder in a scientific think tank named Babbage Town. Feeling cured, Michelle joins him on the case, and they penetrate this secret enclave of geniuses working to surpass the capabilities of the most sophisticated microprocessor in the world. Suddenly, the pair find themselves in a race against time to expose those who would tip the entire global power structure...and destroy what's left of their lives.

Children's Books
  • Freddy and the French Fries #1 (2005) with Rudy Baldacci, Illustrator
    A fast-paced, funny, fast-food 'thriller' from New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci! Meet Theodore, Wally, Curly, Ziggy, Si, and Meese-French fries you'll love so much you won't want to eat them! But shoestring, waffle, wedge, curly, and crinkle-cut potatoes were never more irresistible than in David Baldacci's zany adventure about five giant fries that come to life-well, six if you count heads......

  • Fries Alive! (2006) with Rudy Baldacci, Illustrator
    The Gang: Freddy T. Funkhouser, science whiz kid; Howie Kapowie, his cheese-cube chowing sidekick; and Freddy’s most incredible inventions: five living, breathing French fries by day, super-powered kick butt spuds by night!

    The Plan: Using the secret plans of mysterious missing inventor Silas Finklebean to construct a time travel machine (from a pile of junk) that sweeps the annual science competition and creams Pookesville’s baddest bully, Adam Spanker, once and for all.

    The Big Questions: Will Freddy’s time-warp team beat the clock before Adam’s exploding volcano project buries the Funkhouser family restaurant, the Burger Castle, in goopy purple lava? And can they finally crack the case of the long-lost Silas Finklebean?

See also:
  • The Mighty Johns (2002), Otto Penzler, ed.
    These tales of football (and in one case European football, rugby) include macabre deaths, ultimate suspense, theft, drugs, big money and football. Tales of Super Bowl Sunday, NFL teams, has-been players, great fans, and final plays are a collection like no other. Includes works by Anne Perry, Brad Meltzer, Brendan DuBois, Carol O'Connell, Colin Harrison, Dennis Lehane, Gary Phillips, James Crumley, John Westermann, Lawrence Block, Mike Lupica, Peter Robinson, and Tim Green

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