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Works by
Eric Ambler
(Aka Eliot Reed, Eric Clifford Ambler)
[June 18, 1909 – October 22, 1998]

Writing as Eric Ambler
  • The Queen's Book of the Red Cross (1939, US, UK )
    See "The Army of the Shadows"

  • Here Lies: An Autobiography (1985, US, UK) -- Winner 1987 Edgar Award for Best Critical/Biographical Work

  • Waiting for Orders (1991, US, UK)
    Aka The Story so Far (US, UK)

  • The Ability to Kill: and Other Pieces (1963, US, UK)

  • The Care of Time (1981, US, UK)
    When Robert Halliday accepts a commission to edit a book on terrorism, the results are violent. He arrives in the centre of a Mid-Eastern racket, where Zander - an international go-between - is running out of time. Before long they are both running out of places to hide.

  • Send No More Roses (1977, US, UK)
    Professor Krom believes Paul Firman, alias Oberholzer, is one of those criminals who keep a low profile and are just too clever to get caught. Firman, rich and somewhat shady, agrees to be interviewed in his villa on the French Riviera. But events take an unexpected turn and perhaps there is even someone else artfully hiding in the deep background?
    Aka The Siege of the Villa Lipp (US, UK)

  • Doctor Frigo (1974, US, UK)
    A coup d'état in a Caribbean state causes a political storm in the region and even the seemingly impassive and impersonal Doctor Castillo, nicknamed Doctor Frigo, cannot escape the consequences. As things heat up, Frigo finds that both his profession and life are horribly at risk.

  • The Levanter (1972, US, UK) -- Winner Gold Dagger Award
    Michael Howell lives the good life in Syria, just three years after the six day war. He has several highly profitable business interests and an Italian office manager who is also his mistress. However, the discovery that his factories are being used as a base by the Palestine Action Force changes everything - he is in extreme danger with nowhere to run ...

  • The Intercom Conspiracy (1969, US, UK)
    Aka The Quiet Conspiracy (US)

  • Dirty Story (1967, US, UK)

  • A Kind of Anger (1964, US, UK)

  • The Light of Day (1962) -- Winner 1964 Edgar Award for Best Novel
    Aka Topkapi: The Light of Day (US, UK)
    Arthur Simpson is a petty thief who is discovered stealing from a hotel room. His victim, however, turns out to be a criminal in a league well above his own and Simpson is blackmailed into smuggling arms into Turkey for use in a major jewel robbery. The Turkish police, however, discover the arms and he is further 'blackmailed' by them into spying on the 'gang' - or rot in a Turkish jail. However, agreeing to help brings even worse danger ....

  • Passage of Arms (1959, US, UK) -- Winner Gold Dagger Award
    In this classic thriller, two American tourists find more adventure than they bargained for when they get involved with Chinese gun smugglers and Muslim revolutionaries, learning first hand about the intrigue of the post-colonial world.

    Greg and Dorothy Nilsen had wanted to go on an adventurous trip, see some of the more out-of-the-way places. But the cruise they were on was turning out to be a bore. So when the gracious Mr. Tan requests that Greg take a side trip to Singapore to resolve a bureaucratic detail involving a consignment of small arms, Greg is surprisingly receptive. All he has to do is sign some papers, he’s told, and he’ll be paid a handsome fee. And everything does go smoothly, until it comes to getting a check co-signed by the rebel leader…

  • The Night-Comers (1956, US, UK)
    Aka State of Siege (US, UK)

  • The Schirmer Inheritance (1953, US, UK)
    Former bomber pilot George Carey becomes a lawyer and his first job with a Philadelphia firm looks tedious - he is asked to read through a large quantity of files to ensure nothing has been missed in an inheritance case where there is no traceable heir. His discoveries, however, lead to unforeseen adventures and real danger in post war Greece.

  • Judgment on Deltchev (1951, US, UK)
    Foster's dramatic skill is well-known in London's West End theaters. So perhaps it wasn't so surprising when he was hired by an American newspaper publisher to cover the trial of Yordan Delchev for treason. Accused of membership in the sinister Officer Corps Brotherhood and of masterminding a plot to assassinate his country's leader, Delchev may in fact be a pawn and his trial all show. But when Foster meets Madame Delchev, the accused's powerful wife, he suddenly become enmeshed in more life-threatening intrigue than he could have imagined.

  • Journey into Fear (1940, US, UK)
    It is 1940 and Mr Graham, a quietly-spoken engineer and arms expert, has just finished high-level talks with the Turkish government. And now somebody wants him dead. The previous night three shots were fired at him as he stepped into his hotel room, so, terrified, he escapes in secret on a passenger steamer from Istanbul. As he journeys home – alongside, among others, an entrancing French dancer, an unkempt trader, a mysterious German doctor and a small, brutal man in a crumpled suit – he enters a nightmarish world where friend and foe are indistinguishable. Graham can try to run, but he may not be able to hide for much longer …

  • The Mask of Dimitrios (1939, US, UK)
    English crime novelist Charles Latimer is travelling in Istanbul when he makes the acquaintance of Turkish police inspector Colonel Haki. It is from him that he first hears of the mysterious Dimitrios – an infamous master criminal, long wanted by the law, whose body has just been fished out of the Bosphorus. Fascinated by the story, Latimer decides to retrace Dimitrios’ steps across Europe to gather material for a new book. But, as he gradually discovers more about his subject’s shadowy history, fascination tips over into obsession. And, in entering Dimitrios’ criminal underworld, Latimer realizes that his own life may be on the line.
    Aka A Coffin for Dimitrios (US, UK)

  • Cause for Alarm (1938, US, UK)
    Nicky Marlow needs a job. He’s engaged to be married and the employment market is pretty slim in Britain in 1937. So when his fiancé points out the Spartacus Machine Tool notice, he jumps at the chance. After all, he speaks Italian and he figures he’ll be able to endure Milan for a year, long enough to save some money. Soon after he arrives, however, he learns the sinister truth of his predecessor’s death and finds himself courted by two agents with dangerously different agendas. In the process, Marlow realizes it’s not so simple to just do the job he’s paid to do in fascist Italy on the eve of a world war.

  • Epitaph for a Spy (1938, US, UK)
    Josef Vadassy, a Hungarian refugee and language teacher living in France, is enjoying his first break for years in a small hotel on the Riviera. But when he takes his holiday photographs to be developed at a local chemists, he suddenly finds himself mistaken for a Gestapo agent and a charge of espionage is levelled at him. To prove himself innocent to the French police, he must discover which one of his fellow guests at his pension is the real spy. As he desperately tries to uncover the true culprit’s identity, Vadassy must risk his job, his safety and everything he holds dear.

  • Uncommon Danger (1937, US, UK)
    Kenton’s career as a journalist depends on his facility with languages, his knowledge of European politics and his quick judgement. Where his judgement sometimes fails him, however, is in his personal life. When he travels to Nuremberg to investigate a story about a top-level meeting of Nazi officials, he inadvertently finds himself on a train bound for Austria after a bad night of gambling. Stranded with no money, Kenton jumps at the chance to earn a fee helping a refugee smuggle securities across the border. Yet he soon discovers that the documents he holds have far more than cash value – and that they could cost him his life …  Aka Background to Danger (US, UK)

  • The Dark Frontier (1936, US, UK)

Writing as Eliot Reed (with Charles Rodda)
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