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Garrin Benfield

Profile created August 5, 2006
  • Living a Dream (2000)
    On his debut recording for eighth note records, "Living A Dream," Garrin showcases his varied talents as songwriter, singer, guitarist and bassist. This collection of thirteen songs, while stylistically eclectic, is held together by the ever present warmth of Garrin's acoustic guitar and voice. The guitar, at times percussive and driving, is also evocative of American folk, country and blues. Garrin's plaintive and present voice wraps around the listener as they hear lyrics about the full range of emotions in relationships - love, jealousy, alienation, and finally independence and self-determination.

  • Nowhere is Brighter (2002)
    Nowhere is Brighter is an attempt, Garrin says, "to gather together a series of songs that best describe my life while living in a place of not knowing". The songs here are tactile audio environments that provide a landscape filled with raw emotion exposed for the listener to explore. Each song offers a glimpse of the emotional conditions the singer lives in without, as he puts it, "being obsessed with the particulars". Attempting to convey the essence of the universal feelings we all share, Garrin uses examples from his daily life to reach out. Listening in, it is not hard to imagine that there is much more to be learned.

  • August Live (2004)
    A collection of Benfield's concert staples recorded Live on Summer Tour 2003!

  • Where Joy Kills Sorrow (2004)
    The album, being released on Zacksongs, contains 11 tracks of diverse original material with Garrin's words, voice, and guitar as its centerpiece. From the concise, electric Beatle-esque pop of "What You Wanted to Hear" and "Answers" to the aggressive, punky throttle of "Don't Panic", this CD balances song craft, melodic innovation, and a radio friendly aesthetic that has become Benfield's focus. Where Joy Kills Sorrow is a journey that also includes lush acoustic balladry, ambitious guitar excursions, and direct, thought provoking lyrics.

    Where Joy Kills Sorrow is Benfield's most radio friendly and concise collection of songs. At the same time, this record is more acute in it's musical accomplishments. The result is a blend of complex arrangements and serious pop. Benfield performs all vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin and much of the bass guitar parts on the album. All 11 tracks are full-band recordings using Benfield's regular performing band.

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