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Works by Harold Brodkey
(1930 -1996, of AIDS)

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AIDS/HIV -- AIDS-Related Passages -- Art & Artists -- Biography/Memoirs --  Coming Out --
GayLesBi Community -- GayLesBi Studies --
Photography , Literature & Fiction -- Travel


  • First Love and Other Sorrows (1957)
    "When originally published in 1958, First Love and Other Sorrows won Harold Brodkey widespread acclaim and announced a brilliant new arrival on the literary scene. Brodkey was hailed as an "unusually gifted writer" (The Atlantic) and a "rich talent" (San Francisco Chronicle), whose stories read like "murmured confidences, highly personal yet carefully contrived" (Chicago Tribune).
       In First Love and Other Sorrows, the young Brodkey chronicles the world of the educated and affluent middle class of the 1950s, at leisure and in love. He establishes the themes that would appear throughout his career(the painful uncertainties of childhood, the halting intimacies of social life(with rare tenderness, humor, and haunting insight." -- Amazon.com

  • Avedon Photographs: 1947-1977. With an Essay by Harold Brodkey (1978)

  • Women and Angels (The Author's Workshop) (1985)

  • Stories in an Almost Classical Mode (1988)
    These 18 stories "are freighted with a magnificence of language that reveals Brodkey's singular ability to convey the truth and complexity of a moment in time, frequently as seen through the eyes of a child," found Publisher's Weekly, noting the delicacy and sadness of the "exquisitely rendered narratives."  -- Publisher's Weekly

  • The Runaway Soul (1991)
    "Exquisitely sensitive and introspective narrator Wiley Silenowicz looks back over a painful childhood and youth in this sometimes brilliant, but more often turgid and self-indulgent novel. " -- Publisher's Weekly

  • Profane Friendship (1994)
    "Niles O'Hara, son of an American expatriate novelist, grew up in Venice in the 1930s, taking as his best friend an Italian boy named Giangiacomo Gallieni, or "Onni." After World War II, Niles returns to a sleazier, shell-shocked Venice and resumes his friendship with Onni, now a drug-addicted male prostitute and aspiring movie star. " -- Library Journal

  • This Wild Darkness: The Story of My Death (1996)

  • My Venice (1998)

  • World Is the Home of Love and Death (1998)
    Short stories.

  • Sea Battles on Dry Land: Essays (1999)

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