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James Bennett

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Profile created January 25, 2008
  • Unrequited (2007) -- Nominated 2007 Lambda Literary Gay Men's Debut Fiction Awards
    Aaron Edgeway lives in a ramshackle house in a provincial English town with his sick and abusive father. When he meets Victor, their romance quickly becomes an escape from the dreary prospects of his life. An escape that, unbeknownst to Victor, Aaron will do almost anything to protect. Aaron has secrets: a scandalous videotape unwittingly recorded at a drug dealer's party, and the unwanted affections of Alex Clay, his unruly best friend. Alex tries to free Aaron from blackmail and harassment, building a pressure-cooker atmosphere of desire and deceit. Trapped by a twist of fate, Aaron goes to lengths he never dreamed possible in order to preserve his romance with Victor. Unrequited details a descent into heartbreak and loss, and questions the dangers of love, and the things we do in order to heal ourselves. It is a bittersweet fairytale, an erotic and cautionary fable about revenge for anyone who has suffered from a broken heart.
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