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Works by
Jean Francois-Revel
(Philosopher, Writer)
[January 19, 1924 April 30, 2006]

Profile created January 28, 2008
  • As For Italy (1959)

  • Without Marx or Jesus (1972)

  • On Proust (1975)

  • The Totalitarian Temptation (1976)

  • How Democracies Perish (1983) with Branko M. Lazic

  • Culture and Cuisine: A Journey Through the History of Food (1984)

  • The Flight from Truth: The Reign of Deceit in the Age of Information (1992)

  • Democracy Against Itself: The Future of the Democratic Impulse (1993)

  • The Monk and the Philosopher: A Father and Son Discuss the Meaning of Life (1999) by Jean-Francois Revel and Matthieu Ricard
    Jean Francois-Revel, a pillar of French intellectual life in our time, became world famous for his challenges to both Communism and Christianity. Twenty-seven years ago, his son, Matthieu Ricard, gave up a promising career as a scientist to study Tibetan Buddhism -- not as a detached observer but by immersing himself in its practice under the guidance of its greatest living masters.

    Meeting in an inn overlooking Katmandu, these two profoundly thoughtful men explored the questions that have occupied humankind throughout its history. Does life have meaning? What is consciousness? Is man free? What is the value of scientific and material progress? Why is there suffering, war, and hatred? Their conversation is not merely abstract: they ask each other questions about ethics, rights, and responsibilities, about knowledge and belief, and they discuss frankly the differences in the way each has tried to make sense of his life.

    Utterly absorbing, inspiring, and accessible, this remarkable dialogue engages East with West, ideas with life, and science with the humanities, providing wisdom on how to enrich the way we live our lives.

  • Anti-Americanism (2003)
    Revel probes the origins of the notion that America is the source of all evil: imperialistic, greedy, ruthlessly competitive--a hyperpower whose riches are acquired at the expense of the Third World.











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