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Jeffrey B. Allen

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Profile created January 17, 2009
Updated April 28, 2010
Jeffrey B. Allen is a teacher of writing at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is a part of the National Writing Project at Penn State University. His articles on Character Development have been published in hard copy magazines and e-zines. Prior to establishing a writing career, he ran a successful architectural woodworking business for twenty six years and received the Colonel Holt Business Achievement Award in 2006. Jeffrey holds a  50-ton Coast Guard Captainís license and has captained numerous ocean going sailing adventures. His true love, however, has always been writing.
  • Beneath the Quarry Waters (In progress)

  • Gone Away Into The Land (2009)
    Shifting in and out of reality, this inspirational story follows 12-year old John Greber, who with his mother, Ellie, suffers abuse at the hands of John's father, whom he calls "The Beast." The Beast abandons his family and kidnaps John's six-year old sister, Marny. John vows revenge as he seeks to confront his father and rescue his sister.

    Jeffrey B. Allen takes us on a fantastic journey into a Land where John and his mother become embroiled in a civil war that could destroy the Land and the World, so John must tread carefully. This coming-of-age novel travels a totally different path than expected. With both poignancy and adventure, it proves that the strength of the human spirit can overcome all odds.

    GoneAway is quickly being accepted by school boards, English departments, church groups, libraries, and community outreach organizations as a unique way to invoke meaningful and productive discussion about some of the problems that plague our modern society.
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