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Works by
Jennifer Fulton
(aka Grace Lennox, Rose Beecham)

Writing as Jennifer Fulton (Romance)
Dark Vista Series
(Previously Heartstoppers Series)
  1. Dark Dreamer (2005) -- Winner GCLS 2006 "Goldie" Award for Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction/Paranormal
    Best selling horror author, Rowe Devlin, has had two flops in a row and keeps falling in love with straight women. Seeking inspiration and a fresh start, she abandons life in Manhattan for an old Victorian house in Maine. But Dark Harbor Cottage is a far cry from the tranquil writing environment she envisioned. For a start, the place is haunted, and the ghost is none too friendly. To make life even more difficult, her neighbors are a huge distraction. The Temple twins, Phoebe and Cara , are identical and profoundly alluring, and Rowe is soon under their spell, unable to decide which of the two she is more in love with. Just when it seems things can't get any worse, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery more bizarre and frightening than anything she's ever written. Intrigue, passion and suspense combine in this taut paranormal thriller/romance.

  2. Dark Valentine (2007 release)
    Rhianna Lamb avoided one night stands. But who could resist sexy, charming Jules? They hooked up in a bar, first names only, not exactly Rhianna's style but she needed to escape her life for a few hours. Come tomorrow, she would take the witness stand against Werner Brigham, the man who had stalked and kidnapped her a year earlier. She can't believe it when she walks into the courtroom the next morning and finds herself staring at the woman she just slept with - none other than Julia Valiant, Brigham's hotshot defense attorney. Worse still, the woman whose touch she remembers so well, brutally cross-examines her and demolishes the prosecution's case.

    Jules didn't earn her attack dog reputation by soft-peddling witnesses, but she suffers pangs over Rhianna. She is oddly drawn to this woman, a rare occurrence in her life, and by the time the jury returns its verdict, she is determined to see her again. Her chances don't look good when Werner Brigham is acquitted. Worse still, her client seems to think he can return to his old habits, this time with deadly intent. Danger and desire fuel a high stakes cat-and-mouse game, Jules has to win. But even if she does, will Rhianna ever forgive her?


Moon Island Series
  1. Passion Bay (1992, 2004)
    Two women from different ends of the earth encounter destiny, and one another, on a South Pacific paradise. When Boston securities broker, Annabel Worth inherits remote Moon Island, she travels there to solve a mystery that has haunted her family. Dumped by her lover, laid off from her job, New Zealander Cody Stanton flees to the island seeking solace and solitude. Both women are burdened with secrets that could destroy the passion that ignites between them. When Hurricane Mary strikes, each must make a choice that will change her life forever.

  2. Saving Grace (1993, 2004)
    Champion swimmer and Olympic hopeful, Dawn Beaumont has been injured in a car crash she caused. Haunted by guilt over the death of a passenger, her career in ruins, her body damaged and scarred, she flees to Moon Island. Scientist Grace Ramsay welcomes her cute new neighbor, imaging Dawn could be a pleasant diversion from her secret mission to evaluate Moon Island for corporate purchase by a chemicals giant looking for a waste dump far from civilization. But Dawn won't play ball, in fact she denies she is even a lesbian. Beset by troubling nightmares rooted in the past, and increasing ambivalence over her job, Grace sets out to prove otherwise. Meanwhile Annabel Worth, the owner of the island, is determined not to sell her home to a chemicals conglomerate. But then her plane goes down in the Pacific in suspicious circumstances.

  3. The Sacred Shore (2005)
    Successful tech industry survivor, Merris Randall does not believe in love at first sight until she meets Olivia Hunt. But Olivia is deeply scarred from a damaging relationship, and has no plans to love again. Thrown together in a sensuous paradise thousands of miles from home, each finds what she least expects.

    Anthropologist Dr. Glenn Howick is also on Moon Island, chasing the career-making discovery of a lifetime. But Glenn must decide whether she can exploit the spirituality of another culture for her own ends. Another moral dilemma looms in the form of Riley Mason, a post-grad student whose love threatens both Glenn's reputation and her most secret self.

    Life seems complete for the island's owners, Cody and Annabel, whose love story was told in Passion Bay. But Annabel has recently woken up to the sound of her biological clock ticking. With preparations underway for the secret rituals local women perform to celebrate the goddess of the island, the topic is consigned to the back burner. Then Annabel's cousin Melanie shows up with a young baby and a desperate problem.

  4. A Guarded Heart (2005) -- Winner GCLS 2006 "Goldie" Award for Romance
    Lauren Douglas never imagined she would wake up one day and find herself the star of the hottest soap on daytime television. But as wholesome and lovely Dr. Kate, she is plastered over the media as a role model and inspiration for young women. As she is about to sign a bloated new contract, Lauren is publicly outed.

    Scrambling for damage control, her father, a Congressman, wants her banished abroad and her network writes her temporarily out of the show in a plane crash, while they consider her future. As if the slavering press doesn't have enough to report, a creepy fan enraged by the revelation, shoots Lauren. All of which means zip to FBI Special Agent Pat Roussel whose hunt for the Kiddy Pageant Killer has consumed every waking moment for three years.

    Suffering from burnout, and hoping fresh new eyes might come up with a break in the case, Pat reluctantly elects to take a few months leave without pay. The last thing she expects to be doing in her time off is an illicit private security gig babysitting a celebrity. Her first assignment sounds like hell--a stint on a tropical island guarding a TV star with a bullet wound. It should be the easiest money she ever made, only Lauren is not the spoiled narcissist Pat is expecting.

  5. Solace (Coming soon)


Swords & Hearts Series
  1. Pirate's Gem (Future release)
    In 1669 Lady Alice Cary, the 'old maid' daughter of an impoverished English aristocratic family, is dispatched to Jamaica to be married against her will to an aging but wealthy plantation owner with political ambitions. Sir Thomas Hutton has paid a handsome sum for this suitable wife; well-bred English ladies being in short supply in Port Royal, otherwise known as the "wickedest city in the world."

    When the merchant ship carrying Alice to her repellent future runs off course in a fierce storm, the damaged vessel gets caught up in a battle between a buccaneer ship and a Spanish treasure galleon. Eventually, they are boarded and Captain Kit Brody - a woman no less - offers to escort the craft to Port Royal, where she is based.

    Brody, as she is known to her friends, gallantly takes the few wealthy passengers aboard her own ship, where she soon learns of Lady Alice's impending marriage from her indignant maid, Mary. Having gambled with the bridegroom - a man of debauched habits who is overly fond of beating the whores he uses - Brody can hardly bear to imagine the fate that awaits her beautiful red-haired passenger. In fact, she decides to prevent it. But Brody's daring plan has consequences neither woman could have imagined.

    This swashbuckling tale of life in piracy's Golden Age has it all - swordfights, corset-ripping, passion on the high seas and the timeless love story of two unforgettable women.


Other Romances
  • True Love (1994)
    Anticipating the 'chick lit' trend long before it happened, ironically titled True Love is an off beat, darkly humorous saga of contemporary lesbian life. Rosie Brooks is a successful stage actress whose love life is sorely lacking. She and her friends - Zoe, Nicole, Julia, Caroline and Anne - meet weekly for dinner and a no holds barred discussion about all their love lives, in pursuit of the meaning of 'true love'. The group is Julia's idea and the rules are: everyone must tell the truth, partners cannot attend, and members of the group must not become romantically involved with one another. Can six mostly single lesbians adhere to these rules?

  • Greener Than Grass (1995)
    Written for fans who requested a 'spring - autumn' story, Greener Than Grass is a heartwarming classic romance set in Australia. Documentary filmmaker Blair Carroll has recently broken up with her lover of twenty years and decides a foreign project might help her get over it. She heads for Melbourne, Australia, where a friend in NYC keeps an empty apartment. When she arrives, she finds a young woman asleep in her bed. Fresh off the farm, nineteen year old Cassie Jensen, the niece of the apartment owner, has come to Melbourne seeking work. Desperate to help her mother through the drought that is devastating their outback sheep ranch, she finds a job booking reservations in the office of an escort service, but tells her mother a phony tale about what she is doing. Despite a world of difference in background and experience, the two women are drawn together.

  • More Than Paradise (2007 release)
    When faced with human treachery and the perils of a lost world, two women thrown together in the exotic jungles of New Guinea become reluctant allies and unexpectedly discover that paradise just might be
    a place in the heart.

    Botanist Charlotte Lascelles can’t believe her luck when she is selected for a research expedition into the untamed Foja Mountains of New  Guinea.
    The last thing she expects is to find her team being led deep into the mist-shrouded jungle by a woman who has spent the past decade working as a mercenary soldier for shady characters in Indonesia and East Timor.  To make matters worse, Ash Evans' history with women represents everything Charlotte loathes.   Although friends accuse Charlotte of being uptight, she simply has standards, and they don't include hooking up with brazen playgirls like Ash.  Charlotte can’t wait until they reach camp so she can put the distracting and far too sexy guide out of her sight, but things aren’t going her way. Compelled to share a tent with her nemesis on the journey into the unknown, Charlotte soon finds her determined reserve no match for the fires Ash ignites.


Writing as Grace Lennox (Romance)
  • Chance (2006) --- Finalist, 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Romance (Lesbian)
    At twenty-six, Chance Delaney decides her life isn't working so she swaps it for a different one. On a quest for adventure, meaning, and a girlfriend, she finds herself transported from her safe job in a San Francisco gay and lesbian bookstore to No.1 on the charts, as lead vocalist for the all-women band Virgin Blessing. An instant celebrity, Chance is surrounded by hot women, especially her fellow band members. Finding sexual partners is not a problem, yet the woman of her dreams, songwriter Layla Wilde, won't have anything to do with her after just one passionate night. Chance's friendship with charismatic bass guitarist Lucrezia, the band's resident heartbreaker, is strictly platonic but how long can it stay that way when her body has her own agenda.

    Chance is the sexy, funny, touching story of a young woman who discovers what she wants is not always what she needs.

  • Not Single Enough (2007 release)


Writing as Rose Beecham (Mystery)
Amanda Valentine Trilogy
  1. Introducing Amanda Valentine (1992)
    Originally from New York City, Amanda moved to the other side of the planet to escape memories of her lover's brutal death in the precinct house where Amanda worked as a homicide detective.

    Now the highest ranked female cop in sleepy New Zealand, she is in pursuit of a monster the press has dubbed the Garbage Dump Killer and her task force has been resoundingly unsuccessful. To make matters worse, Jezebel, an informer Amanda cares about, has been savagely beaten for reasons she is too terrified to divulge. All this, and glamorous blond reporter, Debbie Daley, just won't leave Amanda alone.  Also known as The Garbage Dump Murders

  2. Second Guess (1994)
    After a year's leave of absence in New York, Detective Inspector Amanda Valentine returns to Wellington, New Zealand just in time for the most sensational homicide of the year. The body of Sybil Knight, daughter of a former Ambassador to the United States, has been found trussed and battered in a private room in a lesbian sex club.

    Amanda soon finds herself caught between a voracious media and a powerful family determined to cover up the facts.

  3. Fair Play (1995)
    The son of a Baptist preacher, Bryce Petty looked like a choir boy. But when he is found murdered in Wellington, New Zealand, his less-than-angelic past becomes front-page news. President of the Melbourne-based gay and lesbian broadcasting firm, Spectrum Television, Bryce has left behind him a trail of debts and a slew of enemies.

    New Zealand top cop, Detective Inspector Amanda Valentine, follows the trail to Melbourne, where she and her Australian colleagues join forces to track down the killer. Complicating matters, Amanda's personal life is in turmoil. Her on-again/off-again girlfriend Debby Daley have decided to try an "open" relationship, and with Debby away on special assignment to Rwanda, Amanda finds herself looking for consolation in all the wrong places.


Judy Devine Series
  1. Grave Silence (2005) -- Winner GCLS 2006 "Goldie" Award for Mystery/Thriller/Advanture/Action
    Montezuma County Sheriff's detective, Jude Devine doesn't face too many challenges based in remote Paradox Valley, where most of the crime involves hiker assaults, campsite thefts, and cattle rustling. However, when the body of local teenager, Darlene Huntsberger shows up with a stake through her heart and missing her tongue, Jude finds herself leading an investigation no one wants to touch. Darlene was a member of a Utah polygamist cult with powerful allies; a cult that silences women who try to leave. As Jude uncovers the truth about Darlene, and tries to save a young girl from being forced into a marriage, she must decide how much she is willing to risk to see justice done. Further complicating her choices is her torrid entanglement with the golden girl of Southwestern forensic pathology, Dr. Mercy Westmoreland.

  2. Sleep of Reason (2006) -- Finalist 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery
    When toddler Corban Foley vanishes from his home in the dead of night and a goat's head is left on the front lawn, most of Montezuma County turns out for the search. But nothing is at it seems with this case, and Detective Jude Devine soon finds herself caught up in a small-town soap opera whose players seem more interested in their fifteen minutes of fame than in the fate of little Corban.

    With the media snapping at her heels, she can barely conduct the investigation let alone have a private life, not that it's going well. Jude never liked time-sharing Dr. Mercy Westmoreland with English actress Elspeth Harwood, and when Elspeth buys land locally, Jude has to make some choices.

    The unexpected arrival in town of Chastity Young and her niece Adeline, adds a new complication to Jude's life, when she finds herself drawn to Chastity, who is far from her usual type.

  3. Place of Exile (Future release)
    Sheriff’s detective Jude Devine thought she’d left her past in Washington D.C., but when reclusive millionaire Fabian is found murdered in Paradox Valley, and a photograph of Jude’s missing brother Ben is among his possessions, Jude finally has a chance to solve the mystery that has stalked her since childhood.

    A place like the Four Corners is the perfect exile for people escaping from something or someone. But when that someone is yourself, the problem with running away is that you bring your worst enemy with you. Sandy “Lonewolf” Lane, a former paratrooper Jude suspects of being a domestic terrorist, has called the Four Corners home since the suicide of her lover, whose son was killed in Iraq. She’s planning to kill the Vice-President, and her determination to carry out her mission, and Jude’s to stop her, draws the two women into a lethal game of cat and mouse. All of this is quite a distraction from Jude’s love life, which is probably just as well, since it’s not going the way she was hoping. Jude is in a dilemma when Dr. Mercy Westmoreland’s wife, actress Elspeth Harwood, is away shooting a movie and Mercy feels like company.


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