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Works by
Jerry Bolton
(Aka Jerry Pat Bolton)

Amazon Shorts


  • Notes, quotes & brush strokes (1978)

  • fairy! (2006)
    "fairy!: A Cautionary Tale," a circumspect story which takes its presumption from history; a love story with political ramifications and social impact. After America's second civil war, fanatical Muslims seized power. "fairy!: A Cautionary Tale" is the story of tragic interracial love which develops as a nation grows to understand that bigotry and suspicion are tools for oppression and hate no matter where it is found. This is a love story of hope and devotion in the face of hopelessness and despair; a story which blur the lines of our multi-racial society. "fairy!: A Cautionary Tale" is about forbidden passion, political upheaval, treachery and hate.

  • Mother's Revenge (2006)
    Kathy Albertini, 26, has finally shaken the shackles of her father's shadow. She loves her papa, Angelo Albertini, self-made Mafiosi godfather of the southern gulf coast, but she has tired of having life path paved for her by his "connections." She wants to make it on her own and she does. She has a job that she likes at The Times-Picayune newspaper in New Orleans. She is happy.

    But Kathy hasn't been as efficient at shaking off the terrible secret and shame of Karen, her mother. A mother who was locked inside a room at Moss Manor--the pre-Civil War mansion Kathy called home--to waste her life away alone and unloved. Angelo meted out this punishment for her crime of a shocking adultery. Memories of her mother's fate and Kathy's secret feelings that she was somehow responsible, cause nightmares to visit her on a regular basis. Coupled with these feelings of guilt, is her determination to never be compared to her mother and she goes to sexual excesses--weekends only--with multiple partners to drive that point home to herself and anyone else who is paying attention.

    The nightmares. They are the only thing which prevents Kathy's world from being perfect. She is tormented by real and painful segments from the past; beginning the day Angelo shut the door on her mother in her room of shame. She does have Barry Colton, an aw shucks kind of guy who hasn't had the nerve to try for a kiss the three months they have been seeing each other every Sunday. He is her return to normalcy after the weekends of unrestrained behavior.

    Arriving in this picture is John Leveritt, new cub reporter at The Times-Picayune. Kathy is overwhelmed by this handsome, too-good-to-be-true man. Soon he becomes her all. The nightmares disappear. She is in love for the first time in her life. Her life, now, is perfect. Of course, into this near perfect world come danger when Shawn Deveroux, who blames Kathy's father for the murder of his own mother many years past enters her life. Shawn is about revenge.

    Kathy eventually ends up on a houseboat in the middle of a swamp, stripped naked and chained to an old rusty anchor. Shawn is quite enough to contend with, but soon Kathy is confronted with other personalities hiding inside the insanity; his own mother and himself as a small boy. Mother's Revenge has the feel and ambiance of South Louisiana as its backdrop.

    Order the book directly from Jerry Bolton or by sending $20.00 to Jerry Bolton, P.O. Box 20723, Houma, LA, 70360.  Please tell Jerry you saw his book at DREAMWalker Group!

Special Note:  Jerry's books may also be purchased directly from his MySpace site.
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