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John Brandi
(Illustrator, Writer)

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Profile created January 24, 2008

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  • "Water Shining Beyond the Fields" (2006)

  • "One Cup and Another" (2004)

  • "In What Disappears" (2003)

  • “Empty Moon / Bellyfull: Asian Haiku” (2001)

  • “Visits to the City of Light” (2000)

  • “Reflections in the Lizard’s Eye: Notes from the High Desert” (2000)

  • “Unmasking the Fire: Bali Journals with Renée Gregorio” (1999)

  • “No Other Business Here: Haiku with Steve Sanfield” (1999)

  • “A Question of Journey” (1999)
    Asia Edition: Book Faith India

  • “Heartbeat Geography: Selected & Uncollected Poems” (1995)

  • “A Question of Journey” (1995)

  • “Weeding the Cosmos” (1994)

  • “Shadow Play: poems 1987-1991” (1992)

  • “In the Desert We do not Count the Days” (1991)

  • “Hymn for a Night Feast: poems 1979-1986” (1989)

  • “That Back Road In” (1985)

  • “Poems at the Edge of Day” (1984)

  • “That Crow That Visited Was Flying Backwards” (1982)

  • Diary of a Journey to the Middle of the World” (1980)

  • “Chimborazo: Life on the Haciendas of Ecuador” (1976)

  • “Desde Alla” (1971)

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