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John Morgan Wilson

The Edgar Award-winning author of the Benjamin Justice mystery series, which has also won two Lambda Literary Awards, Wilson began writing for newspapers at 19 and earned a degree in journalism at San Diego State University. He worked as a police reporter for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and later as an assistant editor with the Los Angeles Times . As a freelance, he has written hundreds of articles for a dozen major newspapers and many magazines, and more than a hundred fact-based TV scripts for various network and cable channels. Wilson's first mystery novel, Simple Justice (1996), introduced the character of Benjamin Justice in a dark, hard-boiled series set in Los Angeles, and won the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America for best first mystery novel.Blue Moon (October, 2002), co-written with Peter Duchin, introduces a new character, society bandleader Philip Damon, in a lighter, more nostalgic and romantic vein Good Morning Heartache (December, 2003), is the second in the series. He lives in West Hollywood, California with Pietro Gamino, my companion of many years. -- from Saints & Sinners

Benjamin Justice Series
  1. Simple Justice (1996) -- Edgar Award Winner, Best First Novel)

  2. Revision of Justice (1997)

  3. Justice at Risk (1999) (Winner, 1999 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men's Mystery)

  4. The Limits of Justice (Winner, 2000 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men's Mystery)

  5. Blind Eye (2003) -- Winner 2003 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men's Mystery)

  6. Moth and Flame (2004) -- Finalist 2004 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men's Mystery)
    Benjamin Justice used to be one of Los Angeles's most respected journalists, but a scandal over invented sources cost him the Pulitzer, his job and his reputation. With his life in ruins, he's spent much of the past decade slowly piecing it back together. Now he's under contract to write his biography, but the writing is going slowly and he's in need of a job to tide him over financially. So when Bruce Bibby, a freelance writer, is murdered during an apparent burglary, Bibby's uncompleted assignment for the city of West Hollywood is a much needed opportunity for Justice. Hired to complete the dead man's assignment-researching and writing a booklet on the city's historically relevant buildings - Justice resists becoming involved in the murder investigation, wanting only to maintain his quiet, stable life. But it's not going to be that easy. There's a fight brewing over the fate of a set of rundown cottages - some believe them historically significant and wish to preserve them, others want them torn down to make way for a new condo project and both sides see Justice's pamphlet as the key to winning the fight. As Justice tries to go about his business, he finds himself intrigued by the complexities of the murder case - the young Russian immigrant tied to the Bibby murder scene may be damned by his father's notorious crimes; the detective leading the murder investigation is quietly searching for her own long missing father; the owner of the houses in question, the would-be developer, and their main opposition all share a secret connection that dates back nearly three decades. When the leader of the local preservation group is found murdered on the grounds of the controversial cottages, Justice must unravel the secrets that surround the murders or let an innocent suffer for another's crimes.

  7. Rhapsody in Blood (2006)
    Disgraced journalist Benjamin Justice, at loose ends between jobs, takes a short vacation with a friend, Los Angeles Times reporter Alexandra Templeton, to a movie set at a faded resort hotel in the California desert. The film being shot is about a stars death in the 1950s and the lynching of a local black man for the murderthe last lynching in California. But the set is in an uproar over the appearanceand then the brutal murderof a feared Hollywood gossip journalist who had promised to reveal explosive new information. Now Justice finds himself enmeshed in two old deaths and a new murder as he attempts to uncover the truth before another falls victim.

  8. Spider Season (2008)
    Benjamin Justice was once one of the most prominent and respected journalists in Los Angeles, even the country. But when it was discovered that he'd invented the sources for his Pulitzer Prize winning series of articles, he lost everything - his job, his reputation, his friends. Now, many years later, Justice has finally published a memoir revealing the truth behind the events that cost him so much and made him permanently radioactive in the journalism community. And this book may be his last chance to turn things around, to make a living writing as he'd always wanted.

    But his memoir brings out more than the truth - it brings out long-forgotten , long hidden ghosts from his past. And Justice finds himself, and everyone/everything he holds dear under attack.

Philip Damon Series


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