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Works by
Joseph Polansky
(Editor, Publisher, Writer)

diamondfiremagazine @ comcast . net
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Profile created April 13, 2008
Joseph Polansky is the Editor and Publisher of DIAMOND FIRE a Quarterly Spiritual Magazine and the publisher of The Astrologer's Notebook, a quarterly newsletter, covering the astrological trends of the season    politics, economics, climate change, the stock market etc.)

Most of the items listed are available directly from Joseph Polansky.  Contact him at the above email address  for prices and more information.  And please tell him that DREAMWalker Group sent you!

  • The Magic Stone (1979)
    A metaphysical novel.

  • Available directly from Joseph Polansky. 
  • The Graduate (2001)
    A collection of esoteric short stories.

  • Pendulum Power: A Mystery You Can See, A Power You Can Feel (1987) by Greg Nielsen and Joseph Polansky
    The power of the pendulum has been valued since ancient times for its ability to discover treasure, advise in love, locate the lost, and divine the new. Pendulum Power teaches how to make and use pendulums for finding success in career and relationships, for healing, for development of intuition and increased mind power, as well as a host of other applications.
    A modern popular classic, Pendulum Power was featured on the nationally syndicated television show "In Search Of."

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