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Ken Anderson
(Aka Ken L. Anderson)


islandhouse at netzero dot net
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Profile created April 15, 2007

"Ken Anderson’s Someone Bought the House on the Island: A Dream in Two Acts won the 2008 Saints and Sinners Playwriting Contest and will premiere May 9 at the Marigny Theater in New Orleans. It is a stage adaptation of his novel Someone Bought the House on the Island: A Dream Journal, which sold out and was a finalist in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, and the basis of a screenplay that is currently being shopped for production. Widely viewed and celebrated, his books, plays and screenplays include: Hasty Hearts, Mattie Cushman: A Psychodrama, The Intense Lover: A Suite of Poems, The Crystal Ball, The Statue of Pan and Permanent Gardens. His writing has appeared in over 100 publications. A Professor Emeritus of English, Anderson has been a consultant for a fine-arts journal and a literary quarterly. His latest book, The Statue of Pan: Six Stories, a Novella, and a Novella-Play, is now available. " -- Saints & Sinners
  • The Statue of Pan: Six Stories, a Novella, and a Novella-Play (2007)
    Two men lost in a snowstorm, a forensic psychiatrist and the man who stabs him, a well-adjusted music student and a sexually repressed tennis player, a former college quarterback and the twin of his former lover, a handsome escort and the client who hires him, a murderer and his trick, a music professor and a student with a foot fetish, a chicken hawk and a suicidal hillbilly, as well as the crazy crowds at Mardi Grass in New Orleans— these are just some of the exotic colors in the rainbow of characters arcing through this provocative psychological study. “When you live in a cold world,” one character says, “you have to build your own fire. Right?” See who strikes the spark in The Statue of Pan.

  • Hasty Hearts: A Collection of the Best Fiction by Ken Anderson (2001)
    Includes his best-selling novel "Someone Bought the House on the Island," first published to great acclaim in 1999.

  • Someone Bought the House on the Island: A Dream Journal (1998) -- Winner of the 2008 Saints & Sinners Playwriting Contest, Finalist Independent Publisher Book Awards
    A vacant house on an island in northwest Georgia in 1969, a Kevlar vest, a hidden diary, a ruby ring, a snuff film, marijuana, peyote, LSD, a menage a cinq, S&M, an open grave in a cemetery on Halloween, rednecks and a rattlesnake, secret passages, a funeral and a fake suicide, matches from the Club 69, vampires, a security robot, Druid mythology, and the Village in New York on New Year's Eve--these are just some of the mysterious ingredients in this decadent witch's brew of a book by first-time novelist Ken Anderson.

    Follow young Kevin, the handsome boy next door, as he steps from the provincial world of his youth into the seductive circle of Dieter and "the boys." Original, fun, vivid, thought-provoking--Someone Bought the House on the Island is an earnest, literary work with a structure reminiscent of Stoker's Dracula.

  • Someone Bought the House on the Island: A Dream in Two Acts (2006) -- Winner 2008 Saints and Sinners Playwriting Contest
    This play will premiere May 9, 2008 at the Marigny Theater in New Orleans. It is a stage adaptation of his novel Someone Bought the House on the Island: A Dream Journal.

    Set in northwest Georgia in 1969, Someone is a gay romance with a vampire motif. Kevin Green, a young gay caretaker, comes out and falls in love with Dieter Kulta, the German industrialist who bought the house on the island near where Kevin lives. However, during the affair, Kevin gradually becomes a member of a cultish menage a cinq headed by Dieter. The play explores such themes as Kevin’s quest for love and identity, existentialism, and the nature of reality. Though a serious drama in its own right, the play also makes a great Halloween spectacle.

  • Mattie Cushman: A Psychodrama (1986)

  • The Crystal Ball (2008)

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