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Kevin G. Barnhurst
(Editor, Writer)

kgbcomm @ uic . edu
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Profile created March 31, 2008
  • Media/Queered: Visibility and Its Discontents (2007) -- Finalist 2007 Lambda Literary Award for Arts and Culture
    Media Queered is a groundbreaking assessment of minorities and the media. Authorities including Larry Gross, Edward Alwood, Lisa Henderson, and Marguerite Moritz join several new scholars to examine four aspects of visibility: history, expertise, popularity, and technology. To supplement this research, media practitioners including journalists working in the gay and mainstream press contribute a unique series of interludes. The first is by Studs Terkel, who interviewed founders of the U.S. homophile movement. Written for scholars, students, and instructors of media and gender studies, Media Queered is also accessible for general readers intrigued by the recent flowering of queer characters, themes, and images in popular culture

  • The Form of News: A History (2001) by John Nerone and Kevin G. Barnhurst
    This book takes a fresh look at the role of the newspaper in United States civic culture. Unlike other histories which focus only on the content of newspapers, this book digs deeper into ways of writing, systems of organizing content, and genres of presentation, including typography and pictures. The authors examine how these elements have combined to give newspapers a distinctive look at every historical moment, from the colonial to the digital eras. They reveal how the changing "form of news" reflects such major social forces as the rise of mass politics, the industrial revolution, the growth of the market economy, the course of modernism, and the emergence of the Internet. Whether serving as town meeting, court of opinion, marketplace, social map, or catalog of diversions, news forms are also shown to embody cultural authority, allowing readers to see and relate to the world from a particular perspective. Including over 70 illustrations, the book explores such compelling themes as the role of news in a democratic society, the relationship between news and visual culture, and the ways newspapers have shaped the meaning of citizenship.

  • Political Engagement and the Audience for News: Lessons from Spain (2000)

  • Seeing the Newspaper (1994)

  • News As Art (1991)

  • Newspapers and Citizenship: Young Adults' Subjective Experience of the Newspapers, with Wartella. Critical Studies in Mass Communication 8.2 (June 1991): 195–209. Republished, Diarios y ciudadanos: La experiencia subjetiva de los jóvenes adultos con la prensa. Trans. Abraham Santibáńez. Reflexiones Académicos 6 (1994): 49–70. 

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