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Lynn V. Andrews

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Profile created January 22, 2009
Medicine Woman Series
Lynn V. Andrews takes the reader with her as she goes on inward journeys with the help of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and relates the stories of others.

Join her as she is initiated into the Sisterhood and creates her own shield, which will show her the nature of her spiritual path (Spirit Woman). Follow her to the Yucatan, where the medicine wheel leads her, and she is faced with the terrifying reality of the butterfly tree (Jaguar Woman). Enter the Dreamtime with her, where she emerges in medieval England as Catherine, and encounters the Grandmother, who offers to show Andrews how to make her life one of goodness, power, adventure, and love (The Woman of Wyrrd).

Not all these stories describe the author's own spiritual experiences. Meet Sin Coraz—n, an initiate into the Sisterhood, whose husband abandons her. She nearly succumbs to her inner dark power and unleashes her rage on men and the Sisterhood (Dark Sister). Andrews also writes about the elder women of the Sisterhood: their loves, their lives, their losses (Tree of Dreams).

Andrews shows us how to channel our own spiritual and intellectual energy and balance the need for love with the desire for power (Love and Power). She takes the reader on numerous spiritual journeys that inevitably uplift.
  1. Medicine Woman (1981, 2006)

  2. Spirit Woman: The Teachings of the Shields  (2007)
    Lynn Andrews continues her journey where Medicine Woman left off, as she renews her apprenticeship to Native-American shaman, Agnes Whistling Elk. Andrews has only just been initiated into the Sisterhood of the Shields, a secret society of women, but here she begins to understand the true meaning of the Sisterhood's power to transform. Through the creation of her own shield-both a physical and spiritual tool-she comes to know the full ancient power of women, as well as her own spiritual path. This seminal work will be read and reread by generations to come.

  3. Jaguar Woman: The Wisdom of the Butterfly Tree (1995, 2007)

  4. Star Woman: We Are Made from Stars and to the Stars We Must Return (1986)
    Join Lynn Andrews on her personal vision quest as she searches for an ancient knowledge to bridge the gap between the primal mind and white consciousness, guided by a white stallion which she rides into a world of illuminating visions--even to the dark side of her own spirit.

  5. Crystal Woman: The Sisters of the Dreamtime  (1987)
    Lynn Andrews, bestselling author of Star Woman and Jaguar Woman, continues her "chronicle of the spirit" with an extraordinary journey to th e wilderness of Central Australia, where she discovers the power of crystals.

  6. Windhorse Woman: A Marriage of Spirit (1989)
    From the New York Times bestselling author of Star Woman and Ceystal, here is the visionary autobiography that began in Medicine Woman. Andrews offers essential lessons about love and unity that will readers forge their own visions and lives.

  7. The Woman of Wyrrd: The Arousal of the Inner Fire (1990, 2007)
    More than a million readers have followed Lynn Andrews on her journeys into the sacred mysteries of the Sisterhood of the Shields -- and this may be the most startling episode yet. Guided by Agnes Whistling Elk into a world of power and magic, Lynn Andrews enters the sacred Dreamtime and emerges as a young woman, Catherine, in medieval England. There she encounters Grandmother, the Woman of Wyrrd, who becomes her teacher -- a woman who offers to take Andrews's ordinary life and build it into a remarkable one full of power, goodness, adventure, and love. In this dazzling spritual adventure, Andrews tells the fascinating story of Catherine's introduction into the secrets of the Sisterhood, her initiation into its rituals and cermonies, her confrontation with death when she dishonors that tradititon, and her terrifying attemp to recover the soul she loses to a dark brooding man who enters her life. In The Woman of Wyrrd, Lynn Andrews reveals the many secrets she has learned about working with the energies of Mother Earth, restoring feminine power and potential, and ultimately tapping into a life without fear.

  8. Shakkai: Women of the Sacred Garden (1992)
    The bestselling author of the Medicine Woman series taps into the mystical powers of Japan's sacred captured gardens and offers its secrets to all women who seek its magical wisdom and power.

  9. Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds: The Spiritual Journey of Menopause (1993)
    This powerful, sensitively-written book illuminates the experiences of menopause, showing how this transitional stage can be a special event that brings access to a richer, more fulfilling way of life.

  10. Dark Sister: A Sorcerer's Love Story (1995, 2007)
    With the tenth book in the bestselling Medicine Woman series, Lynn V. Andrews writes her most suspenseful and provocative book yet in this exploration of the dark side of women's spirituality.

  11. Love and Power: Awakening to Mastery (1997, 2007)
    Author, teacher and counselor Lynn Andrews offers a timely message on how readers can find wholeness and well-being by learning to balance the need for love with the desire for power. Drawing on her wealth of lessons learned over two decades, the author offers practical steps for focusing one's intellectual and spiritual energy.

  • The Love and Power Journal (Journals) (1999, 2001)
    This workbook will provide a sacred record of your journey to wholeness as you discover your own truths and record them here. Lynn will give you guidance, mirror some ideas to you, and show you how to find the gateways within your own world.

  1. Tree of Dreams: A Spirit Woman's Vision of Transition and Power (2001, 2003)
    For nearly two decades since the original publication of Medicine Woman (now in its fortieth printing), Lynn Andrews has interpreted the wisdom of her Native American teachers, offering unique insight to achieve personal growth, spiritual fulfillment, and knowledge of the sacred. After sixteen published books with more than two million copies in print, Andrews is a leading voice in personal development. Now she turns her eye to the changes and transitions each of us must negotiate in daily life.

    In Tree of Dreams, she invites us to explore not only the inevitable process of aging and death, but also the many "little deaths" that occur in life, such as divorce, the loss of a cherished relationship, the unexpected loss of a job, or sudden illness. We see the powerful, independent women who comprise The Sisterhood of the Shields as they gain strength, wisdom, and respect during transition into "elderhood," and we learn how to apply these lessons to our own lives. With disarming candor, the author shares personal spiritual and metaphysical battles as she comes to understand her own shortcomings and failures, which, over time, become the hallmarks of wisdom and the battle scars of the elders.

  • Writing Spirit (2006)
    You are a writer. Your act of power is the book or the story that you are creating. It is now time for you to bloom.-from Writing Spirit

    In Writing Spirit Lynn Andrews discusses her own path to becoming a writer, complete with all the struggles she has faced along the way. By giving examples from her life and examining specific pieces of her own work, she explores the process of writing from beginning to end, and imparts her knowledge to novice and experienced writers alike. Writing Spirit addresses particular issues such as:

    • Why are you writing?

    • Who are you writing for?

    • How can you be true to yourself as an artist?

    • What are some of the causes of and solutions to writer's block?

    Not straying from her spiritual roots, Andrews explains how being true to your spirit is the key to fulfillment in your work. She leads us on a journey to finding the truth within ourselves and teaches us what it really means to be a writer.

  • Walk in Spirit: Prayers for the Seasons of Life  (1996)
    The author of Jaguar Woman offers a collection of prayers, benedictions, and meditations, organized according to the traditional activities of each season and designed to help readers through life's anxieties and transitions.

  • Lynn Andrews in Conversation With Michael Toms (1994)
    Shamaness Lynn Andrews takes us into the wilderness of self to plumb the depths of our heart so that our being can soar. Her vision quest journey has taken her from the wilds of Manitoba to the jungles of the Yucatan and the Aboriginal outback of Australia as she attempts to bridge the gulf between the primal mind and contemporary life. In this book she challenges us to see the infinite range of possibilities that lies beyond our ordinary limits and the planet.

  • Walk in Balance: Meditations With Lynn Andrews (1994)
    Calling upon the teachings of Agnes Whistling Elk, Ruby Plenty Chiefs and the women of the Sisterhood of the Shields, Lynn Andrews presents daily readings filled with ancient wisdom, designed for self-discovery and spiritual empowerment. By the author of "Medicine Woman" and "The Power Deck".

  • The Power Deck: The Cards of Wisdom/Book and Cards (1991)
    A slipcased set of forty-five meditative cards complete with a special display altar and book of affirmations designed to tap the ancient wisdom of the planet and facilitate self-empowerment.

  • Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel: Finding the Soul of the Dreamtime (1989, 2007)
    For the first time millions of Lynn Andrews's readers can participate directly in a vision quest for enlightenment and personal power. Here the bestselling author of the Medicine Woman, Jaguar Woman, and Crystal Womantakes her readers on a journey around the sacred wheel and helps them tap their own Shamanic power. Based on her popular books and workshops, this powerful workbook facilitates shamanic initiation into the Dreamtime.

    Andrews provides helpful explanations and easy-to-follow visualization exercises for traveling the inner paths to the four points of the sacred wheel. Readers will discover their own special Power Animal, energize within a circle of crystals, seek self-knowledge through mirroring, and make a visionary mountain ascent. Exercises unlock a unique visualization process that blends controlled traveling in the Dreamtime with specific physical postures that help initiate "a journey to discover one's own enlightenment and to help heal our mother earth."

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