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Works by
Mari Atherton

  • Merari (2006)
    Fascinating science fiction story that takes place on a rigidly hierarchical planet...Marianthia. Marianthia....A beautiful planet with an incredible, living technology. If traveling salesman Aviv Gerbo can just get this technology to the rest of the galaxy, he will be rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he is an alien and.... Aliens are not permitted on Marianthia. But Aviv is unable to leave. He is stranded on the planet when a giant, telepathic fungus eats his spaceship. Hunted by the brutish Secures, he is rescued by Merari, who was born into the Surrogate class. However, Merari does not meet the physical specifications for that class. She is a deviant and... Deviants are not permitted on Marianthia. And now both Merari and Aviv are hunted by the Secures. They escape to Unity, a hidden community on the far side of the planet, but when terrorists launch an attack against the Surrogate class Merari must make a frightful decision. Should she stay in safety with the man she loves? Or should she return with the information that will save her class, knowing that if she returns she faces a certain, horrible death?

  • The Dreamer's Way (2006)
    Flita is alone in a hostile world. Abandoned by her mother, betrayed by her stepmother and her best friend, and sentenced to death, she is now trapped in the poisonous air outside the safe boundaries of the Protectorate. If the air doesn't kill her, the hideously deformed monsters that dwell Outside will. Her only hope is to find the Dreamer's Way that will lead her to the Golden City and safety. But the monsters have already attacked and wrapped their deadly tendrils around her. Even if she knew the location of the Dreamer's Way, she has no way to get there.or does she?

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