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Works by Marijane (Agnes) Meaker
(aka Ann Aldrich, M. E. Kerr, M. J. Meaker, Mary James, Vin Packer)

Profile created March 10. 2004

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AIDS/HIV -- Biography & Memoirs -- Children’s Books -- Coming Out -- Gay -- Lesbian -- Literature & Fiction -- Nonfiction

Writing As:

Books Written as Ann Aldrich (Mostly out of print)

  • We Walk Alone (1958)

  • Carol in a Thousand Cities (1960)

  • We, Too, Must Love (1963)

  • We Two Won't Last (1963)

  • Take A Lesbian To Lunch (1972)

Books Written as M. E. Kerr

The Fell Series
See Also:

Books Written as M. J. Meaker (Mostly out of print)

  • Sudden Endings (1964)

  • Hometown (1967)

Books Written as Marijane Meaker

Books Written as Mary James

Books Written as Vin Packer (Mostly out of print)

  • Dark Intruder (1952)

  • Spring Fire (1952)

  • Look Back to Love (1953)

  • Come Destroy Me (1954)

  • Whisper His Sin (1954)

  • The Thrill Kids (1955)

  • The Young and Violent (1956)

  • Dark Don't Catch Me (1956)

  • 3 Day Terror (1957)

  • The Evil Friendship (1958)

  • 5:45 to Surburbia (1958)

  • The Twisted Ones (1959)

  • The Girl on the Best Seller List (1960)

  • The Damnation of Adam Blessing (1961)

  • Intimate Victims (1962)

  • Something in the Shadows (1962)

  • Alone at Night (1963)

  • Sudden Endings (1964)

  • The Hare in March (1967)

  • Don't Rely on Gemini (1969)

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