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Works by
Marilyn Jaye Lewis

As Editor
  • The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography (2001), Marilyn Jaye Lewis and Maxim Jakubowski, eds.

  • Naked Rooms (2002) by Peter Gorman with Marilyn Jaye Lewis, ed.
    Photographer Peter Gormanís approach to the female nude is not only unique, itís unforgettable. If youíre a fan of artistic photography, or certainly of erotic photography, as I am, you might come across one of Gormanís photos at Nerve, Salon, or in the Australian fine art magazine Black + White and instantly recall if youíve been exposed to his work before. The images are never less than startling, provocative; sometimes strangely claustrophobic, but always memorable.

  • The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica (2002), Marilyn Jaye Lewis and Maxim Jakubowski, eds.
    As artful as it is exciting, as tasteful as it is daring, this up-market illustrated Mammoth volume offers a massive gallery of stunning images by eighty photographers who have set the trends in nude photography and made a mark with their erotica in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Among the photographers included by the editors of this piquant and varied collection stand Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Wolfgang Eichler, Bob Carlos Clarke, Mario Testino, Wolfgang Tilmans, Roy Stuart, Trevor Watson, Michele Serchuk, Trevor Baker, Pascal Baetens, and Eric Kroll. All the photographers in the volume are generously represented by six pages of images that showcase their particular talent to best advantage in highly nuanced, top-quality black-and-white reproductions. Accompanying the presentation of each set of images, meticulously chosen for their aesthetic as well as their erotic appeal, are brief biographical vignettes of the photographers themselves that together provide a survey of developments and experiments that have advanced the artistry of contemporary erotic photography.

  • That's Amore!:  Four Novellas of Erotic Romance (2004)
    Includes work by Catherine Lundoff (Her Guy Friday), Iris N. Schwartz (The Fruits of Her Labors), Jackie de Martini (Come Fly with Me), and Kathy Kulig (Bimini Blue)

  • Hot Women's Erotica (2005)
    What's the one thing all women want in erotica? They want it hot ó and that's what this book delivers. This giant new collection features hot new erotic stories that will appeal to wanton women everywhere. In "Ten Minutes in the Eighties," Alison Tyler delivers a scorching tale about an inexperienced college student who experiences her first orgasm ó without ever being touched! In Cecilia Tan's "Bodies of Water," a sea crew rages wildly out of control when someone accidentally releases a virus that makes them sexually sensitive to water. And in "Needing a Push to Swing" by Maria Isabel Pita, a young slave woman is ordered to a swingers club by her master. . . but the erotic turn of events may surprise even her. Featuring 21 outrageous stories, for women, by women ó this book is perfect for fueling a woman's secret fantasies.

  • Stirring Up a Storm: Tales of the Sensual, the Sexual, and the Erotic (2005)
    From the poignant to the explicit, the suggestive to the sublime, what unites these varied stories of sex, sensuality and passion is their unbridled quest to challenge and entertain. Top women writers from all realms of fiction are brought together under one sizzling cover. Sometimes darkly humorous and often blistering hot; whether straight, bisexual, or lesbian; fetish, vanilla, or experimental in tone, Stirring Up a Storm is imaginative storytelling at its best from today's hottest women writers.

    Some of the more notable writers include Dorothy Allison; two-time O. Henry Short Story Prize winner and Pushcart Prize Winner Janice Eidus; Pushcart Prize winner and National Book Award finalist Kim Addonizio; Bellwether Prize winner Milda M. De Voe; Pushcart Prize nominee Holly Farris; Lauren Henderson; Jennifer Jordan; Joyce Carol Oates; Australia's platinum-selling recording artist Max Sharam; Solvej Schou; top-selling erotica writer Alison Tyler; Margaret Atwood; and top-selling BDSM writer Claire Thompson.

  • Erotic Photography (2006), Marilyn Jaye Lewis and Maxim Jakubowski, eds.

  • Zowie! It's Yaoi!: Western Girls Write Hot Stories of Boys' Love (2006)
    Yaoi's target audience, readership, and creators are almost exclusively women; the genre focuses on effeminate, pretty men ó often so androgynous as to seem genderless. Here in the West, non-illustrated yaoi stories are getting very popular, to date exclusively among online readers. This all-original collection of six yaoi novellas written by Western women will be the first in the print marketplace here in the U.S.; only hentai (illustrated books) are currently available.

    The contributors include: Nix Winter ó a rising star in yaoi ebooks and also one of the most sought after illustrators for yaoi ebook cover art; Bianca James ó whose lesbian erotic fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and her first novel Star of Persia was a finalist in the Project: Queerlit Contest, 2004; Stevie Burns lives and writes in Germany where she is publisher of Vora Books and editor-in-chief of the monthly erotic literary e-zine VoracityBeat.com; Claire Thompson ó top-selling BDSM romantica writer on the Web. Catherine Lundoff has short stories and novellas in 37 collections; and Marilyn Jaye Lewis who has been writing and editing erotic fiction for the last 17 years.

  • Entangled Lives: Memoirs of 7 Top Erotica Writers (2007) by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, ed.
    Delve into the true-life stories of today's top writers of gay, lesbian, and bisexual erotica, and find out just what fuels their imaginations and stokes their passions. Lusty, poignant, funny, and daringly honest, here is a thought-provoking peek at very private lives.

    Includes erotic memoirs by Amie M. Evans, Bill Brent, Greg Wharton, Ian Philips, Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Rachel Kramer Bussel, and Rob Stephenson

As Writer
  • Neptune and Surf (1999)
    Neptune and Surf is the fruit of the authorís conversations with a group of women about their deepest fantasies. Itís a tantalizing look at womenís libidinous desires, exploring themes like interracial sex and lesbian nuns with a mesmerizing delicacy and frankness. With Neptune and Surf Lewis shows readers why she is one of the premier female voices in erotica.

  • When Hearts Collide: An Erotic Romance (2003)
    An erotic romance. Handsome Evan Crane is Hollywood's hottest A-list star, out to prove he's more than just a pretty face. Dorianne Constance, top writer for Babylon movie magazine could be just the woman to help him prove it.

  • In the Secret Hours (2003)

  • Lust: Bisexual Erotica (2004)
    Sizzling women's erotic fiction with a decidedly bisexual bent from the very open mind of noted erotica writer Marilyn Jaye Lewis.

  • When the Night Stood Still: An Erotic Romance (2004)
    Erotic novel set in Hollywood about three powerful movie people & their rise to fame, and struggle to stay there. Contemporary novel.

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