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Profile created May 13, 2004

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Gay -- Humor  -- Sex & Sexuality

Gay -- Humor -- Sex and Sexuality

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  • Men Are Pigs, but We Love Bacon (2003)
    Not-so-straight answers from America's most outrageous gay sex columnist

  • Alexander the Fabulous: The Man Who Brought the World to Its Knees (2004) with Vicky A. Shecter -- Finalist 2004 Lambda Literary Award for Humor
    He conquered the known world. He united it for the first time with a common language. His military tactics are still being studied-and used-by today's warriors. He is considered the most courageous and heroic warrior in history. But (and more importantly): He was hot. His boyfriends were hotter. He could throw hissy fits that would take Liza Minelli's breath away. He traveled with an advance publicity team. He was so vain, if Preparation H had existed, his enemies would have rubbed it on his ego. He had fag hags hanging off him like laundry. We're approaching 2,350 years after his death and people are still fascinated by Alexander the Great. Even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, the people who gave us language, math and philosophy, didn't have Oliver Stone making movies about them. All the great conquerors that followed Alexander tried to emulate him-Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Jeff Striker. Michael Alvear presents a most unusual biography of history's greatest warrior.


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