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Works by
Reshonda Tate Billingsley

  • My Brother's Keeper (2001)
    Aja James is a survivor. Her outward beauty and strength artfully conceal the scars within... Scars inflicted by a horrific family tragedy. Aja has managed to leave her troubled past behind and begin again. The new chapter in her life begins with hope, and one of the most sought after bachelors in town, handsome sportscaster, Charles Clayton. But just when Aja starts to enjoy her new life, she’s forced to deal with some old demons. While Aja seems to have rebounded from the family’s history, her brother, Eric, a promising NBA prospect, is unable to get past it. His uncontrollable rage and inner turmoil sideline his basketball career and wreak havoc on his own personal relationships. When Aja sees her brother heading down the same violent path that destroyed their family, she makes it her business to stop the cycle --even if it means putting her own life, and love, on hold. Through it all, both Aja and her brother learn a lesson in forgiveness, from their little sister, Jada. Although she was hit hardest by the family tragedy, her resilience proves sometimes you have to forgive in order to find the strength to move on.

    My Brother’s Keeper is a captivating novel that takes a poignant look at how deep childhood issues can run. Both humorous and heart-wrenching, this exciting debut novel will leave you wanting more.

  •  Let the Church Say Amen (2004)
    Reverend Simon Jackson has always felt destined to lead and he’s done a good job of it, transforming his small Houston church into one of the most respected and renowned in the region. But while the good Reverend’s been busy tending his flock, his family’s gone astray. His 19-year-old daughter, Rachel, gives new meaning to “baby mama drama.” Crazy in love with her son’s father, she’s wreaking havoc on the man’s life, even though he’s about to marry another. David, Simon’s oldest at 27, has been spiraling downward ever since a knee injury ended a promising football career. These days he’s seeking solace in drugs—even feeding his habit by stealing church offerings. Blessedly, 23-year-old Jonathan, a college graduate and the apple of Simon’s eye, is poised to take his father’s side as associate pastor—or so everyone thinks.

    Let the Church Say Amen is a powerful journey through one family’s trials—and a remarkable story of reconciliation and love.

  • Help! I've Turned Into My Mother (2005)
    Admit it. At some point, you've looked into the mirror and saw your mother looking back. Or maybe you caught yourself talking, laughing, simply exhibiting some of her traits.

    Don't be ashamed, you're not alone.
    Help! I've Turned into My Mother takes on the transformation we all hate to face.

    Sharing anecdotes of her own drama-filled relationship with her mother, ReShonda interviewed over 500 women who talked about the good, the bad and the ugly of turning into their mothers. Through humor and wit, these women share stories that are bound to not only help you build a better relationship with your mother, but recognize that turning into your mother isn't all bad.

  •  I Know I've Been Changed (2006)
    Raedella Rollins left the dusty town of Sweet Poke, Arkansas on a Texas-bound bus with four mismatched suitcases, a newsroom job offer, and a promise to herself: never look back. Now, less than a decade later, she’s a top-rated talk show host and fiancée to Houston’s star councilman. The future looks bright for Rae, and Sweet Poke is nothing more than a distant memory.But now that she’s reached the top, her ragtag family comes knocking. Mama Tee, the grandmother who raised her, calls with unwelcome family updates, and Shondella, her jealous older sister, guilts her into sending money. To Rae, nothing could be worse than an unexpected reunion with her over-the-top relatives. But when her picture-perfect life turns out to be an illusion, Rae’s family calls her back to Sweet Poke and to the life she left behind. Can Rae let go of the heartache of her childhood and open her heart to the healing that only faith and family can provide?

  • Nothing But Drama (2006)
    The first book in an exciting and inspiring new series from national bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley

    Their lives are nothing but drama. . . .

    Camille can't believe her bad luck when she's ordered to join a church youth group after hiding her boyfriend from the police. She'll bide her time if that's what it takes to get everyone off her back, but it's the last place she ever expected to make a new friend. Angel has a secret that's got her running scared, so when she sees a flyer for the group, she heads to the church, hoping to find an answer to her problem. Now Rachel, their group leader, has a task for them that may just end their daily dramas and give them a whole new beginning.

    They just have to take a leap of faith. . . .

    Along the way, they meet tough-as-nails Jasmine and society-darling Alexis, forging friendships built on strength, loyalty, and faith. As the girls take up Rachel's challenge to honor their parents, they find that walking a new path isn't always the easiest way to go. But together, Camille, Angel, Jasmine, and Alexis will embark on adventures that only the best of friends can share.

  • Blessings in Disguise (2007 release)

  • Everybody Say Amen (2007 release)

  • With Friends Like These (2007 release)

See also:
  • Four Degrees of Heat (2004) by CBrenda L. Thomas,Crystal Lacey Winslow, Rochelle Alers, and ReShonda Tate Billingsley
    Anthology includes Billingsley's sizzling story, ""Rebound" in which a jilted bride heads to the islands to drown her sorrows. What she doesn't count on finding is good food, good fun and good lovin'.

  • Have a Little Faith (2006) by J.D. Mason, Jacquelin Thomas, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, and Sandra Kitt
    Faith, family, and forgiveness are at the heart of this powerful story collection from four bestselling African-American authors. Meet a group of unforgettable women in these tales of hope and inspiration and discover how doors can open if you just have a little faith
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