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Works by
Richard Nelson Bolles
[1927 - ]

  • See What Color Is Your Parachute Series
    A practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers

  • The Three Boxes of Life and How to Get Out of Them: An Introduction to Life-Work Planning (1978)

  • Better Letters: A Handbook of Business and Personal Correspondence (1981) by Jan Venolia and Richard Nelson Bolles;

  • The Land of Seven Tomorrows (1983)

  • Where Do I Go from Here With My Life (1983) by John C. Crystal and Richard Nelson Bolles

  • The New Quick Job-Hunting Map: How to Create A Picture of Your Ideal Job or next Career (1990)

  • Your Next Pastorate: Starting the Search (1990) by Arthur F. Miller, Loren B. Mead, Richard Nelson Bolles, and Russell C. Ayers,

  • Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped or People Who Have Disabilities: A Supplement to What Color Is Your Parachute? (1992) by Richard Nelson Bolles and Dale Susan Brown
    Creative Approach to Job-Hunting is brought to bear on the specific challenges faced by job hunters with disabilities. In Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped, Bolles and Dale Susan Brown guide readers through the often-frustrating, but ultimately rewarding process of securing independence in their lives and personal satisfaction in their careers. The authors begin by demystifying the intricacies of the ADA, describing in clear terms what the act does and does not guarantee disabled job hunters, and then move on to job-hunting strategies tailored specifically to people with disabilities.

  • Interviewing the Key to Employment (1994) by Eileen Hahn and Richard Nelson Bolles

  • Career Counselor's Handbook (1999) by Richard Nelson Bolles and Howard Figler
    A one-stop resource for counselors looking to break into the business, be more efficient, or simply get a recharge of inspiration and ideas. From practical matters to ethical concerns, Figler and Bolles provide all the professional tools, problem-solving tips, and soul-searching wisdom a counselor needs to ensure a successful and satisfying practice.

  • How To Find Your Mission In Life (2001)
    In this intimate treasury of wit and wisdom, Richard Bolles, author of the job-hunting bible What Color Is Your Parachute?, explores the spiritual aspects of finding one’s place in the work world. For anyone who has ever wondered how to make the most of their unique natural gifts, or how to find a vocation that is both socially responsible and personally fulfilling, this enlightening and empowering little volume provides immeasurable guidance. Originally appearing as an appendix in Parachute, this book has led countless people through life’s most difficult passages and is sure to inspire anyone who is either new to the job market or reconsidering their place in it.

  • Job-Hunting On The Internet (2001) by Mark Emery Bolles and Richard Nelson Bolles
    This compact resource has established itself as the guide for anyone who’s taking their job hunt to the Internet. A companion volume to Richard Bolles’s best-selling What Color Is Your Parachute?, this book shows you how to integrate the Internet into a comprehensive job-hunting strategy. It helps you reap the best of what the Internet has to offer while navigating the morass of information available online. With more than 30 years of job-hunting expertise, Mr.Bolles brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to this field and offers invaluable insight and wisdom to job-hunters at all levels. Fully revised with updated links, site-content profiles, and recommendations, Job-Hunting On The Internet is packed with information and advice that no savvy job-hunter can afford to do without.

  • What Color Is Your Parachute Workbook (2005)
    Richard Nelson Bolles presents an updated version of one of the most widely acclaimed exercises from Parachute, the Flower. This highly effective tool, reproduced here in handy workbook form, helps readers target their ideal work situation. Simple step-by-step worksheets focus on translating personal interests into marketable job skills as well as often-ignored issues such as spiritual or emotional fulfillment in the workplace. These exercises are easy to do yet thought provoking. When completed, the workbook will present you with a full picture of your ideal job.

  • What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens: Discovering Yourself, Defining Your Future (2006) by Carol Christen and Richard Nelson Bolles with Jean M. Blomquist
    Based on Richard Nelson Bolles's What Color Is Your Parachute?, the best-selling job-hunting book in the world, What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens teaches high school and college students to zero in on their favorite skills and apply that knowledge to get the most out of school, set goals, and find their dream jobs. Filled with interactive exercises, worksheets, and profiles of young adults who have found their unique paths in life, What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens is a crucial book for every teenager who cares about his or her future.

  • What Color Is Your Parachute? for Retirement (2007) by John E. Nelson and Richard Nelson Bolles
    Parachute for Retirement will help them plan for the next stage of life. Going beyond financial planning, Richard N. Bolles and retirement expert John E. Nelson tackle readiness in terms of money, health, and happiness, using the latest research from economics, medicine, and psychology. Parachute for Retirement will inspire readers to take the helm of their retirement destinies, while fulfilling their lifelong goals, passions, and dreams.

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