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Works by
Ruth Bell Graham
(Poet, Writer)
[June 10, 1910 - June 14, 2007]

Profile created June 15, 2007
  • One Wintry Night (1995)
    Share the history of God's redeeming love, from creation to the resurrection. Illustrated with stunning, full-color art that will make this a family holiday keepsake.  Gades 4-6

  • Prodigals and Those Who Love Them (1999)
    Mittens thinks she's a wonderful cat who can manage on her own. Without a family to take care of her, she learns humility quickly and her need for help. Ages 6-10.

  • Sitting By My Laughing Fire (1977)

  • Its My Turn (1982)

  • Clouds Are the Dust of His Feet (1992)

  • Legacy of a Pack Rat (1994)

  • Coffee and Conversation With Ruth Bell Graham and Gigi Graham Tchividjian (1997) by Ruth Bell Graham and Gigi Graham Tchividjian

  • Mothers Together (1998) Ruth Bell Graham and Gigi Graham Tchividjian
    A famous mother and daughter share wisdom and encouragement with mothers of all ages, assuring them that they are not alone. The authors reveal that they, too, have been there and that God is faithful.

  • A Quiet Knowing (2001) with Gigi Graham Tchividjian
    Ruth Bell Graham and her daughter Gigi Graham Tchividjian have created a devotional journal that will lead the reader to discover and experience the meaning of serenity. Selecting favorite hymns such as "Just As I Am" and "Be Thou My Vision," the Graham women offer stories and insights inspired by the songs and thoughtful messages. This devotional addresses such topics as:

    • Discouragement: The Devil's Calling Card

    • Making Decisions: Searching for God's Will

    • Business: Responding to Expectations

    • Belongings: Weighing our wants and needs

    • Weights: Balancing Daily Burdens

    • Waiting: Proving God's Faithfulness

    • Valleys: Finding Peace in Down Times

  • I'm Pregnant... Now What? (2004) by Ruth Graham and Sara Dormon, Ph.D.
    Heartfelt advice on getting through an unwanted pregnancy.

  • In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart: Hope for the Hurting (2004) with Stacy Mattingly
    Offers help and hope to those who wonder if they have out-sinned God’s grace or if their life circumstances have set them aside from being used by God, with practical help to every believer and church leader who sits side by side each Sunday with the broken and hurting.

  • So You Want to Adopt... Now What? (2006) by  by Ruth Graham and Sara Dormon, Ph.D.
    Are you considering adoption? Read this first! Let Ruth Graham and Sara Dormon help you navigate the tempestuous rollercoaster ride of the adoption journey. Step by step, they will guide you through the legal, financial and practical aspects of the adoption process. You'll gain a realistic picture of what adoption means - the joys, the fears, the stresses, the disappointments and the happy moment when a child is put in your arms. Graham and Dormon will prepare you for the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of adoption with practical tips and the wisdom of their experiences. They also share personal, heartfelt stories from the viewpoints of the birth mother, adoptive parents and others involved in the process that lend helpful perspective.

  • Ruth Bell Graham's Collected Poems (1997)
    A comprehensive volume of poems offering a personal glimpse into the author's life of faith.

  • Prayers From A Mother's Heart (1999)
    A beautiful collection of prayers.

  • Never Let It End : Poems of a Lifelong Love (2001)
    This collection of personal writings-in a beautiful gift format-provides a window through which to glimpse the enduring nature of the relationship between Ruth Bell Graham and her husband, Billy. The poetry will touch readers' hearts and conveys a timeless message of romance. Each poem in this volume has been written by Mrs. Graham. As a whole, the volume reflects the blossoming and then enduring love between two very remarkable people.

    This is the ideal gift for brides-to-be, those who are romantic by nature, and those with an appreciation of poetry that expresses timeless love and affection.

  • Prayers for a Mother's Day (2003)
    This beautiful collection of prayers compiled by Ruth Bell Graham is a quiet place of solace for mothers who are looking for words that express the prayers of their hearts. Graham has collected prayers from the likes of Barbara Bush, Shirley Dobson, Beverly LaHaye, Terry Meeuwsen, Evelyn Roberts, Ann Kiemel Anderson, and many more. These mothers share their hearts with touching pleas to God for peace and understanding on how to be better at their God-appointed task. With stunning artwork by Helen Allingham alongside each prayer, this makes the perfect gift book for any mother.

  • Marriage Made in Heaven: Billy and Ruth Graham (1983) by Jhan Robbins

  • An Uncommon Friend: The Authorized Biography of Ruth Bell Graham (1996) by Patricia Daniels Cornwell

  • A Time for Remembering (1998) by Patricia Cornwell
    Re-released in 1998 as Ruth, a Portrait: The Story of Ruth Bell Graham

  • Footprints Of A Pilgrim (2001)
    Footprints Of A Pilgrim is Ruth Bell Graham's life story told in her own words (weaving together her prose and poetry) with added tidbits and anecdotes from her family (husband Billy and her children Gigi, Anne, Franklin, Ruth and Ned) and many of her friends (including Barbara Bush, Lady Bird Johnson, Jan Karon, Patricia Cornwell and others). With snatches of insight and glimpses of grace, Footprints Of A Pilgrim tells the story of a life (a very full and special life) complete with memories of joy, pain, brokenness, and healing. Also included are many never before published pictures which illustrate the remarkable journey of Ruth Bell Graham, as a child of a missionaries in Quingjiang, China in 1920, until today at her home in Little Piney Cove, Montreat, North Carolina.

  • Ruth Bell Graham (2003) by Stephen Griffith
    Friends and family of Ruth Bell Graham share their fondest thoughts and memories about the woman they know as mother, wife, grandmother, teacher, prayer partner and friend.

    Reminiscent of the best-selling Footprints of a Pilgrim, Ruth Bell Graham is a tender and touching portrait of Ruth Bell Graham as seen in the lives of those who know and love her. Reflecting both her roots as the child of missionary parents, her commitment to family, her love of the Lord and her ongoing personal ministry, this tribute to Ruth Bell Graham is a behind the scenes look at her unique lifetime of service to the Lord that includes personal speaking, writing and mentoring others for the cause of Christ.

  • Ruth Bell Graham: A Pilgrim Journey (2005)
    Audio book narrated by Walter Cronkite.

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