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Works by
Sherry Suib Cohen

Profile created May 1, 2007
  • Cristina Ferrare Style: How to Have It in Every Part of Your Life (1984) by Cristina Ferrare Delorean and Sherry Suib Cohen

  • Quizzical Pursuits: 24 Quizzes to Test Yourself and Discover the Real You (1984)

  • Southern Beauty: A Total Fitness and Beauty Program for That Winning, All-American Look (1984) by Kylene Barker Brandon and Sherry Suib Brandon

  • The Looks Men Love (1985) by Sherry Suib Cohen and Vincent Roppatte

  • Magic of Touch: Revolutionary Ways to Use Your Most Powerful Sense (1987)

  • Tender Power -- A Revolutionary Apporach To Work And Intimacy (1989)

  • Secrets Of A Very Good Marriage: Lessons From The Sea (1993)
    In 30 short, wry, and Bombeckian essays, a woman reflects on her long and happy marriage to a man whose other great love is the sea. Secrets of a Very Good Marriage is about fishing and commitment and the sexy joys therein. Sherry Cohen's wise, warm, and personal memoir will appeal to every married woman and to all young women looking forward to married life at its best.

  • No Naughty Cats (1995) by Debra Pirotin and Sherry Suib Cohen
    Yes, it's true, cats can be trained, contrary to popular belief. And the fact is that by doing so, both you and your pet will enjoy each other more than ever before.

    Dr. Pirotin's easy-to-follow approach to handling even the most stubborn cat will help develop companionable and agreeable habits that can lead to a healthier, more loving companion:

    • Teach your cat to come when you call

    • Make sure your cat always uses the litter box

    • Read your cat's body language

    • Recognize and handle the five 'problem' personalities

    • Get your cat to agree to a bath

    • Get your cat to accept medication

      Fun, practical, and easy to put into practice, No Naughty Cats  is a complete program for cat training and handling.

  • Looking for the Other Side: A Skeptic's Journey to the Paranormal (1996)
    If you're going to write a book about worlds with no answers, phenomenon that scientists can't explain and skeptics can't fathom--you'd better do it with the right equipment--the eye of a journalist, the voice of a novelist, an open mind and compassionate heart. In Looking for the Other Side, writer Sherry Suib Cohen is perfectly outfitted with these tools in her exploration of the world of the occult.

    It all begins when Cohen, a journalist, takes an assignment to try and contact the spirit of her deceased mom. In her searching, she meets astrologers, past-life channelers, numerologists, psychics, and a host of other practitioners eager to put her in touch with her past, her future, and her heretofore unexplored spiritual self.

    And in a spirited narrative, Cohen tells us about her experiences wherein she confronts death, blame, forgiveness, faith, truth, and family, in addition to Mom. When readers finish this personal odyssey and guidebook into the unknown, they may decide, just as Cohen did, that there's something to these otherwordly spheres after all.

  • Big City Look: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Atlanta How to Achieve That Metropolitan Chic--No Matter Where You Live (1998) by Sherry Suib Cohen and Vincent Roppatte

  • Hot Buttons: How to Resolve Conflict and Cool Everyone Down (2000) by Sherry Suib Cohen and Sybil Evans
    When Was The Last Time Your Hot Button Was Pushed? Was it when someone at work ignored you or challenged your competence? Was it when your lover or spouse deeply hurt you with a mean comment? Was it when your best friend said or did something cruel -- and you had no idea why she felt such rage? Was it on the highway, when the guy in the next car gave you the finger? Was it when someone told you what to do -- for the millionth time?

    And when was the last time you unwittingly pushed someone else's button? Did she explode? Did you lose a promotion, an opportunity, the trust of your child?

    We live in sensitive times. Everyone's temper is quivering right at the surface, and it takes almost nothing to set off fury. When our buttons are pressed, many react by fighting back, but some of us just feel helpless and retreat from the conflict because we're sure we can't win the battle. We sense we're being manipulated or bullied, but we just can't deal with the anger in the air.

    Well, now we can. Sybil Evans, a celebrated conflict resolution expert, widely known as the "Conflict Coach," has written Hot Buttons, an essential handbook with can't-fail techniques on how to get what we want without alienating people -- without pressing their buttons. Whether you're dealing with the office sadist, an unruly child, or the love of your life -- conflict can be a killer. But here's the irony: Conflict can also work for you, can be an energizing, inspiring, even sexy force if you know how to harness it. Hot Buttons shows you how.

    Evans offers very specific tools to soothe angry lovers, smooth the rough edges of workplace tension, choose harmony instead of anger between family and friends, and also defuse road rage, cell phone rage, supermarket-line rage, gym rage, restaurant rage, and other banes of this volatile twenty-first century.

    Her easy-to-follow Five-Step Formula is guaranteed to turn off hot buttons -- yours or someone else's. Loaded with self-test quizzes, written with humor and empathy, this wise and reassuring book can be the spur that finally changes your life.

    When you know how to cool everyone down, when you can communicate so no one's buttons are pushed and everyone's needs are met, when you finally feel understood and respected, you have true power.

    Seize the power. Turn off the hot buttons.

  • Cool Hair: A Terenager's Guide to the Best Beauty Secrets on Hair, Makeup, and Style (2003) by Sherry Suib Cohen and Vincent Roppatte
    Make no mistake-this is not your mother's beauty book. Every teen knows it's all about hair. If your hair looks great, so do you. And what's more, you feel great. A bad hair day might make you want to pull a blanket over your head and stay in bed. Don't do it. Don't waste a minute of your life feeling insecure and un-pretty. Wanting cool hair doesn't mean you're shallow: it means you know the ripple effect of great hair. You feel smarter, funnier, more assured, as well as prettier. When we know we look good, we attract the best people, we become our best selves.

    Vincent Roppatte, style director of the Elizabeth Arden beauty salon in New York's Saks Fifth Avenue, and the celebrity stylist for stars of every age, offers simple and wonderful tips on how to achieve the hair that's most terrific for you. Chockfull of photographs of remarkable makeovers of teens just like you, Cool Hair delivers what you need to know about cut, color, and care for every kind of hair-even the most difficult to manage. There is no such thing as a bad hair day, declares Vincent, and he proves it with quizzes to test your beauty savvy, illustrated instructions for mastering the secret tricks of special styles, and professional techniques straight from one of the most celebrated salons in the world. Chapters on skin and makeup will help you to complete the great adventure of finding a newer, cooler look.

    If you are interested in defining your style, Cool Hair's the book to read. In these pages, you will find the most current solutions to achieving fabulous hair. Cool Hair is the direct path to being confident that you look great and that your hair is shining, healthy, attention-getting. Cool Hair can give you the hair you deserve-no matter what kind of hair you were born with. Cool Hair can change your life.

  • Paula Deen: It Ain't All About the Cookin' (2007) by Paula Deen and Sherry Suib Cohen
    Do you know the real Paula Deen? You may think you know the butter-loving, finger-licking, joke-cracking queen of melt-in-your-mouth Southern cuisine. You may have even visited The Lady & Sons to taste for yourself the down-home delicacies that made her famous and even heard some version of her Cinderella story (a single mom with two teenage sons started a brown-bag lunch business with $200 and wound up with a thriving restaurant, a fairy-tale second marriage, and wildly popular television shows), but you have never heard the intimate details of her often bumpy road to fame and fortune.

    Courageously honest, downright inspiring, and just a little bit saucy, Paula shares the highs and lows of her life in the inimitable charming and irreverent style that you know from her television shows and personal appearances. She talks about long childhood summers spent in a bathing suit and roller skates and hard years living in the back of her father's gas station; a buzzing high school social life of sleepovers, parties, cheerleading, and boys; and a difficult marriage. The death of her beloved parents precipitated a debilitating agoraphobia that crippled her for years. But even when the going got tough, Paula never lost the good grace and sense of humor that would eventually help carry her to success and stardom. Of course, you can't get by on charm alone: as Paula has learned, you need plenty of willpower, hard work, and, above all, the love and support of family and friends to finance, sustain, and run a successful restaurant.

    In each chapter, Paula shares new recipes: there's serious comfort food like her momma's Chocolate-Dippy Doughnuts, Courage Chili for when you know life's going to get tough, Sexy Oxtails for seducing that special someone, and the recipe for her new mother-in-law's Banana Nut Delight Cake that Paula finally got just right. And you'll love the never-before-seen photos of her family.

    In this memoir, Paula Deen speaks as frankly and intimately as few women in the public eye have ever dared. Whether she's telling tales of good times or bad, her story is proof that the old-fashioned American dream is alive and kicking, and there still is such a thing as a real-life happy ending.

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