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Works by
Sherwood Anderson
[September 13, 1876 March 8, 1941]

Profile created May 21, 2009
Updated September 1, 2009
  • The Teller's Tale (1982)
    The tale of an American writer's journey through his own imaginative world and through the world of facts, with many of his experiences ... in many notes, in four books and an epilogue.

  • Nearer the Grass Roots (1976)

  • No Swank (1970)

  • Perhaps Women (1970)

  • Lives of Animals (1966)

  • Home Town (1940)

  • Kit Brandon (1936)

  • Beyond Desire (1932)

  • Alice: The Lost Novel (1929)

  • Tar: A Midwest Childhood (1926
    Partially utobiographical.

  • A Meeting South (1925)

  • Dark Laughter (1925)

  • A Story-Teller's Story (1924)
    A memoir of Midwestern life and culture from the author of Winesburg, Ohio.

  • Many Marriages (1923)
    The author of "Dark Laughter" has turned a searching eye into a bit of puritanism that he believes should be destroyed. It may shock some but others will enjoy it immensley.

  • Poor White (1920)
    Story of the inventor Hugh McVey.

  • Winesburg, Ohio (1919)

  • Marching Men (1917)
    Novel from the early 20th Century American writer, considered to have had a profound influence on American fiction.

  • Windy McPherson's Son (1916)
    Sherwood Anderson was a 20th century American writer of short stories. Anderson grew up in Ohio and after college became a copywriter in Chicago. He is most famous for his collection of interrelated short stories, Winesburg Ohio, which he began writing in 1919. Windy McPherson's Son was Anderson's first novel written in 1914. The story is a social commentary like many of Anderson's books. A young boy grows up in rural Iowa. "At the beginning of the long twilight of a summer evening, Sam McPherson, a tall big-boned boy of thirteen, with brown hair, black eyes, and an amusing little habit of tilting his chin in the air as he walked, came upon the station platform of the little corn-shipping town of Caxton in Iowa. It was a board platform, and the boy walked cautiously, lifting his bare feet and putting them down with extreme deliberateness on the hot, dry, cracked planks. Under one arm he carried a bundle of newspapers. A long black cigar was in his hand."

Short Stories
  • Southern Odyssey: Selected Writings By Sherwood Anderson (1998)

  • Winesburg, Ohio: Text and Criticism (1996) by Sherwood Anderson with John H. Ferres, ed.
    A collection of short stories dealing with a small town in Ohio.

  • The Selected Short Stories of Sherwood Anderson (1945, 1995)

  • Early Writings of Sherwood Anderson (1989)

  • Death in the Woods (1933)
    Still fresh and strikingly contemporary, the stark realism of these stories carefully explores the dreams and emotions of Sherwood Anderson's unforgettable characters. In Death in the Woods, we travel deep into the heart of America as Anderson saw it, to find an introspective man, in a desolate landscape, questioning the very meaning of his world.

  • Hello Towns! (1929)

  • Horses and Men (1923)

  • Triumph of the Egg (1921)
    Anderson, whose prose style, derived from everyday speech, influenced American short story writing between World Wars I and II. He directed the American short story away from the neatly plotted tales of O. Henry and his imitators. The stories in The Triumph of the Egg are characterized by a casual development, complexity of motivation, and an interest in psychological process. Anderson also made his name as a leading naturalistic writer with his masterwork, Winesburg, Ohio, a picture of life in a typical small Midwestern town, as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants. Contents: The Dumb Man; I Want to Know Why; Seeds; The Other Woman; The Egg; Unlighted Lamps; Senility; The Man in the Brown Coat; Brothers; The Door of the Trap; The New Englander; War; Motherhood; Out of Nowhere into Nothing; and The Man with the Trumpet.

  • Paul Rosenfeld: Voyager in the Arts (1978), Jerome Mellquist and Lucie Wiese, eds.
    Includes works by by Edmund Wilson, Lewis Mumford, Louise Bogan, Robert Penn Warren, Sherwood Anderson, Waldo Frank, Wallace Stevens, and William Carlos Williams

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