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Works by
Tennessee Williams
aka Thomas Lanier Williams)
[1911 - 1983]

Profile created January 10, 2007
See also:
  • Tennessee Williams and His Contemporaries (2007) by Robert Bray
    Tennessee Williams and His Contemporaries compiles eight transcribed panels that were featured at The Tennessee Williams Scholars Conference, an annual event held each March in conjunction with the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival. This study, the first of its kind, explores issues involving Williams s drama, fiction, poetry, and films in a discursive format designed to probe and debate the legacy of America s famous playwright. Virtually all aspects of Williams s long career are covered in this volume, including the early and late plays, his unpublished work, his use of the grotesque, and his relationships with three of his contemporaries: Carson McCullers, Lillian Hellman, and William Inge. In addition, Williams scholars who teach his work discuss the most effective strategies for bringing his material into the classroom. The unique design of this volume offers a broad understanding of his material for students previously unacquainted with Tennessee Williams as well as fresh perspectives from recognized experts in the field that will satisfy those who are already familiar with his life and work.

  • Tennessee Williams in Provincetown (2006) by David Kaplan
    Tennessee Williams in Provincetown is the story of Tennessee Williams' four summer seasons in Provincetown, Massachusetts: 1940, '41, '44 and '47. During that time he wrote plays, short stories, and jewel-like poems. In Provincetown Williams fell in love unguardedly for perhaps the only time in his life. He had his heart broken there, perhaps irreparably. The man he thought might replace his first lover tried to kill him there, or at least Williams thought so. Williams drank in Provincetown, he swam there, and he took conga lessons there. He was poor and then rich there; he was photographed naked and clothed there. He was unknown and then famous--and throughout it all Williams wrote every morning. The list of plays Williams worked on in Provincetown include The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Summer and Smoke, the beginnings of The Night of the Iguana and Suddenly Last Summer, and an abandoned autobiographical play set in Provincetown, The Parade. Tennessee Williams in Provincetown collects original interviews, journals, letters, photographs, accounts from previous biographies, newspapers from the period, and Williams' own writing to establish how the time Williams spent in Provincetown shaped him for the rest of his life. The book identifies major themes in Williams' work that derive from his experience in Provincetown, in particular the necessity of recollection given the short season of love. The book also connects Williams mature theatrical experiments to his early friendships with Jackson Pollack, Lee Krasner and the German performance artist Valeska Gert. Tennessee Williams in Provincetown, based on several years of extensive research and interviews, includes previously unpublished photographs, previously unpublished poetry, and anecdotes by those who were there.

  • Memoirs: I Remember Tennessee Williams and Others (2003) by Robert Hines

  • Tennessee Williams and the South (2002)  by Kenneth W. Holditch and Richard Freeman Leavitt

  • The Undiscovered Country : The Later Plays of Tennessee Williams (2002), Philip C. Kolin, ed.

  • Tennessee Williams: A Portrait in Laughter and Lamentation (2000) by Harry Rasky

  • Burroughs Live: The Collected Interviews of Wiliam S. Burroughs, 1960-1997 (2000), Sylvère Lotringer, ed.
    Burroughs Live gathers all the interviews, both published and unpublished, given by William Burroughs, as well as conversations with well-known writers, artists, and musicians such as Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Gregory Corso, Keith Richards, Tennessee Williams, Timothy Leary, and Patti Smith. The book provides a fascinating account of Burroughs's life as a literary outlaw. Illuminating many aspects of his work and many facets of his mind, it brings out his scathing humor, powerful intelligence, and nightmarish vision.

  • The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams, Volume I: 1920-1945 (2000), lbert J. Devlin and Nancy Marie Tischler, eds.

  • Lost Friendships: A Memoir of Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, and Others (1987) by Donald Windham

  • Tennessee - Cry Of The Heart - An Intimate Memoir Of Tennessee Willaims (1986) by Dotson Rader

  • Aphrodisiac: Fiction from Christopher Street (1984)
    Includes works by Andrew Holleran, Christopher Bram, Edmund White, Felice Picano, Jane Rule, Kate Millett, Tennessee Williams, and others.

  • Footnote to a Friendship: A Memoir of Truman Capote & Others (1983) by Donald Windham

  • Tennessee Williams' Letters to Donald Windham 1940-1965 (1977) with Donald Windham, ed.

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